This May Be The Cutest Species Of Cat Ever Discovered

By lgentile - July 30, 2019


There are two types of people in this world: Those who love dogs and those who love cats. And there are two types of cat people out there. Those who love cats and those who LOVEEEEEEE cats. If you are a cat person, you know exactly what I am talking about. When you are a cat person, you lean in. All of a sudden you are walking around with your cat on a leash, training it to poop outside. Yup, we are looking at you Carol. 

Like anyone who falls in love with their pet, cat parents are bound to think that their cat is the cutest cat that has ever lived. But we are here to break it you that while your cat is super duper cute, it is not the cutest cat in the world. How do we know that? Because we actually found the cutest cat ever discovered. Are you ready to see this fancy feline?

The Caracal Cat


See that we are talking about? Look at this adorable face! You can’t tell us that you have seen a cat cuter than that because we know that you haven’t. 

This super cute species of cat is called the Caracal, which comes from the word “karakulak,’ which means “black ear.” 

Those ears are not only black but they are EXTREMELY cute. Don’t you just want to squeeze them? The cat, not the ears. 

Where You At?


The Caracal lives in Sub-Saharan Africa but don’t you worry, people have found a way to make them their very own snuggle bunnies at home. 

While they can be domesticated, these kitties grow up to be 40 lbs, so they are not your typical house cat.

Could you imagine having a 40-pound cat running around your house? It sounds messy, doesn’t it? And a little smelly. But still VERY cute!

Fast Feline


And if you thought that your kitty runs fast, Caracals have them beat and we are damn sure of that. 

Don’t believe us? Can your cat run up to 50 mph? We didn’t think so. But guess who can? That’s right! The Caracal. Impressive, right?

Try playing with this beast at home at that speed. Sounds like an absolute disaster but also super fun.

Here Kitty Kitty 


And if you are somehow still not convinced that this kitty is cuter than your kitty cat, just stare into those deep blue eyes again. 

Look at those eyes! We can’t look away. How does anyone get anything done with one of those living in their home?

We would just stare at it all day and watch it do nothing at all. It doesn’t have to do much because it’s cuteness does the trick!


Jump On It 


And look at them jump! Forget about keeping them off of your kitchen counters. This cat does what it wants. 

You better not have one of these if you have a pet bird already in the house because that bird will be a goner in no time. 

They may be rowdy and big, but they are still the cutest cats we have ever seen. Sorry Puss n’ Boots, but it’s true. 

Once A Bird Hunter 


The Caracal was once trained to hunt birds in Iran and India. They were put into arenas with a flock of pigeons and people would take bets on how many pigeons they could kill.

A Caracal is capable of leaping into the air like a champ and knocking down 1-12 birds at a time. 

I told you to keep an eye on any pet birds. You would turn your head for one second and BAM! Feathers for days! 

The Desert Lynx


The Caracal is often called The Desert Lynx even though it doesn’t have many of the same physical attributes of the members of the Lynx family. 

The only physical attribute they share is the long black tufts on the backs of their ears. The cute little ears again! 

Those little tufts on the ears are a major part of what makes that kitty cat so unbelievably cute. 

Largest Small Cat 


The Caracal is the largest member of Africa’s small cats, and they stand between 16-20 inches at the shoulder, and are 35-39 inches long. 

According to The International Species Information Service lists, there are 169 currently in zoos worldwide, with 52 of them being in the U.S.

If you can’t wait to see one and pet one of these bad boys then you may have to go to the zoo to do so.

Wild And Weird 


And while this is certainly the cutest cat ever to be seen, there are many species of cats that are unusual and unique and strange and special and wild and weird. 

While you may still be a dog person and not necessarily the biggest cat lover around, you can’t deny that these cats aren’t super cool to look at. COME ON! Admit it. We won’t tell anyone. 

Here are some more super cool cat breeds that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. 

The Sphynx


The Sphynx is one of those cats that is so ugly, it’s cute. From its nearly hairless body, tall ears, wrinkles, peach-fuzz skin and round belly, you can’t deny this cat is ugly-cute. 

And while many think that because this cat is a hairless cat that it would be hypoallergenic but that’s not true! 

The Sphynx’s hairless coat is caused by a naturally-occurring gene mutation. Bald but cute and we stand by that. 

Peterbald Cats


Peterbald cats are also believed to be hairless cats but these cats actually have up to five different coat types including short or brush coats. 

Peterbald cats are also known for having more pronounced webbing on their feet, which they’ve been known to use to pick things up or even open doors! What???

Ummmmmm. They can open doors, you guys! Not cute but weird AF! 



The Munchkin is known as the dachshund of cat breed because they have short little legs and a regular and slightly long body. 

This breed was not recognized as a breed until the mid-nineties and has long been controversial due to the morality of continuing to breed the genetic mutation causing the long bone deformity.

Long body or not, you can’t deny that this kitty is cuter than cute. 

Devon Rex


The Devon Rex is all ears! No, literally they are one of the few cat breeds with big ears. They are big alright. 

This breed was discovered in the 1950s when a woman noticed one kitten in a litter of strays sporting the cute curly coat, big ears and a tiny little snout. 

These funny looking cats have huge personalities and love to socialize which can be unusual for a cat. 

The Japanese Bobtail 


This Japanese cat breed is born with a short, puffy tail like the tail of bunny rabbit. Some of these Japanese bobtails even hop like bunnies when they run! 

Their back legs tend to be slightly longer than the front, giving them an especially athletic appearance.

We think we should rename this breed The Kitty Rabbit. Thoughts? Suggestions? We think it’s rolls of the tongue quite nicely. 

Scottish Fold 


With a face like that, Scottish Fold cats might give the Caracal a run for its money. Again, it’s the ears! 

They have those silly little bended ears that make them look earless. Then those round, full faces and those large, circular eyes, they almost have an owlish look. 

The breed developed from a cat named Susie, from Scotland, who had folded ears when she was discovered by a shepherd in 1961. Beyond adorbs. 

Khao Manee 


The Khao Manee is this cool looking little guy is from Thailand and its name means White Gem.” 

The name fits because they are known for their creamy white coats and their bright eyes of green, blue or gold. Sometimes they even have two different colored eyes.

Look at this majestic little creature! Wouldn’t you want to have one of these hanging around the house?

The Pixiebob


This breed looks exactly like wild bobcat, but is the size of a domestic cat. It’s the perfect combination! 

While the founding breeder, Carol Ann Brewer, claims that Pixiebob cats come from a line of naturally occurring bobcat hybrids, there is no real genetic evidence that that is true. 

If you are looking for a wild cat that can live in your apartment, this is your guy! 

Savannah Cat 


The Savannah Cat looks like a wild cat from the African Savannah and that is half true. 

This breed is it’s actually a cross between a domestic cat and the serval, a medium-sized wild African cat. 

They are very large cats and they can weigh up to 30 pounds and they are known as the world’s tallest domestic cat breed. This cat breed has beautiful large ears, dark tear stands and cheetah-like markings and we need one now! 

Teacup Persian


The Teacup Persian is a variety of Persian cat that have been bred to be extremely small. Look at that teeny, tiny little thing! 

Some of these cats are so tiny that they can fit in the palm of your hand and because of this, the breed faces a lot of controversy due to the health problems that can occur when you breed cats to be so small. 

Tiny or not, the amount of cuteness in this photo is through the roof.



Well, now that we have all done a deep dive into cat cuteness, it’s probably time to go down a cute cat video rabbit hole, right? 

And for all you dog lovers out there, we hope you have a new perspective when it comes to cats and their cuteness. 

Cats get a bad rap and we hope we have changed any haters minds out there, one cute and super weird cat at a time!