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Unusual First Date Ideas So You Don’t Have To Go Out For Drinks Ever Again

By Sarcasm Society - January 04, 2019

Tired of trying to get to know someone at the bar? Do any of these instead. The whole idea of a first date is to get to know them, sure. But you also want to make a great first impression. After all, you wouldn’t have agreed to go on a date in the first place if you didn’t like them. The last thing you need is for their initial idea about you being that you lack creativity. Show them how inspired you can be and have fun with them. Stand out from the dating pack and make the best first impression ever.

First Date Ideas That Aren't Drinks


You sifted through all the horrors of Tinder and actually found a decent date, so why not take them somewhere a little more original and fun than just to the bar down the block? Like trivia night! Yes! Right off the bat, you get to see if your date is smart or not, or if they just have a crazy deep knowledge of ’90s pop culture.

This is a much more fun and interactive way of getting to know someone, and it alleviates some of the pressures of first date talk. Instead of grilling them about their exes and their family, you can instead discuss hair metal bands of the 1980s. If anything can break the ice, it’s Guns N’ Roses.



Your local bartender has already seen you on too many failed Tinder dates anyway, so it’s probably a good idea for you to save face and find a new go-to spot. Arcades are few and far between these days, unfortunately.

But if you can find an arcade in your area it’s absolutely perfect fun to have with someone new. Play some games, win some tickets and pick out a prize. Just make sure to give them the prize, okay?

Laser Tag


We all know how rare good Tinder dates are in the first place…you really should stack the odds in your favor. To do that, you need to stray a bit from the norm. So say no to “meeting up for drinks” and say yes to this much more interesting activity.

Get your heart racing, work together and take out the opposition. Nothing better than the thrill of victory with a partner in crime. Plus, it’s always nice to know if that potential special someone has good aim with projectiles so you don’t piss them off.

Botanical Garden


Why stay cooped up indoors if the weather is nice outside? Take a walk through a beautiful garden and get some fresh air. Maybe even pick a flower if no one’s looking for some extra romance and thrills. Nature is beautiful, and beautiful locales are a great setting for a first date.

Should you wind up getting married, isn’t this a much nicer first date story than “We Netflix and chilled then kept seeing each other after”?

Flea Market


This is similar to the botanical garden in that you get to go for a nice walk in an interesting locale. You never know what treasures you might find at one of these. Even if the date truly sucks, you can at least leave with a sweet new beaded bracelet.

Plus, you’ll get to see their style and how they interact with cashiers. If a date is rude to a cashier, that is a big red flag.

Aura Reading


Don’t believe in this sort of thing? You don’t have to. It’s good for some laughs, see if your auras are compatible and if anything, get some fun pics for Instagram if you think it’s a bunch of malarkey. But try to keep an open mind.

You may enjoy it, and at the very least learn something new. Learning is fun, and showing off a sense of curiosity is an admirable trait to any date.

Psychic Reading


Same deal as the aura reading. Psychic readings are like pro wrestling: they’re cheesy and dramatic, but just because most people think they are fake doesn’t mean it can’t be entertaining. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the performance.

Suspend your disbelief and have a little fun with it. As long as they’re not telling you that you have an incurable disease, this can be a good time. Plus, you can earn some brownie points if they say you two will be great together.



Have fun with a little friendly competition. Maybe make the loser buy the winner a milkshake, or even give them a kiss. Pretty smooth move, right? Maybe, maybe not. But you can be extra creative in this setting.

Bonus points playing “The Floor Is Lava” mini-golf, where you try to putt while not standing anywhere on the green. Good luck! It’s more fun than you realize, and everyone waiting in line behind you will be amused and confused.

Escape Room


First dates already feel kind of like an escape room, so take it to the next level. You get to work together and communicate in a meaningful fashion right off the bat. Communication is key in love, and also for exiting a mad scientist’s laboratory.

Itbe a nice change of pace, as well. So much of dating is trying to subtly get them into your room, but working together to get out of one builds trust.

Comedy Club


Who doesn’t love to laugh? People with broken ribs, that’s who. Oh, that question was supposed to be rhetorical. Never mind, then. Continue on…Live theater is great because every show is different. Plus, you get to have a fun story to tell if the comic asks how long you guys have been dating.

Even better, you get to witness the hilarity and awkwardness unfold from there. Also, laughter puts you in a good mood, which can lead to setting the right mood later on.



Don’t want to leave it up to some comedian to make your date laugh? No need to be jealous, but in case you are (look into that, it’s not healthy), you could make each other laugh. There’s no easier way than going bowling. Show off your ludicrous trick shots in those tacky shoes.

Who cares if you lose? It’s all in fun. Plus, it’s the only sport where you can eat nachos while playing. That sounds like a darn delightful date.

Pottery Painting Studio


Share each other’s artistic sides. Again, if the date turns out to be a nightmare, at least you’ll leave with a new cereal bowl. Always be on the lookout for fun souvenirs on bad dates. Don’t look at dating as a difficult chore.

It should be fun, even when the people aren’t that great. If you have a hard time livening up the mood, locations like this are perfect settings for loosening people up and breaking the ice.

Make A Pizza


It’s not delivery, it’s dating. Deliveries can get botched, anyways. Work together and create something you can be proud of… until it’s gone in 11 minutes. But still, this gives you the opportunity to work together, communicate and get a sense of each other’s tastes.

That’s really all you need to know to find out if you’re going to be compatible with someone or not. Thanks, pizza. What a true miracle of a meal. Is there anything it can’t do?

Binge Netflix


Yes, this sounds essentially just like Netflix and chill. But actually watch a show together. Take the roller coaster ride of emotions a full season of television can give you together. And, if you should happen to start making out, all the better.

You can also watch HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu or any other streaming service your ex hasn’t figured out you’re still leeching off of. What better way to get back at them than by using it to hang with someone new?

Doing Taxes


Nobody likes doing adult stuff. So…why do it alone? Maybe it’s not the most fun date option, but come April 14th you’ll be glad you found someone that convinced you to do it. If your date scoffs at this notion, it shows they’re irresponsible…

Or at the very least would like an escape from their responsibilities and do something fun. But if they agree, you may have yourself a keeper. Your next date will be so much better without this weighing on your mind.