This Pool Floatie Is A Godsend For Women Who Are…Well Endowed

By lgentile - August 02, 2019

This is the time of day where we are going to talk about boobs. Is everyone ready for some serious boob talk? We are currently living in what we like to call, “a big boob culture.” Big boobs are praised in this country and some women spend good money on a set of their own if they weren’t born….well…well endowed. Others stared in the mirror doing weird exercises or rubbed their boobs at night or prayed to god that someday their boobs would grow. Remember… “we must… we must… we must increase our bust?” Just us? Okay cool!

But those women out there who were born with big boobs know the truth about being big and busty. Big boobs can cause back issues. They are constantly getting in the way and they can be very uncomfortable. They are hard to cover up, they make your bra straps dig into your shoulders and they can be a lot of work. So while having boobs seems like a dream, they can be a lot to manage. 


An Absolute Nightmare

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Women with bigger boobs have a hard time just finding clothes that will fit them. 

Simple things like a life jacket is not really an option for a woman with a J-cup, and a cute tank top will look more like a teeny tiny crop top for anyone that wears more than a C-cup. 

And many bras aren’t designed for women with bigger boobs. Something as easy as going bra shopping can be an absolute nightmare. 

Summertime Sadness


And while summertime is supposed to be a time for bikinis, crop tops and tanks for most women, summer can be a disaster for women who are well endowed. 

Most bikinis for women with bigger boobs are a disaster waiting to happen and built in bras are not an option. Ever. Not at all. 

But the lingerie company Bravissimo specializes in bras for women who have bigger boobs and they know a little something about this struggle.

A Relaxing Pool Day


So when Bravissimo invented a pool raft for women who have a little extra up there, women went wild. 

What started as a silly April Fool’s Joke, quickly turned into a reality due to customer demand. 

Bravissimo posted on social media that they were developing a floatie with room for bigger boobs so Bravissimo girls would be able to relax on their front in comfort. 

April Fools!


While it was only designed to make their team giggle in the office, it made their customers think, “If only!” 

And that was as far as that joke was supposed to go. That is until their fans started talking. 

They got hundreds of emails from women who loved the idea of a pool float that they could comfortably lay on and get a tan without feeling squished and restricted. 

This Is No Joke


Some of their loyal customers even joked about how they wish they could take this float to their next massage appointment or how they would use this as an air mattress. 

With all the responses rolling in, Bravissimo knew that they had to had to make this joke a reality. 

After trying out a bunch of sizes to make sure most girls would fit, they had them manufactured and are now selling them on their site for about $32 USD. 

Let Those Boobs Breathe!


No more squished boobs for those who long to lay in the sun and tan all day long! What a relief! 

Would you want one of these for yourself? Well, here is some great news for you. You can buy one on their website now! 

We still have more weeks of summer left, so you better get on it before it is too late!

Living Your Best (Pool) Life


Bravissimo also sells lingerie, swimwear, nightwear, active wear and clothes for women with big boobs. 

So, what are you waiting for? To all of the big breasted women out there currently reading this article, get on there site and start shopping. 

Your boobs will thank you and you will thank Bravissimo when you are lying in a pool with a drink in hand, living your best life. 

Just A Side Note!


And just a quick side note to our pregnant readers out there. There are also a pool floats designed for pregnant women to lay out without squishing their adorable baby bumps. 

One of these floats is brought to you by the motherhood app Peanut. 

This pool float has a built-in hole specifically designed for expecting moms and their growing bumps.

More Products For The Well Endowed


But let’s get back to boobs, shall we? There are many different products out there that are designed to comfort those who are more than a C-cup. 

For example, this Chemisettes that you can order right now on Amazon. 

When you find the perfect dress or shirt, but the neckline is just a little too low and those boobs are out, these Chemisettes can help. 

A Pocket For Your Bra!


Women with boobs know that the perfect place to store things is in their bra. You can hold a lot in there!

This Eagle Creek Silk Undercover Bra Stash, is only $11 on Amazon. 

This little pocket snaps onto your bra’s strap, center or band to create a handy pocket that holds your cash, credit card, or key. 

A Special Pillow For Your Boobs


A regular massage that is soothing and relaxing for most people can be unbearable for women with big boobs. 

This Royal Massage T-Wedge Pillow can be used on a massage table and can also be used when you sleep. 

Stomach sleepers with large breasts will appreciate a good night’s sleep for once! Seriously, just try it and see for yourself. 

More Boob Pillows


And if getting a good night’s sleep is your issue, the Descansa Breast Comfort Pillow Memory Foam will save your life! 

There is nothing discreet about this pillow. It is literally two big holes for your boobs to go into. 

But reviewers are digging it no matter what it looks like. “Great idea for any woman who has large breasts,” says one, while another writes, “I honestly can’t sleep without it anymore.” 

A Boob Massager


And having big boobs can be painful. There can be aching and swelling, especially around that time of the month.

This SUNMAS breast massager enhances circulation, gets lymphs moving, and helps with skin elasticity in the breast area. 

It is battery operated and comes with electrode gel and has multiple settings for a personalized massage. Can those with small boobs use this too? Asking for a friend.

Your Perfect Bosom Buddy


While it may look a little weird, this Bosom Buddy breast pillow in incredibly effective. 

This pillow will provide support for anyone who experiences boob-related discomfort while sleeping  including side sleepers, anyone who just had breast augmentation, or people who breastfeed. 

It is also moisture-wicking to prevent sweating. One reviewer writes: “A must have if you are large breasted. I never sleep without it!”

Therapy For Your Boobs


Look at these cute little boob pads! How adorable. You know what isn’t adorable? Boob pain, swelling and tenderness. 

These Boob-Ease soothing therapy pillows are filled with flax seeds for warming or cooling technology. 

You can throw them in the microwave or freezer, and they’re great for chapped nipples, pain from nursing, or period-related breast tenderness.

A Boob Towel


Everyone with big boobs needs a boob towel even if they don’t know it yet. 

This boob towel is a great solution for boob sweat, breastfeeding leaks, and discomfort.

It’s made from a mix of cotton and velvet that absorbs moisture, glides against skin, and even gives you a bit of support. It also look amazing! You can’t deny that! 

To Our Big Breasted Ladies


So, to our ladies out there who are well endowed, we have your back. Or your front. You know what we mean!

Summer doesn’t have to be painful, and your bigger boobs don’t have to be either. 

We hope that these products will make your life a little easier, a little sexier and a whole lot comfier! So ladies! Bottoms up and boobs up!