You Can Now Have Your Pet Turned Into A Pokemon Card!

By Psquared - July 25, 2019

Peanut butter is great. Chocolate is great. But what happens when you combine the two? Excellence. Yes, it may seem like you’re trying to fly too close to the sun on wings made of wax when you combine two already great things to try and heighten your enjoyment, but you know what? Fortune favors the bold. And what is the point of life if not trying to live it up to the absolute peak of its potential?

That said, what are two of the greatest things in the world? Well, how about your pets? They are endless reservoirs of love, affection and devotion. You know what else is great? Pokemon. Heck, they’re so great because they’re a type of pet. A virtual pet that you can use to battle your friends with the Pokemon card game. But what do our pets and Pokemon cards have to do with each other? Well, nothing… until now.

Pokemon Pet Cards


We’re never going to have real Pokemon in our lives, but our pets are pretty close.

And now, they can be immortalized in a sleek Generation One style Pokemon card! Yup, that little fluff ball you love more than anything can be made into a customized card.

Who’s behind this? The fine folks at WildpetsCreations who run an Etsy page where you can send in a photo of your dog with some info and get this magnificence in return.



And in case you’re wondering (because how could you not?), these cards can absolutely be played in with actual Pokemon cards.

So when your friend throws out a Squirtle, you can match them with Slinky, who’s obviously not afraid of water or shaking it off everywhere.

Customers are given a list of items to fill out, such as name of the Pokemon, type, HP, species length and weight. Oh, and of course, you also get an absolutely adorable drawing of your little pet pocket monster.



You also get to customize the attacks of your dog, including the name, description, damage and cost.

Now, we know your best friend is the sweetest creature on earth and would never attack anyone. That’s why so many of these attacks are as cute as they are.

Many of them are silly, such as barking annoyingly loud or accidentally smacking you with their tail. Several also include belly rub buffs, which would be amazing to see in the midst of a battle.



You also get to edit their weakness and resistance to elements. Is your chihuahua a little firecracker?

Then why not make it official by making them a fire type? This is especially accurate if they’re inexplicably terrified of bath time.

Fire types are weak against water, after all. Go nuts with it! You can even add a short sentence bio and their Pokedex number and rarity. Just make sure that Team Rocket doesn’t try to snatch them. This is yours, no matter how much others want to catch them all.



Of course, you don’t have to use these to engage in a stressful battle card game.

They’re cute as keepsakes to just hand up on the wall in your home or in your office. And this company is great at what they do!

As you’ll see, they’ve done tons of different cards for tons of different doggos, and everyone has been ecstatic with the product they’ve received. WildpetsCreations is currently sitting at five out of five stars with over 400 reviews!



And what exactly do the customers have to say about these unique cards? One person wrote:

“This was, by far, the best purchase I’ve made on Etsy. Stephanie is so helpful and accommodating to her customers.

I placed my order last minute for an anniversary gift for my boyfriend (who LOVED the gift) and she made sure it arrived on time. Such a great way to immortalize your fur babies. I will definitely be ordering from her again. Thank you!”

Highly Recommended


There are dozens of positive reviews of this product. Here’s yet another happy customer gushing over their new card:

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about this! From start to finish, the owner supported me and answered any and all questions I had.

She worked with me to make sure the card was perfect and was extremely responsive. My husband ended up absolutely loving the card and it is now framed in the house. I HIGHLY recommend this gift! I will definitely order again.”



Stephanie Parcus is the creative and talented driving force behind making these amazing cards for WildpetsCreations.

According to her Etsy profile, “Steph loves to create pretty things. Her versatile style comes from liking too many sources to count, and getting inspired by different kinds of art.

She grew up in Brazil living off cartoons and bananas, then moved to Italy when she was 10 and discovered Anime and Manga… Perhaps her dream to be a Pokemon trainer, together with the love for her dear Fly (her dog), lead to the decision to become a Vet!”



Yup, that’s right. Not only is Stephanie a talented artist (and possibly secret Pokemon trainer), she’s also a veterinarian living in Italy.

That means that not only can she train her Pokemon, but also heal them! What a combo.

No rare candies or potions needed. Oh, and as for real world applications, it means she knows a lot about your Pokepuppers, so you know the drawings and the stats are going to be not only cute and cool, but also crazy accurate.

Small But Mighty


The first lesson when becoming a Pokemon trainer is to never underestimate your opponent based on how they look.

Trying to condescendingly pet a Pikachu will lead you to getting a nasty shock. Same thing will happen if you get on the bad side of Charlie, here.

Let’s say you’re on your way to a date or job interview and mess around with him. BAM! You’re now smelly and covered in fur. Your night is ruined. Should have been more careful, pal.



Get a load of this floof monster. Imagine running into this on the trail to your next Pokemon gym.

They look suspicious, but if you can prove yourself a worthy owner, we bet they’d be a loyal companion on your travels.

Although, we’re not sure how many Pokemon you need in your roster that are dog types. Then again, the gym leaders all had themed teams, so why not have six puppers. They may not be the most powerful, but they’ll definitely be the cutest.

Cats, Too!


Of course, if you do want a little more variety in your pet Pokemon card team, they will also make cards of your cats.

Gabby here is in a defensive position, ready to do her master’s bidding. Well… if you’re lucky.

Cats are notoriously finicky, and being in a Pokemon battle won’t help their disposition much. Just hope your opponent doesn’t have a laser pointer and use it to trick your feline fighter into running straight out of bounds.

Legendary Pokemon


Here we have a legendary cosmic type Pokemon. These are incredibly rare, so this owner is lucky.

Just look at the majesty of that stance. This creature is a beauty to behold. Even its moves are space themed.

Although it still looks like they have an aversion to water. Eh, cats will be cats, even in the farthest reaches of the solar system. Just hope you don’t go up against a Blastoise and you should be able to win, no sweat (literally, since cats don’t sweat).

Horses, Too?!


Yup, even if you don’t have a traditional pet like a cat or dog, you can still get a Pokemon card made.

Imagine the look of surprise when you bust out a horse! Or you could even use a ferret, fish or some kind of reptile.

Although if you do have a reptile Pokemon, you should get some kind of buff on all attacks, seeing as the opponent will be too busy judging you and wondering why reptile pets are even a thing.



Okay, that’s it. We can stop now. Pack it in, folks, we have a winner.

This corgi has to be the cutest card we’ve ever seen for Pokemon or any other game for that matter and it’s not even close.

Do you disagree? Do you think your pet would be an even better card than Orby here? Well, you can find out for yourself! Reach out to Stephanie at WildpetsCreations and get your very own made today!