Totally Weird And Random Things That People Accidentally Discovered

By Psquared - March 04, 2019

They say that you can find love when you aren’t really looking for it. But love isn’t the only thing that you can discover by chance. As this list shows, some of the weirdest and most random discoveries were made when the people weren’t even looking for them. Imagine what that must feel like. You’re just minding your own business, going on about your day and then BAM! You stumble across… well, you’ll see. We wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, now.

And here’s a non-spoiler spoiler warning: We can’t tell you how all of this happened or why. Sorry! Anyway, if you knew the whole backstory, these wouldn’t be as weird and random now, would they? Also… we don’t know the why. But we can try to guess. At the very least, you’ll get a chuckle out of these. Read on!

Vitamin Double A Batteries


Imagine having a long, frustrating, stressful day at work. Sadly, many of you don’t have to work too hard to conjure up such a day.

You finally get home, and all you want to do is unwind and let the stress melt from your bones.

How do you do that? By binging a Netflix series. But for some reason, your TV isn’t responding to the remote. So you open it up and find this. Yeah, you must have done something to upset Bugs Bunny.

No Prince Charming


A young lady was using the restroom when she suddenly felt something patting her from underneath.

She took a glance and found this devilish little fella. What on Earth was he doing in there, and why didn’t he warn her the stall was already occupied?

Maybe this is one of those princes that was turned into a frog and needs a kiss to return to human form. Sure, the ladies’ room is where you can find ladies, but they’re not gonna want to kiss you after this.

Buckle Up For This One


You know how Tupac talked about how he was like a rose that grew from concrete?

It symbolized how something beautiful could grow out of something tough and harsh, such as the inner city that he grew up in.

That’s a beautiful, symbolic message… so what does the sprout that grew out of a Toyota Corolla represent? Something basic that came from something moderately-priced and reliable? That sounds like everybody that grew up in the suburbs, doesn’t it? Not quite as powerful.

What Sorcery Is This?


Have you ever been wandering through an art museum and happened to come across your identical doppelganger in a painting that’s hundreds of years old?

Yeah, that happens to all of us at some point. Actually, no, it doesn’t. We’re just trying to make you feel less alarmed.

Kudos to the girl in this pic for not totally freaking out. Most people would run away screaming, assuming their soul had been sucked out and trapped behind a velvet rope forever.

Tunnel Your Way To Freedom


Do you remember that old trope of baking a cake with a nail file in it for prisoners so they can escape?

Yeah, it became so well known that wardens and correction officers knew to look for them, so it didn’t work anymore.

But spoons in loaves of bread? That’s so crazy and unexpected, it just might work! Sure, the person who discovered this wasn’t in prison, but if they ever wind up there, at least they know their friend can provide them a method of tunneling out.

Eye See What You Did There


“Okay, so you got my spoon so you could dig out of prison. That’s phase one.

Next is to prepare for the future. You have a life sentence, and digging that tunnel with a tablespoon is going to take a lot of time.

Over the years, your eyesight will diminish, so you’ll need something to help you see while you continue that tunnel over the decades, so I smuggled you these. No need to thank me, just start digging… and let me know how you enjoy the loaf.”

"Just In Case..."


Okay, so here’s the backstory on this one. A father was cleaning his son’s room one day.

He happened across a little tin, and when he opened it found a toy gun stashed away with a ton of toy money.

He asked his son what this was all about, and the son simply replied, “Just in case.” So… great job raising the next Jason Bourne, there, Dad. Sure, it’s a bit intense, but it’s better to be prepared than unprepared, especially when you’re six.

In Case Of Emergency


Here’s another example of some being prepared for anything. Emergency stashes are so underrated these days.

Snickers always says in their commercials that you’re not yourself when you’re hungry. So make sure to have a way of staying yourself at all times.

This would be pretty rough if someone in your household was trying to stick to a diet, though. Imagine doing the right thing and deciding to go for a nice snack, only to have chocolate-y goodness stare back at you.

Cat Hoarders


Here’s another image that needs a little bit of explaining. This one involves cats, who can be jerks.

And if you think, “Hey! My cat is wonderful and not a jerk in any way,” yeah, well that’s what these people thought.

Over the years they lived in this home, they had several hair ties go missing. It turns out the cats had been stealing and hoarding them. They found this out when they moved, and discovered the treasure trove had been under their couch the whole time.

Two For One


Not all weird and random discoveries are baffling or alarming. Some are just downright delightful.

This person bought one microwave pizza. Yet, as you can see in the pic, when they opened the box, there were two on the inside.

In moments like these, all you can really do is make a wish, because you’re so lucky to find something this rare. That’s a bit of a catch-22, though, because most folks would wish for more pizza, which you already received. Don’t get too greedy, now.

Dinner For One


We’ve all heard of roach hotels, but what about roach dining rooms? Those are apparently also a thing.

They’re not as well know because, well… nobody makes them. At least, nobody accept for this person. And it worked, too!

Instead of setting a standard trap or spraying harsh chemicals, they set up a nice dinner for the roach. As you can see, they took advantage of it. What the person did after this is unknown. Hopefully, they served them dessert.



You know how squirrels like to hoard food for the winter? That’s a smart and cute trait of theirs, isn’t it?

Well, you wouldn’t think it was so cute if you came home from an extended vacation to find this in the engine of your car.

When it comes to storing your possessions, location is key. Maybe this is the same vehicle that had the sprout growing in the backseat. This is why you have to be careful where you park.

Ancient Fossil


Someone found this ancient cell phone while they were digging. This is another image that raises a bunch of questions.

Why was the phone buried in the first place? Were they that addicted to the snake game on this phone?

Maybe their personal and professional lives were affected by their desire to keep making the snake longer by eating all those dots, and since there aren’t any rehab centers for old mobile games, burying it was their best and only option.

What A Collection


“Here’s a fun history lesson. Back in the mid 1800s, countless Americans set out west to find gold.

They packed up their families and all their belongings and moved out, hoping to find their fortune and make a better life for themselves.

Sadly, not all of them found gold. Some of them only found a mountain of silver…ware. And that’s the story behind this photo.”

“Grandpa, that isn’t what really happened.”

“Nope. Truth is, no one know what this really is. It’s best to just not talk about it.”

Gas Leak


Of all of these strange discoveries, this one has to be the most bizarre and the most alarming.

This raises so many questions. Who trapped that fart in the first place? Why did they decide it needed to be trapped?

Why did they use a pot that people cook food in that will be eventually eaten? So many more questions to ask, but it’s pointless, because they all have the exact same answer. It’s because this person is an absolute monster.