This Is Why People Who Are Geminis Are Two-Faced Liars

By lgentile - June 13, 2019

Hey there. What’s your astrological sign? No, we are not throwing you a bad pickup line, we are actually curious. What sign are you? Are you an over-the-top but lovable Leo? Are you stubborn like a Taurus bull? Are you a sensitive, emotional Cancer? How about a meticulous Virgo? A balance Libra? A passionate Scorpio? A two-faced, lying Gemini? Yeah, you read that right. Sorry in advance to our Gemini readers out there.

Whenever you are in a room and someone announces that they are a Gemini, have you noticed that suddenly everyone goes quiet. There is something about that sign that rubs people the wrong way. It comes with a stigma attached to it. What is that all about? Gemini’s are seen as crazy or two-faced. They are considered to be manipulative, narcissistic and selfish. I know, I’ve dated one. Look, every sign has their quirks and bad qualities, so why do Gemini’s also get the bad rap over everyone else?

The Sign Of The Twins


Gemini is the sign of the twins. Maybe that is why people feel like they are two-faced or that they are good at two-timing others? Just a thought.

Gemini’s are widely referred to as being not just two-faced but liars, cheaters and even thieves. Well, my ex never stole from me but he was definitely a liar and a cheater. Bam!

And while they are known to be one of the shadier signs, not all Gemini’s can be that bad, can they?

Do They Deserve The Reputation?


In some ways, they do deserve the reputation. Gemini is the sign of the twins and its planetary rules is Mercury, the planet of communication.

Because of this, Geminis tend to have big mouths. They like to tell stories and don’t always know when to shut their trap.

Don’t believe us? Go have a conversation with a Gemini and let us know how it went. See if you can get a word in and good luck!

Famous Geminis


You may find that a Gemini can talk easily talk circles around others and that they love pulling the wool over other’s eyes. They are also good with words and love to play games.

Famous Geminis include the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Edward Snowden, Kanye West, Jussie Smollett, Mossimo Giannulli, Morrisey and Mike Pence.

That is a pretty solid list right there proving our point. Need we go on?

Let's Be Fair Here


Okay, listen. We know that we started off strong and we should probably go ahead and apologize to our Geminis out there. Sorry guys!

It’s possible that I am projecting due to the fact that I am not over my bad breakup with a particularly manipulative and conniving Gemini. Thanks a lot, Dustin!

We know that not all Geminis are disgusting con artists like my ex boyfriend. We are sorry for looping you all in together.

Not All Bad


Many Geminis just don’t know how shifty they are seeming to be. Often, they just have an opinion about something but then, in an instant, change their minds in the next breath.

See, they truly meant what they said the first time, they then they just felt completely different the next second and bam!

The other person is left feeling confused, bewildered and now has their guard up against the Geminis flip-flopping ways. And rightfully so!

The Mercurial Gemini


A great way to describe a Gemini is to say that this air sign is mercurial.

They are smart, intellectual and quick on their feet. They tend to move fast and can be hard to pin down.

Have you ever tried to make a plan with a Gemini? Here is a little warning for you: they love to cancel or change a plan at the very last minute, so make your plans at our own risk.

Over Thinkers Is An Understatement


And if you try to confront a Gemini and tell them you are upset with them, they tend to take it very personally.

Geminis are not the best when it comes to conflict and confrontation. Geminis tend to be cerebral in their responses and don’t always take an emotional stance.

They tend to overthink things which has come off as cold or calculating but really they are just obsessing over why you are upset with them in the first place.

Tips For A Relationship With A Gemini


If you do meet someone and are super into them and you find out that they are a Gemini, just beware.

They may not always stay faithful to you and you better be a good listener. That Gemini can talk and talk and talk and talk, so you better know what’s coming to you.

Geminis would rather talk than snuggle, cuddle, have sex, eat, drink or go out. Their perfect date night is talking until the sun goes down, then comes out and then talking some more.

It Stems From Insecurity


And while we haven’t really painted the Gemini in the brightest light, just know that a lot of these behaviors is due to insecurities that they are living with.

They aren’t great at shutting up and reflecting and exploring their emotions. They are used to being the center of attention and riding that wave.

They do have a lot of buried feelings of insecurity and not feeling good enough. This isn’t a free pass, Dustin!

The Lies We Tell Ourselves


So while they may be liars, they are lying because they are deeply insecure and don’t feel good enough.

But you know what they don’t realize? That the worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves. So deep and so true.

See, the duality of the heart of this sign can make them appear to have a split personality. That’s where the twins come in. Two personalities. It’s all starting to make a lot of sense, isn’t it?

No Acknowledgment


But there is no acknowledgement in their own duality. Instead of coming to terms with who they are, they tend to reject their alter egos.

They see themselves as one thing and they think that they are acting one way, but the world sees another side of them and they have no intention of coming to terms with that.

Leading a double life is natural for them and they are very good at making excuses for their behavior.

Acting Shady


When a Gemini acts a little shady and does something that rubs people the wrong way, they see it as a “slip-up” from their normally perfect behavior.

They will never admit that their lying or sneaky ways are habitual and they will often throw the fault onto another person to get out of jail free.

Embrace your shifty ways, Gemini. It’s time to move forward. And just know that you aren’t alone. There are shady qualities in every zodiac sign. Yours just seem to stand out as often!


Aries, Taurus and Cancer


For example, while Aries are passionate, lively and courageous, they certainly aren’t perfect.

They also tend to be arrogant, stubborn and confrontational. Speaking of stubborn, a Taurus is not only stubborn, but they can be possessive, materialistic and lazy as well!

And don’t even get us started on Cancers and their clingy, over-emotional and moody ways. Hey! Lighten up a little, will ya?! Life can’t be that bad! Leos, you are up next so get ready!

Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio


Oh Leo. You sure do love the limelight, don’t you? Sure, you can be kind and helpful, but boy do you have your flaws.

Shall we start with being headstrong and dominating or should we just skip right to arrogant and get into that? At least the Leo isn’t harsh and overcritical like the Virgo.

Alright, who has a better sign? A Libra and their unreliable, indecisive ways or the resentful Scorpio who gives the Gemini a run for their money when it comes to being manipulative?

Sagitarius, Capricorn and Pisces


Hey, Sagitarius! Do you think that you are out of the woods? Well, think again. We are fully aware that you can be tactless and careless.

Thinking you are in the clear, dear Capricorn? Ha! That’s unique because you are usually a pessimist! And Aquarius isn’t even paying attention because they are so aloof.

Pisces, stop being so sensitive. Did you ever think that maybe we were saving the best for last? No, of course not. You are also a pessimistic sign.

Not Just Geminis


Well, there you have it. Just because Geminis can be terrible, selfish people, it doesn’t mean that all of the signs don’t have their negative traits as well.

We are all horrible in our ways, so here is some advice. Own it. Do your best to be a good person, treat those how you would like to be treated, and baby, you were born with that sign so own it.

And to our Geminis out there, we truly hope that you are one of the good ones.