This One Invention Saves Frogs From Drowning In Pools

By lgentile - June 26, 2019

It’s officially summer and during the hot summer days, there is nothing better than going for a nice dip in the pool! Unfortunately while a pool in your backyard is a great perk for humans, pools can be very dangerous for smaller animals and reptiles. Every single summer a countless amount of frogs, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, and snakes drown in pools. They fall into the pool and they are too little to get back out and get stuck in there. Poor babies!

Just think about the real ending of that song Five Little Speckled Frogs: Five little speckled frogs, sat on a speckled log, eating the most delicious bugs. YUM! YUM! One jumped into the pool, where it was nice and cool… and then he got stuck and never got out and drowned and died in the chlorine. It’s a terrible ending to a very popular children’s song. Good thing we changed it and gave it a happier ending.

Listen Up Froggies!


Hey, all of you frogs out there! Listen up because we have good news for all of our frog readers!

Next time you fall into a pool, don’t you worry because we have got you covered. There is a new invention sweeping the nation designed to save your little butts from drowning in pools.

Wait, do frogs have butts? They must right? While we are pretty sure they do but we will get back to you on that one!

Introducing FrogLog


We would like to introduce to you, FrogLog. FrogLog is a simple, yet genius invention that has already saved thousands of adorable little animals from drowning.

Don’t worry little guy! You’ve got this! Just keep swimming. You are almost there! FrogLog has got your back.

Designed to save little animals and help them get out of the pool safely, this little invention is a must for every pool! Who came up with this awesome idea?

A Serious Frog Problemo


FrogLog was invented by wildlife biologist Rick Mason. Mason says he was inspired to create this invention after his friends built an in-ground pool in their backyard.

Because his friends lived in a wooded area, there were so many frogs in the area that would get stuck in their pool.

Mason knew that he had to do something, because the frog issue was more than a small issue. It was out of hand and he wanted to help!

Save The Frogs!


On his website, Mason tells the story of how he came up with this brilliant invention:

“In June of 2004, good friends of mine who lived on a heavily wooded lot near Baltimore, Maryland called me very upset and let me know that a huge number of frogs were dying in their recently built in-ground swimming pool.”

He went on to explain just how bad the situation was. “One particular morning, after a warm rainy night, an astonishing 53 frogs and toads were found in the pool.”

Too Many Frogs!


That is too many frogs! 53 frogs! 53 frogs that just wanted to go for a little swim! That is unheard of. It is clear from this story that something had to be done.

As a wildlife biologist with a love for animals, he was so upset that so many animals were drowning.

As regular humans, we feel the same way! He knew this major problem knew something needed to be done. So, he did it!

FrogLog Was Born


He created a mini life-raft that animals could use to climb out of the pool. Just like that, the FrogLog was born.

Move over boring pool toys, there is a new raft in town and this one is saving lives. One frog at a time.

The FrogLog features an inflatable platform, a mesh net for animals to climb onto, and a mesh ramp that connects to the side of the pool. It’s cute, yet functional.

Other Products On The Market


Mason was aware at the time that there were a few products already on the market, but they all had their shortcomings.

One product in particular was designed to clip onto an in-pool ladder rail but because many ladder rails attach to the deck outside of the pool wall, that design would not work 100% of the time.

Another product was difficult to keep from falling into the pool and wasn’t functional. He wanted to make sure his product was foolproof.

Making It Work


When he decided to build his own device, he started with foam and fabric material.

He busted out the sewing machine and pulled out and a crude floating device with a mesh tether.

He constructed the design and placed in the pool, but how would he know if it actually worked? If the animals were able to escape, they wouldn’t be in the pool anymore so he had to find a way to monitor the situation to see if his product was actually working.

Will They Figure It Out?


He explains, “For the first few days we did not find any dead animals in the pool; however, we could not tell how effective the device was since there was no way to know how many animals had fallen in.

Mason was also a little worried that animals may not be able to understand how to use the device.

Hey! These little guys have tiny little brains! It’s not their fault. They were born that way!

It Was Working!


In order to make sure this raft was user friendly and that it was working, he decided to set up a test to make sure it would work.

First, he placed a funnel trap at the top of the device to catch the animals who were climbing out of the pool.

His little trick with the funnel trap worked and he knew that his invention was going to save lives. One mini life raft at a time.

Saving The Frogs And More


“The FrogLog was in the pool with the funnel trap for 23 days… During this period, 47 American toads (Bufo americanus) and 3 green frogs (Rana clamitans) were removed alive from the funnel trap…”

During this testing period, he found that the FrogLog was 94% effective at allowing trapped amphibians to climb out of the pool.

That was all the proof he needed to know that his product was a hit and now it was time to make moves.

Time To Go Big


Now that he knew the FrogLog was a success and frog’s could rest easy it was time to get them on the market and start spreading the word about the product.

He started selling them to the public and he applied for a patent. People were interested in the product, and Mason quickly began selling tons of FrogLogs.

His customers were happy as to effective they are. And while his product is selling well, he still has one mission and one mission only.

Save The Little Animals This Summer


Mason has been selling his product now for 15 years and has the same goal that he had since day one.

That goal is to save as many cute little animals as possible, one FrogLog at a time.

“As FrogLog has grown and as I have met many, many happy pool owners, my mission remains the same as when it started in 2004: save as many small animals as possible and helping pool owners enjoy their pools to the fullest.”

Look At This Cutie


So do you need any more proof that this product is something every pool owner needs this summer?

Well, here is a picture of an adorable frog. Look at that face! This frog and all his little frog friends need your help. It isn’t their fault that they have tiny little hands and feet and they can’t crawl out of your pool.

Buy a FrogLog for the sake of this little guy and all his family members and friends.

For More Information


You can change lives, one frog at a time with FrogLog. And you aren’t just saving frogs, there are many other animals that drown in pools every year.

Over the past 15 years, this device has saved thousands of little animals’ lives including moles, mice, birds, opossums, snakes, turtles, salamanders, squirrels, bats, chipmunks, and more

If you want to learn more about the device, check out FrogLog’s website! And don’t wait any longer because summer is officially here!