You Totally Wouldn’t Recognize These Celebrities Without Their Signature Look

By Sarcasm Society - February 11, 2019

Some of the most recognizable people on Earth turn incognito with the slightest changes. Don’t believe us? Well, you know how Superman’s only disguise as Clark Kent is slicking back his signature spit curl and putting on a pair of glasses? The most minor changes are all it takes for even the most iconic of faces to change entirely.

In this gallery, we’ll show you some faces you’ve absolutely seen before. You know them and you love them. But with a little tweak, you wouldn’t recognize them even if you were in a conversation with them. Take a look and see…

Tom Selleck


Meet the gaze that’s melted a million aunts’ hearts. Tom Selleck is probably known for a bunch of iconic movies and TV shows he acted in. But I know him for just one thing: that glorious lip caterpillar of his.

Take a look at that manly mustache of his. Who knew you could get famous for being too lazy to shave your upper lip. But it’s not that much of a signature look, is it? Well, let’s see…

No Mustache


When you take Tom Selleck’s signature face accessory away, he becomes an entirely different person. Sure, he’s still handsome, but he’s not ‘lay on a bearskin rug and capture the imagination of single moms everywhere” handsome, is he?

That now belongs solely to Nick Offerman. Sorry, Mr. Selleck. You now just look like the dad from Modern Family. He’s a handsome gent, to be sure. But you were so much more special before. Grow it back, please.

Emma Stone


Emma Stone is living proof that red hair can be attractive too. Never make fun of the ginger kids growing up, because they inevitably wind up super hot and you’ll regret it at the high school reunion.

But what would she look like with different hair? Surely the same, right? I mean, how many movies have we seen her in where she’s played characters across all time periods (and even that regrettable time she played half-Asian… ugh).



Um… she looks way more evil. Between the two pictures, she clearly looks more sinister in this one. Why are we mocking redheads when these blasphemous brunettes are clearly up to no good? She looks like she’s about to poison an apple.

We’ve seen Emma Stone with blonde hair, and that isn’t that much of a departure. Yet with darker locks, she looks darker herself, doesn’t she. Blondes have more fun, redheads are crazy and brunettes are evil. These are not officially facts.

Zooey Deschanel


Oh, hey! It’s everyone’s favorite manic pixie dream girl, Zooey Deschanel. Boy, she sure is quirky. You can tell, because of her bangs (and that damn ukulele). But what would happen if we took those bangs away from her?

Well, she’d certainly be less quirky, that’s for sure. But would she look that different? Losing a mustache and changing the color of your hair are one thing. But combing it differently? That surely can’t make that much of a change, right?

No Bangs


Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong! Wait… what in the heck just happened? She looks like she went from Wes Anderson to Wes Craven. Without her signature hairstyle she looks like a… New Girl. Ah, see what I did there?

Who knew that we were all just one hairstyle away from being a completely different human being. You can’t trust anyone you see on the street. They might be someone you’ve known for years, but slightly tweaked and unrecognizable. *Shudder*

Joaquin Phoenix


Need to know how cool, calm and collected Joaquin Phoenix is? He once played Johnny Cash in a film. It don’t get no cooler than that, Jack. Okay, so this one should be easy.

Phoenix doesn’t have much of a signature look, does he? He has that scar above his lip, but otherwise he’s just a handsome dude. What could make him look so wildly different you wouldn’t even be able to tell that it’s him?



This. This is what you would do to utterly disguise him. Phoenix was an amazing actor and a handsome heartthrob. Then… this happened. One of the most handsome men (still not “bearskin rug” handsome, mind you) in Hollywood spent some time as a weirdo recluse.

He became so unrecognizable that he oddly became immediately recognizable. Maybe not what he had in mind… or was it? He was crazier than a 20th Century Fox. He’s back to his old self now, thank goodness.



Sting (the pro wrestler, not the Tantric-sex Police man) is pretty easy to spot. During the late ’90s (a time that was intensely weird in wrestling), he stood out as one of the biggest stars when wrestling was at its most popular.

His signature face paint certainly helped. You see someone with a face like this, you know it’s Sting. Of course, anyone could wear this face paint and they’d look like him, so there’s that.

No Makeup


Yet, without the makeup, he just looks… normal. Well, as normal as a middle-aged guy with a soul patch looks. To be fair, that’s actually the mascot of Tampa. Take away the paint and Sting turns into Steve.

That’s not a joke, by the way. Sting’s real name is Steve Borden. To be fair, he has a very distinct look even without the paint. But we now know that this look can be radically altered with just a few minor tweaks.

Gwen Stefani


Gwen Stefani is gorgeous, there’s… No Doubt… Sorry. She is easy to spot, though. Her crimson lips have been her trademark since the early ’90s. But what would happen if she wore a different shade of lipstick? I bet you can guess.

You’ve seen so many examples already. Minor changes lead to major makeovers. A different shade of lipstick doesn’t seem like it would do that much to alter her appearance. And yet… buckle up for what you’re about to see next.

Different Lipstick


With new shade of lipstick she looks entirely different. It’s literally the only thing she changed. She should do makeup commercials where the hook is to never give up their product, otherwise your kids will no longer recognize you.

Maybe we’re all secretly as gorgeous as Gwen but haven’t found our right haircut or makeup product yet. Maybe we should all wear the same makeup as Sting. That’d at least make us look unique in one way. Beautiful though? Eh, close enough.

Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift is another easy-to-spot celeb. Her signature cute, mouse-y face and giraffe-like height help her stand out among the rest of us unwashed normies. She can’t look that different with a few minor changes, can she?

Surely, changing her makeup won’t make her look like she’s gone into witness protection, right? I mean… there’s no way. Based on everything you’ve seen thus far, you must know by now that I’m being facetious. Let’s see how crazy different she looks.



What the hell? She went from adorable mousey lady to ’80s corporate job interview. Who knew a different foundation could change so much? I finally understand that the struggle is real for makeup addicts.

This is what she may have looked like if she stayed as a country singer instead of entering the realm of pop. She’s pretty either way, don’t be mistaken. But it’s just so wildly different. Is everything in this world a lie?

Melanie Martinez


And here we have yet another celebrity known for her over-the-top makeup. What, is Melanie gonna look like a cat person if she switches over to blue eye shadow? How different will she look? What can she change?

She’s known for her Cruella Deville inspired hair. We’ve seen how different you can look if you dye your hair with Emma Stone, and how different makeup can give you a different face with Gwen Stefani. Let’s bring on what happens if you do both.

No Makeup


Oh. Turns out with no makeup, Melanie Martinez just looks like a Child of The Corn’s freshman year at community college. I wonder how different I’d look with a little makeup. And a radical two-toned hair dye on my head.

Well, I just tried. Turns out… you have to be pretty to begin with. Just because celebrities are wearing great makeup and have cool hair doesn’t make them stand out. You have to have a good base to start from. If you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go cry now.

Marilyn Manson


Shock rocker Marilyn Manson is known for being… well, shocking. He’s theatrical on and off the stage. But what does he look like these days without the getup? Taking bets now. Let’s look at him as we know him.

He’s a strange looking fella, that’s for sure. Crazy contacts in his eyes, heavy foundation, blood-red lipstick and that jet-black hair that screams, “I am your parents’ worst nightmare!” It’s funny, we’re so used to Manson looking like this that we assume this is his everyday, walking around look. But it’s not. This is….



Whoever guessed “Nicolas Cage dressing up as the Misfits for Halloween,” come claim your prize. Who knew that eyebrows could make you look so different? Whoever said, “Literally everyone,” you can also come claim your prize. You win. Anyone else think that Manson’s “normal” look is weirder than his “weird” look?

So, what did we learn from all of this? When you remove a simple element from a celebrity, they look like entirely different people. You know what else we learned. That regardless of how they look, they are still famous and we’re still obsessed with them.