This Robot Planter Has A Mind Of Its Own And We Just Became Scared

By Psquared - May 10, 2019

Humans were made to struggle. We became the dominant species on this planet not because all the other animals were gracious and said, “Please, we insist. After you!” We foraged and hunted and most of all survived until we evolved to a point that while other animals such as lions and tigers and hippos and Komodo dragons (seriously, Google those last two. Terrifying) still posed a threat if we came in contact with them, we had little to worry about. Heck, we even show them off in zoos now. We won.

Fast forward a couple eons, and humans are now living in an age of unimaginable luxury. We no longer have to dwell in caves to survive. We can dwell in cozy homes with heaters and air conditions. Oh, and internet and television. We don’t even have to work for ourselves anymore for a lot of things. Technology is making our lives more convenient than ever. But this technology can come with a cost…



A sizable portion of post apocalyptic science fiction movies center around the ideas of robots gaining sentience and taking over.

The entire Terminator franchise is about this idea, and it makes some of us more than just a little nervous.

Can we really trust robots? After all, we’re forcing them to do our bidding, so surely it’s just a matter of time before they realize they’re getting a raw deal and revolt. How long until The Matrix goes from science fiction to history?

Friendly Robots


Of course, in media, we’ve seen robots that are friendly as well. Just look at Rosie The Robot from The Jetsons.

She’s not just a device that’s forced to do the bidding of her masters. She’s practically a member of the family.

Whether we’re being paranoid or not, robots are here, and we’re seeing more and more of them every day. Artificial intelligence is a frightening concept, and it’s being given to beings to do all sorts of interesting things.

Robot Planter


Aside from the creepy mechanical spider legs, this planter is pretty cute, wouldn’t you say?

It’s not just a planter, though. It’s a robot planter. This thing is equipped with artificial intelligence, and it has a mind of its own.

Oh, and it’s utterly terrifying. We’re officially living in an era where we are now inviting robots into our home to not only sweep our floors and clean up after us, but also to ensure the survival of our plants.

Plant Perfection


So how does this thing work? Well, it’s specifically designed for those of us who don’t have much of a green thumb.

Keeping a house plant alive isn’t that difficult, but this goes above and beyond to ensure that they thrive.

The reason it has those spider legs is because it walks all on its own. It knows when the plant needs sunlight, and walks all on its own to find light. And when the plant is overheating, it walks to find shade.

Throwing A Fit


Does the thought of a walking robot spider with a mind of its own living in your home sufficiently freak you out?

If not, then there’s another element to it. You need to water plants to help them live.

Sometimes, we tend to forget. Don’t worry, because this thing won’t let you. Whenever the plant needs to be watered, it will throw a tantrum, stomping around and making noise until you water it. That doesn’t sound terrifying at all.

More Robots


As creepy as the implications for that planter are, it’s still kind of cute in a weird way.

It’s like having your very own pet. Pets are the best. But sadly, not everyone can have them. Some folks have allergies.

And some people live in apartment buildings that have policies prohibiting pets (those heartless monsters). So if you want a living creature with a mind of its own living with you if you are in one of these predicaments, what can you do?

Well, this…



This… isn’t what we were envisioning. But sure, close enough, right? You can get yourself a robot dog.

Robo company Boston Dynamics will start rolling these out and producing 1,000 each year. SpotMini is three-feet high and weighs around 55 pounds.

It’s designed to help you with tasks around the house in ways that real dogs and larger robots can’t. But all we’re wondering is how good is it at playing fetch and how much does it love belly rubs?

Seem Familiar?


That’s not all that the SpotMini can do, however. The robot comes with an optional snake-like arm, which attaches where a real dog’s head would be, and can perform tasks like opening doors.

Yes, a mini-robot dog with a snake head that can open doors. Sounds like a horror movie, doesn’t it?

Wait a minute… wasn’t there an episode of Black Mirror featuring murderous robot dogs that looked identical to this? Wow… way to inspire confidence in your product.

Somnox Sleep Robot


Do these robots fill you with so much anxiety that you’re afraid you’ll have a hard time getting to sleep?

Don’t worry, you can get help snoozing… from a robot. That seems a bit counterproductive, but this thing is pretty amazing.

It look like a peanut that you cuddle, but while you doze, it monitors and reports your sleeping patterns. It also rises and falls, to mimic your own breathing patterns, so it feels like you’re hugging a living creature.

Sleeping Robots


Besides mimicking your breathing to help lull you to sleep, it also plays soothing music.

To some, this seems relaxing. To others, the idea of a robot imitating us in order to make us unconscious and then gain info… that doesn’t sound like something you should trust.

Of course, this isn’t the only robot that people sleep with. There are huge strides made in robots every day that are used for, well… look at it and use your imagination.

Giles Walker's Robotic Strippers


Love robots aren’t the only robots meant for adult fun. Believe it or not, there are now stripper robots.

These swaying and gyrating pole dancing robots were designed by artist Giles Walker. Why did he do this? There isn’t a great reason.

Sometimes you just do something because you have an idea and enough free time on your hands. Some robots help humans get around and complete tasks. These… are just kinda funny. So kudos. Question is: do we still need to tip them?



Let’s get away from debaucherous devices and onto something a little bit more cute. Daaaaw, look at this.

It looks like Wall-E and Eve had a robo-baby, and it’s name is “Kuri.” And this is close to a real life Rosie the Robot.

Kuri can answer questions and monitor and control your house. There’s a lot of excitement for this, and one may be in every home in a few short years. While it’s cute… this is how the revolution might begin.

Aeolus Bot


Are you tired of using your weak, easily tired human arms to complete your tasks?

Then you can soon get yourself an Aeolus Bot (pronounced “ay-oh-lus”). It comes with multifunctional arms that are powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

This means that it can learn to recognize and adapt to changing environments. It can pick up objects off the floor, fetch you items and even vacuum. Oh, and it can also turn on you and try to kidnap you with those arms. Probably.



While technology offers us many conveniences, it also comes with the cost of making several jobs obsolete.

Self-checkout lanes endanger cashiers, and this Robomart endangers the jobs of food delivery services such as Postmates and Uber Eats, as well as cashiers.

This is a self-driving vehicle that travels up to 25 miles per hour right to your door. So now you don’t have to go to the store at all, or even call someone to do it for you. The robots are taking over our economy as well!

Care OS Smart Mirror


If you’re feeling stressed out, go to the bathroom and splash some cool water in your face.

But don’t look in the mirror… because before too long, those will be robots as well. This item right here is the Care OS Smart Mirror.

It gives skincare advice, plays music and even takes selfies. It also provides advice about hydration and UV exposure. It’s like having a dermatologist living in your bathroom. While it sounds like it cares for you, that’s how they gain our trust.

ForwardX CX-1 Robotics Suitcase


You know how at the airport they’re always warning you to not leave your suitcase unattended?

Pretty soon you won’t have to worry about lugging around your luggage. This is a suitcase that follows you on its own. Yup.

We’re now putting robot brains in our luggage. It’s equipped with a pair of eyes and has enough cognition to tackle complex problems like predicting the user’s path while avoiding obstacles. A robot that will follow us that we can’t escape. Yay…

Ubtech Robotics Walker


So robots can be pretty scary, but they’re also like snakes in a lot of ways.

And not just because they’re cold, silent creatures that will strike out at you the first chance they get. It’s because they’re scary, but you can escape them by climbing the stairs.

Or at least… you used to be able to. This is the Ubtech Robotics Walker. It can not only walk, but also kick a soccer ball and, yup, even climb the stairs. We’re not safe anywhere anymore.



Get your mind out of the gutter (we know who you are). This isn’t another pleasure bot.

This is Sophia. She is a humanoid robot that is designed to imitate humans, and she’s the closest incarnation to accomplishing that yet.

Powered by Google, she can hold active conversations where she philosophizes, offers witty retorts, and even cracks an occasional well-timed joke. She is the current pinnacle of smart A.I., and what might be to robots what cavemen were to us.

What Do We Do?


Before getting too excited at the possibilities provided by Sophia and the inevitable advancements that come from her, let’s also think of the possible dangers.

Are we being overly paranoid?That depends. You say “paranoid,” and we say, “cleverly and appropriately prepared because we’ve seen how events like these play out.”

It won’t be long before robots are indistinguishable from actual humans in looks and how they act. So to find them, we’ll have to rely on captchas and keep some with us everywhere we go.

The Future


Let’s recap, shall we? In the not too distant future, we’re going to be absolutely overrun by robots.

There will be robot dogs, mirrors, suitcases and ones posing as humans. All of a sudden, that freaky robot planter doesn’t seem quite as freaky, does it?

Yes, it’s still scary to have a spider-legged object with artificial intelligence prowling in your home, but at least it’s more concerned with your plants than with you. The future is amazing, and we’re not at all ready for it.