You’ve Probably Been Using These Things Wrong For Your Entire Life

By Sarcasm Society - January 04, 2019

We’re living in an era of unimaginable modern conveniences. Even our grandparents could have never imagined how much easier life would be in just a few decades back when they were our age. So it’s hard to find reasons to complain when things aren’t as perfect as you’d like them to be. But you know what? Even with all these conveniences, some of them are even more convenient than you ever realized. In this age of simplicity, we’ve been doing some things the hard way. Your life is about to get a whole lot easier after learning how to properly use all these common items.

Do You Know What This Is For?


Have you ever noticed this mysterious loop on the back of some shirts? You’ve probably thought that it was some odd design choice or just extra fabric they didn’t want to go to waste. And you would be way, way wrong to think that. Sorry, not sorry.

Actually, that loop is there for a very specific reason. It can be used to hold the shirt on a clothes line or even hang it on a hook without worry of it getting wrinkled. Handy!

Tic Tacs


There’s nothing worse than wanting to freshen up your breath, trying to dispense a single Tic Tac and accidentally spilling 30 all over your lap. It’s, in a word, soul crushing. (Okay, that’s two words, but you get where we’re coming from.)

Okay, maybe that was hyperbole and there are lots of things worse than that. But still, this is a major annoyance. In any case, you don’t have to be frustrated by this annoyance ever again, because Tics have a crevice meant to catch a single Tac. One less problem in the world.



You could literally be in deep crap if you don’t learn to properly utilize plungers. Most folks don’t even use the right one. For toilets, you want to use a flange plunger, seen on the right in this image. The more common cup plungers, seen on the left, are meant to only be used for unclogging sinks.

Mind. Blown.

Bet you didn’t  know that when you bought your plunger. Now everyone run to their bathrooms and check to see what kind of plunger you have and make things right

Bobby Pins


We have been using some of the most basic items in the world wrong this whole time, and nobody ever told us differently! Although they may serve the purpose you intended when you put them in, you may be using bobby pins incorrectly. Most people put them in upside down. Well, that is just all kinds of wrong.

I know, we were shocked to learn this, too! The ridged side should rest against your scalp, as it gives you extra grip and does a better job keeping everything in place. Which is really the point when you think of it.

Takeout Containers


If you are an average, or even slightly above average human being, you probably think you are fairly smart. You probably think you’ve got all the basics down (for the most part). But I’m about to show you that you actually know nothing (Jon Snow).

Is this picture blowing your mind as much as it is mine? There’s no need to dirty any dishes when eating your leftovers. Simply break the box down and it turns into a plate. Of course, you can wash this “plate” after if you’re really, really in dire need of extra dishes. But be better than that…please.

Natural Peanut Butter


We are here for you. As soon as we realized that there were so many things that we had been using wrong, we knew we had to share it with the world. Like this. We’re not saying it’s a game changer, but we’re not NOT saying it either.

Natural peanut butter is much healthier (and tastier) but also much messier. The oil separates and can be a hassle having to stir it all up every time you want a simple sandwich. Turns out, you’re supposed to store the jars upside down. By doing this, it keeps the elements all together and makes spreading that delicious goodness quicker and easier.



Toblerone is one of the most delicious chocolate treats on Earth. (Managing Editor’s note: YUUUUPPPP.) But did you know that it’s full of secrets? Not like dirty, filthy secrets, but really super cool secrets!

From its logo even to the best way to eat it, it’s creamy insides are actually mystery. We all instinctually pull the chocolate segments toward ourselves. A more efficient way is to push it inwards. This ensures an even break every time, which we all know is the tastiest kind of break. What more can you ask from a chocolate than new surprises every day?

Ketchup Bottles


Ketchup can be a bit tricky to coax out of a bottle (okay, a lot tricky). You can smash your hand against the bottom of it to force it out (our personal preference), but this usually ends in a mess. Stop doing this immediately.

According to the pros at  Heinz, they’ve secretly let you know for years where to tap on the bottle to most effectively pour the ketchup. The ’57’ in the middle of the bottle might as well be a target, because that’s where you’re supposed to aim. Mind. Officially. Blown.



Here’s another nifty bit of knowledge that can help you prevent a tomato-related mess. Have you ever been making marinara over the stove and didn’t know where to put down the soiled spoon? Sure you have. Admit. it. It’s okay. We all used to do that. USED TO.

Look at your pot. Many have holes in the handle that aren’t just useful for hanging purposes, but are also meant to be used as a place to hold utensils when you need your hands free. This will save you a ridiculous amount of paper towels over your lifetime.

The Warming Drawer


You may be wondering what a warming drawer is/ We were wondering too. That’s the actual name and purpose of that drawer under your oven. No, it’s not meant to be extra space for cookie trays, as perfect as that may seem.

Yes, you can keep hot food hot by placing it in here. You can pretend you knew this all along by throwing some warm cookies on the tray in there, then take your time getting back to them. They’ll keep warm, making your cookie experience all the more pleasurable. No need to thank us…just give us a damn cookie!

Aluminum Foil And Plastic Wrap


No proper kitchen is complete without plastic wrap and aluminum foil, but using them can be frustrating enough to make you want to just ditch your leftovers and go hungry in protest. Calm down and take a breath.

See, it shouldn’t be that difficult. Just look on the sides of the boxes and you’ll notice little tabs. Push them in and they will keep the roll in place as you pull. No need to remove it from the box at all. And no need to freak out ever again!

Soda Can Tabs


If you enjoy drinking soda from a can with a straw, odds are you’ve been doing it incorrectly. The straw has a bad habit of swaying around and being unruly. It makes you look like a fish puckering for air as you grasp at it with your lips. Sorry, the truth hurts.

This embarrassing scene can be prevented by putting the straw through the hole in the tab. I know it’s satisfying to rip those things all the way off, but keep it on because it comes in handy.

(Editor’s note: Or, you know, just don’t use a straw. There’s always that. #gogreen)

Bottle Openers


But wait… there’s more! Ha, nice. We have always wanted to say that and are so glad we were given the opportunity. Here’s another related bit of soda can hacking for you. Try not to lose your mind over it.

Now you know the best way to drink from a soda can, but do you know the best way to open it? You don’t need to worry about bending your fingernail prying it open ever again. You can use a bottle opener. Yes, that tiny slit that you never quite understood was meant for this exact purpose. Bottle opener? More like awesome opener

Juice Boxes


How could we have been doing juice boxes wrong? You unwrap the straw and stick it in. Assuming you’re not drinking a Capri Sun, this should be no issue. Well, apparently it is cause we have been all kinds of wrong on this for years.

Don’t tell us we wasted our youth not knowing the real way to do this. Well, juice boxes have another helpful use. The tabs on either side can be pulled up and used as easy-to-grip handles. This makes ‘easy’ even easier, and who can argue with that… aside from Capri Sun, of course. Those little baggies of sweetness also find a loophole, don’t they?



Speaking of fruity childhood snacks, have you ever opened a container of applesauce and cursed yourself upon realizing you’ve forgotten the spoon? Looks like you’re going to have to get your hands dirty, right? Or worse, not eat it and go from hungry to hangry real quick.

You don’t need to go that emotional state just yet, because the lid can easily be wrapped into a makeshift spoon. We don’t even know if it can be called a life hack since it was designed to do this, but either way, it will make your life much easier, which is really all we want in our life (and our applesauce.