Weird Things Found By People After They Bought Their House

By lgentile - July 02, 2019

Whenever you buy a property like a new home or a retail space for a business, you hope that the previous person that owned it before you left it in good, if not great condition. You hope that they left it in such good shape, that you would never know that someone was in there before you moved in. You prefer that there would be no trace of the person who once lived there before you. It should feel like yours and yours only.

But that is not always the case. Sometimes, once you have lived there for a little while, you may pick up on energies and clues of what happened in the space before you moved in. While renovating and redecorating you may come across some strange things that may even creep you out a little. Here are some super weird things found by people after they bought their house.

A Cemetery


What would you do if you were opening a new business and you found a cemetery IN THE BASEMENT?!?!

This brings a haunted building to a whole new level! If the business closes the day you open, you’ll know why. This place is cursed.

We understand that they want to preserve the 19th-century graveyard in the basement, but this is crazy!

Spooky Chains


Could you imagine if you went to open up your walls and you found these incredibly creepy chains just hanging there?

These chains, hanging for no apparent reason, were found inside of the walls in this 1930’s era home.

They hope that it was part of an old dumbwaiter or maybe it was the stoker for a coal furnace. Let’s hope it wasn’t there for something way weirder.

Ancient Electrical Switches


When a woman moved into a building, she was surprised when she found that the building was still equipped with its original electrical switches from 1909!

Thankfully, there were also updated functional outlets and these were just for show and there to preserve history.

We don’t think the building would be up to code if the building was trying to use those for real.

Groovy, Baby!


This guy felt good vibes when he bought his new home, but this is way too groovy, baby!

When this guy moved into his new home, he found an old “hippy” floral painting when he pulled up some of the flooring in his home.

Some hippies certainly lived here before he moved in and clearly their vibes were good vibes, only.

A Rock And A Hard Place


When a man bought a new home, he was fully aware that there was a huge sandstone boulder jutting out into his bedroom.

How could he not be aware of it? It’s pretty hard to miss. But when he moved in and he realized that this left-behind centerpiece wasn’t going anywhere, he embraced it.

It’s like living in a little cottage in the middle of the woods somewhere. It’s cozy and somehow it just works!


A Heart-Shaped Tub


They say that home is where the heart is, but now we know that home is where the heart-shaped tub is!

When he moved into his new “loving” home that was something out of the 1970s, he found shag carpet lining and a heart-shaped bathtub.

Who knew tubs like this still exist? This house has a whole lot of heart, that’s for sure. 

Mr. Milkman


We have all heard of the milkman, but most of us are too young to have ever had an actual milkman that delivered milk to our family every morning.

This homeowner discovered this milk door from back in the day in their new house.

Milkmen used to go door to door and slide the bottles of milk through a matching door on the outside of the house to ensure the milk didn’t get left out in the heat and spoil.

A Giant Monopoly Board


When a man pulled up the carpet in his new home, he discovered a huge Monopoly board underneath. 

When he saw the new vintage design, he decided to keep it as is and not put any other new flooring on top of it. 

This Monopoly board is so cool. No other floor could ever beat this look anyway. Now who wants to play on the biggest Monopoly board of all time? 

Some Used Razors


There is something so exciting about snooping in someone’s medicine cabinet. You never know what you’ll find when you take a peek!

Well, when this guy went snooping in his own medicine cabinet, he found a slot labeled “razor blades.”

In the 1950s it was standard to dispose of your old razor blades by putting them into a slot and they would disappear inside of your wall.

A Manual Elevator Crank


Many moons ago, before we just pressed a button and the elevator went up, you had to put some elbow grease into getting up or down floors.

This is an elevator crank that was once used to manually raise the elevator to take you to whatever floor you were going to.

A new homeowner found this 100-year-old crank in his new apartment and boy are his arms tired.

Vintage Ads In Times Square


A few years ago, construction workers were busy working in Times Square in New York City, when they uncovered old hotel advertisements.

These vintage hotel ads from a century ago were offering hotel rooms for $1. ONE DOLLAR?!? Bring us back, please!

Now, one night in a hotel in Times Square would be at least $250. And that is us being generous.

Little Paw Prints


Well, it looks like Spike was here and he left his little mark with a little paw print. How adorable!

Either the previous homeowners had a little mischievous pup who wouldn’t keep off wet cement, or they did it on purpose.

Why wouldn’t you enshrined your pup’s paw print into your home? Now he will live on forever.

A Hidden Basement


When she moved into her new apartment, she was intrigued when she found a trap door just outside of her bathroom.

When she started exploring, she picked up the tools and found a cool, stone basement that she didn’t know anything about when she signed the lease.

Extra space for the price of a one-bedroom apartment? With apartment prices these days, we’ll take it.

Long Lost Wells


England is known for their pubs and peppered throughout much of England are pubs that were built on top of old wells.

Instead of destroying the wells, pub owners will incorporate them into the scenery of the bar.

They will even make them functional by turning them into tables. Why destroy history when you can use it? Don’t you want to have a beer on that table? Us too! 

A Real Mouse Hole


If you have ever seen Disney’s Cinderella or if you’ve ever watched Tom and Jerry, you’ve seen a mouse hole.

But, it turns out that mouse holes are not just found in Disney movies. This man moved into a new house that was built in 1741 and found real life mouse holes in his walls.

Let’s just hope that a bunch of mice don’t come with those holes. Let’s hope that they are just there for show.

A Tunnel Of Nightmares


When a woman went exploring in her new apartment building, she wasn’t prepared for what she found.

Underneath the apartment building, she found a mile-long tunnel filled with drawing of spooky ghouls. Nicknames for the tunnel are “The Death Tunnel” and “The Tunnel of Nightmares.” Yea, no. 

We are going to go ahead and say that it’s time to move. Like now. Immediately.

A Secret Safe


Mmmmmm. Doesn’t this look like a delicious chocolate layered cake? Give us a piece, please!

It actually isn’t a cake it all. Tucked away in a loose panel behind a bathroom mirror left over from the people who had lived there before, is a secret safe.

The new homeowner found the safe in the wall and inside of it was rare coins and a wedding ring!

Vitamins Inside A Vault


Who knew that vitamins could be worth so much money that they are stored behind a high-security vault! Well, they aren’t! 

What was once a bank with a high-security vault is now something way more bland. A Walgreens. That is one crazy design for a drugstore. 

Hmmmm we think we should skip the Vitamin-C for now. We don’t want to get stuck in there accidentally. 

And Here’s Another Vault


And when a couple moved into a new place that had a high tech vault inside, they decided to get creative.

Not needing the vault to store anything of value, this vault was used for basement storage instead. 

While it isn’t anything exciting, it sure is functional! Hey, you never know. There could be a robber out there that is looking for an old garden rake. It’s better to keep it locked up! 

Way Out There Wallpaper


Beneath layers and layers of old wallpaper in an old abandoned farmhouse, this new homeowner found something way out there!

When he peeled back the old wallpaper he found vintage space exploration wallpaper underneath. Far out, dude! 

This is seriously so cool that people would spend a lot of money to buy wallpaper like this. And this guy, not only got it vintage, but he got it for free! This guy wins at life!