Watch A Woman Model 100 Years of Lingerie Trends…Because History

By Psquared - November 23, 2018

As history changes, so do our underwear habits. It’s super interesting to see how styles have changed, even in our undergarments. We went from having bra and panties in one piece, to two pieces.

As time goes on, the styles seem to get a little more racey. Which as we know, applies also to our language, our habits, and our everyday life. History shows this amazing evolution of undergarments.

1. Lingerie


It’s weird that underwear can be considered sexy. It was initially designed to capture sweat and protect your clothes from stains and stenches. Yet, at some point someone saw that and thought, “Why don’t we make that nether region junk absorber more tantilizing?” and we went along with it.

Lingerie is a humongous industry, with billions of dollars being spent on these items each and every year. And this industry has gone through quite a number of changes over the years.

2. Magical Lingerie Tour


Exactly how has lingerie changed over the past century? Model and UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste has a treat for you. She’s about to take you on a tour of lingerie trends through the past 100 years. Isn’t that nice of her? Before getting too excited, you should be made aware of something.

Know that this tour will be more educational than it will be erotic. As you’ll see, lingerie looked mighty different 100 years ago than it does today.

3. 1915


In 1915, World War I raged on, Babe Ruth hit his first Major League home run and Audrey Munson was the first actress to appear nude in a movie. While all this was going on, this is what typical lingerie looked like. Remember, it didn’t start off as padded, lacy bras and G-strings.

Lingerie is defined as women’s underwear and nightgowns, and that’s exactly what this is. It just looks like something they’d wear under their clothes or to bed.

4. 1925


1925 was the year of The Great Gatsby, the Scopes Trial and the forming of the Chrysler Corporation. You can see the influence of the roaring ’20s in the lingerie here. This flapper style dress is a little bit more risque than the under garments from the previous decade.

The shoulder straps are much thinner, and the material seems to be thinner as well. Also, for what it’s worth, this looks comfy af, doesn’t it?

5. 1935


In 1935, Porky Pig made his silver-screen debut, Persia was renamed Iran and President Roosevelt enacted his Second New Deal. Speaking of things that are new and involve the number two, take a look at this. Different, isn’t it? All of a sudden lingerie comes in two pieces.

You have the bra separate from the underwear. It’s no longer a single gown. It’s starting to resemble the underwear we’re more familiar with in this day and age.

6. 1945


1945 saw the finish of World War II, the signing of Jackie Robinson to a minor league team, and the founding of the United Nations. Also, lingerie is beginning to become much more stylish. Notice the lace and the patterns on it. It’s no longer just a utilitarian piece of cloth that keeps you clean, dry and warm.

It can become a statement. It’s now starting to become a method of expressing your sexuality. And it’s only gonna get more erotic from here.

7. 1955


In 1955, Marian Anderson was the first African-American singer to perform at the Metropolitan Opera, Jim Henson made the prototype for Kermit the Frog, and Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama.

Meanwhile, in the world of women’s underwear, lace is no longer considered a fringe product for deviant, sultry weirdos. It’s becoming the norm everywhere, as women everywhere are embracing a new, mainstream style of sexy lingerie.

8. 1965


1965 saw the first spacewalk by an American, the iconic boxing defeat of Sonny Liston by Muhammed Ali, and the continuance of the Vietnam War. While all of this was happening, so was a sexual revolution.

While some women were burning bras, those that chose not too experienced more comfort and stylistic choices than ever before. And notice the cheetah print on the underwear. You can get excited now, because things are heating up on our tour.

9. 1975


In 1975, Wheel of Fortune debuted on television, Margaret Thatcher became the first elected female party leader in British history and Jimmy Hoffa was first reported missing. And while women’s bras and underwear were getting sexier and sexier, what about their night gowns?

As you can see, someone realized that you can make pajamas sensual as well. Lace was added to skimpy night gowns to make these outfits sexy as well. Suddenly, the entire industry was booming with a ton of selections.

10. 1985


Ah, the ’80s. Big hair and big everything else. 1985 saw the beginning of Ronald Reagan’s second term, the release of charity single “We Are the World” and the capture of serial killer Richard Ramirez. Women’s under garments didn’t just include night gowns or underwear.

Women work out, and sports bras aren’t exactly dripping with sex appeal. But these skin tight leotards covered in assorted prints? Goodness, gracious. This became an iconic sexual look for an entire decade.

11. 1995


We’re starting to get to the decade many of you might remember clearly. In 1995, the Internet was offered publicly for the first time, the World Trade Organization was established and O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of murder. As for lingerie? Take a look at that.

Leather and lace was all the rage. This fringe look was usually associated with underground S and M culture, but was now being offered in malls across all of America.

12. 2005


2005 saw the first free Iraqi parliamentary elections take place, the installation of Pope Benedict XVI and the launch of YouTube. The lingerie business is positively booming at this point. Lingerie wasn’t a naughty item to sneakily get your lover from a seedy store, it was a thoughtful and fun birthday or Christmas present.

Night gowns are skimpier than ever, and are worn with skimpy, lacy underwear as well. Women owning outfits is now seen as the norm, not strange.

13. 2015


This wasn’t that long ago at all, was it? In 2015, Donald Trump was making a scene as a presidential candidate, Game of Thrones won the Emmy for best drama and archeologists are searching King Tut’s tomb to find Nefertiti’s resting place. As for lingerie… well, what do you like?

Because now there’s something for everyone. Best of all, you don’t even need to go to the store for it. You can order it online and have it shipped right to your doorstep.

14. And Beyond


Pictured here with Celeste are models Danielle Orner, Germaine Nichols and Rain Dove Dubilewski. This is a great way to illustrate not only the different types of underwear available to women today, but the fact that it’s worn by women of all types.

It’s fun looking back on where we are and how we got here in this very specific industry. In a way, you can almost track the progress of society through the different fashions.

15. 100 Years of Lingerie in 3 Minutes


15. 100 Years of Lingerie in 3 Minutes

Would you like to learn more? Did these GIFs not fully do it for you and you want to see the whole show? In that case, check out the full video, but be warned: You may wish by the end that you could have a time machine.
Because as much fun as it was seeing the industry evolve over the past 100 years, imagine what lingerie in the future will look like. If only we could see into the century ahead and beyond.