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This Is What Your Favorite Celebrities Would Look Like If They Had Perfectly Symmetrical Faces

By Sarcasm Society - January 04, 2019

What makes celebrities so beautiful? Is it their talent? Their passion for their art? Their undeniable attractiveness (it might be this one, now that we see it written out. Makes sense when you think about it that way, right?). Apparently, the answer is ‘symmetry.’ Maybe you don’t really like a symmetrical face.

But it’s scientifically true that most people actually do. Many celebrities have pretty symmetrical faces, but here’s what they would look like if they were perfectly symmetrical. The internet photoshopped celebrity faces to make them perfectly symmetrical, and these are the results.

Fearful Symmetry

Credits: http://giphy.com/gifs/kanye-west-jay-z-niggas-in-paris-bB6JHAqXCgWl2

What makes gorgeous celebrities so gorgeous? If you listen to science, the answer is symmetry. A symmetrical face is pleasing to the eye, or so they say. Who knew our brains had such OCD?

Yeezy knew…he totally knew. Just look at him (or double of him, if you will).

This is what celebrities would look like if their faces were perfectly symmetrical. Many of them look exactly the same after the Photoshopping, which proves that symmetrical equals gorgeous, now doesn’t it?

Mario Lopez

Credits: http://providr-com.s3.amazonaws.com/all-images/what-celebs-look-like-with-symmetrical-faces3.jpg

The YouTube channel Facial Symmetry has created dozens of perfectly symmetrical celebrity faces. On the left of this picture, you see Mario Lopez as he actually appears. In the middle, you see a perfect mirror of the right side of his face, causing him to look more like a slick salesman.

And on the right, you can see a perfect mirror of the left side of his face, which causes him to look like an aggressive Brooklyn cop.

Nina Dobrev

Credits: http://providr-com.s3.amazonaws.com/all-images/what-celebs-look-like-with-symmetrical-faces2.jpg

In the center picture, we can see Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev’s nose is slightly more rounded. But more importantly, look at that glorious hair tiara on the right. This needs to be the concept for every future evil stepmother going forward from here to eternity.

How is this not already a fashion trend Young girls should show how much of an angel they are by sporting the hair halo. Just you wait, this’ll catch on.

Britney Spears

Credits: http://providr-com.s3.amazonaws.com/all-images/what-celebs-look-like-with-symmetrical-faces1.jpg

Britney Spears is simply ageless.* It’s very difficult to see the difference in any of these pictures. She’s a perfect example of how symmetry makes for beauty in our perception. She is beautiful and nearly identical in all these pics.

*Except for that unfortunate hair-shaving incident. Even with a shaved head, she still looked amazing, thanks to her perfectly symmetrical face. If anything, the uniformly short hair made her head even more symmetrical, and therefore, more beautiful.

Liam Hemsworth

Credits: http://providr-com.s3.amazonaws.com/all-images/what-celebs-look-like-with-symmetrical-faces4.jpg

In the middle picture, Liam Hemsworth’s eyes are a little too close together, like he is squinting off into the distance at what’s going to happen to Thor in all the future Marvel movies, because his brother won’t divulge any spoilers to him.

And on the right they appear a little too slanted. This is just me being nitpicky. It’s hard finding fault, as he is stunningly gorgeous in all three. Seriously, the man is gorgeous. Swoooooon.

Elijah Wood

Credits: http://providr-com.s3.amazonaws.com/all-images/what-celebs-look-like-with-symmetrical-faces5.jpg

When made perfectly symmetrical, the only thing about Elijah Wood’s head that seems to change is his hairstyle. Those eyes remain as piercing and haunting as ever, and all seem directly locked onto your soul…shudder.

If anything, this all goes to show that parting your hair to one side or the other is a choice by some celebrities to purposely make their faces seem less symmetrical so their beauty doesn’t scare you away from them.

Emma Watson

Credits: http://providr-com.s3.amazonaws.com/all-images/what-celebs-look-like-with-symmetrical-faces8.jpg

Emma Watson is still gorgeous when you mirror her face to the right and to the left. However, the left picture does give her a bit of an odd widow’s peak. I’m not comfortable with her resembling a vampire. She’s supposed to be a wizard, after all.

Maybe that’s her secret. Forget moisturizing or expensive makeup. All you need is a degree from Hogwarts and you can magic beauty onto yourself. If only that were the case.

Jack Nicholson

Credits: http://providr-com.s3.amazonaws.com/all-images/what-celebs-look-like-with-symmetrical-faces7.jpg

Reddit user Barseps provided these next two pictures. Honestly, I’m not even sure if they did anything to alter a normal picture of old Jack. His face is already perfect…which is what I have been saying for years.

At most, you can say he looks slightly confused in this pic. But that confusion could also just stem from a call the referee made during a Lakers game. After all, he’s been a diehard fan for years…even before Lebron James arrived, which is more than we can say for the rest of those Laker bandwagoners.

George Clooney

Credits: http://providr-com.s3.amazonaws.com/all-images/what-celebs-look-like-with-symmetrical-faces6.jpg

Ditto for Mr. Clooney. The only way you can tell this is a mirrored shot is by noticing the slight indents on his forehead above his eyebrows. Ha, an imperfection! You’re just as normal as the rest of us, George.

*Swallows entire canister of Cool Whip*

Man, it feels good to be able to say I have something in common with George Clooney. See, he’s imperfect like the rest of us! We’re all the same!

Lady Gaga

Credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ERfBjoaZUY

Lady Gaga is beautiful no matter what side of her face you are looking at. Her face is also already very symmetrical, so she’s got that going for her. The shot on the right just looks a little more…round?

But we wouldn’t really be able to tell anything is different about any of these three photos. Maybe she was just born that way. Or I guess you can say one of these is her poker face.

Aaron Eckhart

Credits: http://i.imgur.com/HDb5IoZ.jpg

Here we see a mirrored face of Aaron Eckhart from The Dark Knight. Once again, I can’t even tell if this photo was altered in any way. Eckhart always looks this good, lucky devil. Why are some people so genetically perfect?

Imagine looking like this in high school. You’d never have to worry about anything and your self-esteem would be through the roof. I guess the beautiful people wouldn’t be as beautiful if we all looked this good.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Credits: https://fbworld.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/30c43035aac1b0ff3b884094972941c0.jpeg

The Rock has an unbelievably charming smile. It’s part of what makes him the most electrifying man in all of entertainment. But when you make him symmetrical, that smile becomes just the slightest bit goofy. Sadly, that makes him even more likable.

He seems more relatable. Also, he seems to have grown a second Adam’s apple. This also makes him cooler. He’s such a manly man that he has extra man parts. Jeez, what an absolute dreamboat.

Halle Berry

Credits: http://youbeauty-wpengine.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/flip_halle_berry.jpg

This feels like one of those old games where you’re supposed to look at different pictures and spot the difference between them. Well, if this were one of those games, I would give up without finding anything dissimilar among them.

Literally the only thing that changes when you make Halle Berry more symmetrical is her hair, ever so slightly. How can some folks be so geometrically flawless? It’s not fair, I tell you! It’s not fair!

Ariana Grande

Credits: http://www.gosocial.co/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Symetrical-face-feature.jpg

Ariana Grande is gorgeous and adorable at the same time. But when her face is symmetrical it looks… kind of terrifying, really. It might just be the Photoshop job. She seems to have a tiny face in real life. Here, her face looks like a film could be projected on it.

She’s obviously beautiful, but images like these are good for us. They let us feel good about ourselves. Maybe we shouldn’t have to tear others down to feel that way, but a little self-love can go a long way.

Weird Enough For You?

Credits: http://giphy.com/gifs/rihanna-00s-i-got-receipts-WISAsvuJYSnxS

This is what celebrities would look like if their faces were perfectly symmetrical. While this may seem a bit weird and stalker-ish, it’s actually one of the nicer bits of celebrity art, unlike these stars made to look like their awkward fan art. Or that previous photo of Ariana Grande.

Either way, it’s important to remember to not compare yourself to others. You’re unique in your own way, and trying to live up to unrealistic expectations does you no good.