Uncomfortable Photos You Won’t Be Able To Look Away From

By lgentile - May 24, 2019

Move over things that may you go “hmmmmm.” The photos that we are about to share with you will make you go “WTF is happening here?!?!” These pictures are so weird and so strange and twisted and bizarre that they will make you so uncomfortable that you won’t even be able to look away from them.

They will make you squeal and cringe and some will make the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Don’t you worry. They aren’t THAT scary. They aren’t THAT creepy. They won’t terrify you but the are still crazy AF. They will make you question reality and they may even make you see the world a little differently. They are strange in the strangest ways and they are weirder than weird. WARNING:  The following pictures are also proof that you never know what is lurking around on the internet so please enter at your own risk.

Toof Hurty


No no no no no no no. Stop it right now and put that pair of clippers away.

Clipping your finger nails? Fine. Need to trim your toenails? Go for it. But whatever you do, keep those clippers away from your mouth and stat.

This picture gives us the heebie geebies. Having metal in your mouth is never a good mix. Unless you need braces. That is the only exception and even braces are terrible. So let’s just say no metal ever, m’kay?

In A Pickle


Next time you go in for a manicure, maybe you should request the pickle look? It certainly matches your skin tone!

And for any of our pickle readers out there, this is proof that you deserve to be primped too.

Just give your manicurist a heads up before you go in, so she knows to be gentle and doesn’t accidentally break your little pickle finger in half. But if they do accidentally break it, can we eat it? Just asking for a friend.

Butt Foot


Here is a new fashion trend we would like to introduce to you that is all the rage. Underwear for your feet! Who knew!?

This is also the perfect way to send some semi nudes without actually exposing any of your naughty parts. Everyone wins.

But really this is just picture of a person who has way too much time on their hands. But hey, who are we to judge? Go ahead and put underwear on your feet. We aren’t going to stop you.

RIP Kitty

Dear Kitty… Rest in Peace. You were our favorite snuggle bunny. You were cute and coy and frisky and free.

They say cats have nine lives but unfortunately this kitty only made it to si… wait a minute. Hold on a second. Ummmmm. Well this is awkward, isn’t it.

Everyone go back to your lives. This funeral is cancelled for today. Thanks for joining though. We appreciate the support. Is anyone hungry for some kibble?


She Left Me, Jenna


Shouldn’t we save Facebook for funny cat videos and looking at pictures of our friends dogs and kids?

Getting personal online does not always end well. Case in point with what’s going on here. Way to go, Jenna! You blew it.

Look, Jenna was just trying to be supportive but her “yay” was certainly not what he wanted to hear. Sorry, dude! But it doesn’t sound like your relationship was meant to be . Time to move on and start over and it looks like you are doing just that.

Hairy Toes


Is this a thing now? Are people starting to do hair extensions on their toenails? We will gladly sit this one out.

These hairy toenails look like little troll dolls or like long furry claws. Can’t we just get a pedicure and call it a day? Why overdo it?

LESS IS MORE, PEOPLE. I thought we were trying to get rid of their hair on our toes. Oh, come on, you know you have to do a little trim on those toes every now.

The Penis Periodical


Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Pick up your free copy of the P**is Periodical before we run out!

Imagine going to grab a paper and seeing this? It’s pretty alarming isn’t it? You put your hands over your kid’s eyes. You look away.

How dare they put something so phallic on the cover? Actually maybe you are the one with the problem. After all, you are the one who sees a p**is i a perfectly clean picture.

Hide Your Feet


Look, we don’t know about you, but we don’t want to see a picture of the most perfect pair of feet in the world, let alone this monstrosity.

And where do we begin? With the socks and sandals combo? With the weird toenails with little pebbles on them?

No wonder this person can’t put a sock on that foot. Have you ever walked around with pebbles in your shoe? Not cool. Not cool at all.

Brilliant News


Yet another discussion on Facebook that shouldn’t be happening on there. Why do people overshare such horrible news on the internet? Why?

And what is brilliant news, Susan? That someone has died? BRILLIANT. Maybe Susan needs to read things over a little more before she has a comment about anything? Just a thought.

Well, if she doesn’t learn from this expert, we really can’t help. Good luck to you, Susan, and RIP whoever you are.


Tongue This D Lightly


Imagine being in band class or in choir and your band teacher hands you some sheet music and you see “Tongue this D lightly.” Say whaaaaaaa?

Oh man. Is this grounds for being fired? It seems like it, right? Hey teach. Here is some advice. PICK A DIFFERENT SONG.

We can’t handle these directions. Kids can’t handle these directions.Nothing good can come of this and no one will want to follow these directions without giggling up a storm. We promise.

Longest Toe In The World


This is disturbing to say the least but it does bring up an interesting and very important question.

Would you rather have a thumb instead of feet or a foot instead of fingers? Think about it for a minute. It’s a tough one.

It would be really hard to get anything done if you had a foot at the end of your fingers. We are going for a thumb instead of feet. Final answer. You can make that work andthe other way seems way to difficult.


To Infinity And Beyond


Who is responsible for the layout of this ridiculous sippy cup? Whoever it is, we would like to have a word with them.

Why there? The straw could have gone anywhere else. Why not put the straw near his back or shoulder? What about the top of his head?

This seems like a choice. We would like to know the motive here so someone please come forward so we can get down to the bottom of it.

Mouth Jewelry


Mouth jewelry is a thing but I don’t think that this is what they had in mind when they came up with it.

It is, however a good storage spot if you are prone to losing your earrings. Just shove them in your braces and you are good to go!!

We just have a quick questions. How to you eat? It seems like it would get pretty messy. Just looking out in case anything is planning try this look.

Something Special In A Bottle


Now, when something like this happens we feel like this is some kind of premonition. Like a crystal ball looking into your future or a sign from some higher power.

So if it is a sign, what does it all mean? That your member will feel cold and alone in your future? Will it feel trapped and need to find a way to be free again?

Who knows but whatever it means, we don’t think it’s good.

Hairy Knees


At first glance this may look like a b**thole with a pony tail, but you are mistaken. Are you disappointed?

But once you stare at it for a little while in awe and bewilderment, you will see that it is something even weirder. It’s a pair of knees with a ponytail sticking out of it.

We are glad that we can’t see the rest of what is going on in this picture and would like to move forward, thanks.

The Chicken Or The Egg?


There is an age old question, “hat came first, the chicken or the egg?” After seeing this photo, we have a more important question. Why is there a chicken foot resting on top of a bunch of eggs?

Is it encouraging them to hatch? Is the foot comforting them? Someone please break this down for us!

This picture may make you never want to eat chicken or eggs again. But also, if you think about what eggs actually are, you may never want to eat them again anyway.

Scary Stick Shift


Imagine meeting a guy and going on a first date with him and when he picks you up in his car, you get in and look down and see this?

HELP! You would make up any excuse to get out of there and fast. You hair hurts? Your dog has asthma? Anything!

But also, why doesn’t he need a date anyway when he can just hold his handstick shift’s hand? He will be fine without you so just get the hell out of there.

Baby Blues


This is the stuff nightmares are made of. This is something you would dream about that would make you afraid to have any children of your own.

You would try to decode it and figure out what the nightmare meant. A baby with mouths for eyes? What does it all mean? You’d start looking up the meaning of mouths in dreams.

Do you know what it means? You need a break from the internet. Get outside and take a walk. Everything will be ok.



Toe Nailed It


Now this just looks painful. Doesn’t this picture give you the creeps? Also, why do we need special socks that expose our toenails? We don’t.

We use our socks to coverup our toes when our feet look busted or it’s been too long since our last pedicure. Let’s not change that, please.

Don’t expose the toes. Keep them covered. It’s better for the person with the busted feet as well as those who would have to see them.

Tiny Hands On Hands

In this photo we have tiny fingers on tiny hands on the tips of fingers on the end of hands. Now THAT is meta.

Imagine playing This Little Piggy with these hands? It would be nearly impossible and would never end. It would be the new 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.

Look, we told you these pictures would be so uncomfortable that you wouldn’t want to look away. Did we deliver? We sure hope so.