15 Weird Signs from Around the World That Make No Sense

By Sarcasm Society - September 11, 2018

While some signs are universal and a lot of them make perfect sense, there are some really odd, funny or confusing signs that make you say “wut?”. Here are just a few of the wackiest that will make you giggle or scratch your head in confusion!

Whoever designed these signs needs to find a new line of work. Or else they need a trophy cuz these are funny, dude!

Australia, Y'all


Australia is home to huge spiders, more poisonous snakes and insects than you can count, and a whole host of things that want to kill you. Need more proof Australia is insane? Get a load of this sign. It’s not enough that you need to be on the lookout for obvious dangerous wildlife but also for falling kangaroos!

They are all around you! They are jumping off cliffs and landing on your car in a cloud of rubble. Kamikaze kangaroos have to be one of the most crazy things about this island/country/continent.

Poor Pick for a Picnic


You put together a picnic and head to your local park with your children. It’s a beautiful day and you are all set for some good old-fashioned, safe family fun. Then you see this sign. This demands clarification.

Are there carnivorous flying rats that will eat your digits? Or is the punishment for feeding pigeons having a pinky cut off? Either way, I’m staying away from this park. Or else I’m going home to get some weapons before attempting a picnic here again.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday


On the surface, this seems like a great sign. I mean, it’s sort of like Russian Roulette, right? What if the day I decide to break in, the big scary attack dog just clocked in for his shift? I dunno, guys, it’s a bit risky.

But then, another thought dawns on me. Wait a second. How come that dog gets a four-day weekend? I need a better union at my job. I have to work 70 hours a week and don’t even get dental insurance. Can I be the guard dog?

Barking up the Wrong Sign


How nice of them to translate this sign. It’s about time they did something about all those unintelligible signs in the dog park. The poor pooches never know what’s really going on. Or so we think…

Don’t read “Dog”? Don’t worry, I’ll translate: “Humans can’t read this. Poop someplace hard to reach. Your humans will have to pick it up. Show them who’s really boss.”

Err, actually, on second thought, let’s just keep the signs nice and simple and human-languaged, ok? Now excuse me, my dog just pooped under a rosebush full of thorns next to a wasp nest.


Credits: imgur

Alright feminists and progressive-minded people! Let’s get out picket signs and prepare some slogans to shout. This is unacceptable. I mean, come on. “What? How dare they! It’s 2018, we have every right to be served here and… Oh. I get it now. It’s a joke. Great sign, bar.”

It’s nice to see a business with a sense of humor. Not to mention that it caught my attention, so I’ll definitely be getting a drink here now. Great marketing!

This Sign Doesn't Make Assault Legal


There is something decidedly fishy about this sign. Kind of looks like it gives people the right to assault bullies. Not even bullies, just unwelcome criticism or comments. Seems a bit extreme. I mean, what if you’re doing your job poorly?

Can I criticize you as long as I’m wearing a helmet? I sense there would be a lot of managers who suit up – in Kevlar vests and hard hats – before approaching their employees. This sign seems pretty flimsy, literally and figuratively.



This sign is the epitome of positive reinforcement or the ultimate lazy statement. No matter what state the gate is in will be considered acceptable. It’s like nobody could be bothered to make a firm commitment.

Or else they were too cheap to make two different signs. The guard on duty has the easiest job on earth. He can be there… open the gate… not open the gate… shut it… it’s all okay, man. Just do you, boo. We are cool with whatever.

Too Late

Credits: reddit

This is hilarious. Did you read that too? Sorry to inform you but you’re going to be sued by the owners. Expect a court summons in the mail any day now. You had better un-read it and quick! Or else hope there are no cameras to prove that you were eyeballing this super private sign on this very private door.

This is kind of like those t-shirts that say “If you can read this, I’m going to beat you up”. Like…oh. Oops. My bad.

Vacation Idea

Credits: reddit

I thought being able to dig a hole to China was one of those insane lies we believed as kids. It was a way for our parents to keep us busy doing something random while they got peace and quiet and had a chance to sip a coffee quietly or fold some laundry without us underfoot. But maybe they only told us it was a lie to keep us from digging. (Come to think of it, maybe the coffee wasn’t even really coffee. Vodka much, Mom?)

Maybe they didn’t WANT us to know the truth. So grab your best heat-resistant suits and a shovel. We’ll figure this out soon enough!

This Is Alarming


No, this is NOT Jurassic Park. This is just a regular run-of-the-mill animal park. Wait, animals are here that can eat humans? And that flimsy wire is all that’s separating them from us? You might want to reinforce that fence, yo.

As much as I love me some dangerous animals, this is a bit too intense for me.  Also, why are you more worried about the animals getting a bellyache than, you know, about me being dead?

Thanks for the Heads Up


I assume this sign was either posted for aliens from outer space or posted for the benefit of Hobbits. They’re out looking for giants, walking trees to recruit in their battle and this isn’t the place to find those. Good to know.

And also, aliens? Just so you know, these really hard, upright things will NOT move out of the way if you fly directly toward them. Mkay? Great. Glad we got that all cleared up. Next up: water is wet.

Hold Your Breath

Credits: funnysigns

There are so many helpful people out there, don’t you think? Take this sign for example. Just your friendly neighborhood pool reminding you about the laws of anatomy and stuff. And you can’t even argue with the logic. I mean, imagine how that conversation would go.

“But… I can’t breathe under water.”

“I know, the sign says it’s against the rules.”

“No, I mean you shouldn’t.”

“Yeah, the sign-”

[Wants to drown self, but can’t… because of the sign.]


Important Lesson

Credits: reddit

Wait… you mean we don’t have to listen to all these signs? Now you tell me? And here I thought disobeying these signs would be the end of life as I know it! These need to be posted on every playground in America to let kids know about fundamental freedoms they never knew they had.

Actually, they need to be posted everywhere because, you know… freedom of thought and all that jazz. Good to know that the signs are optional and I can be a free thinker. Score!

You've Been Warned

Credits: imgur

And here I thought I hated tourists. But the worst I’ve ever done is roll my eyes at them. My town didn’t feel the need to post a sign warning of how I might react to their annoying behavior.

So take note, tourists! We may say “malk” instead of “milk.” We may say “aboot” instead of “about.” We may dress funny, wag our heads, speak strangely, and do odd things. But for the love of natives, please don’t make fun of us. We’re sensitive and you might hurt our feelings.

All Other Stuff? -10% Off

Credits: imgur

This seems like an expensive flashy sign for so, so little result. What a tease! It’s yellow and red, it has exclamation marks, it’s 4 feet tall. It’s… nothing.

Want to save more money than you could ever do while life-hacking at Costco? Then go somewhere else. So the game here is to find out which items you have to pay full price for? That sounds like the worst game ever, chief. And what about the other stuff? The stuff that’s not at 0%? Can I get a price check on that stuff?