These Trolls Belong In The Troll Hall Of Fame

By Psquared - March 12, 2019

The internet is almost indisputably the biggest and most important invention of our time. It has not only connected the world, but revolutionized and irrevocably altered our way of life and how society’s are run all over the globe. The vast majority of these changes have been for the good, but as we all know, the internet isn’t all rainbows and donut holes. There are nefarious agitators out there in the world wide web that take glee in the misery of others.

We are obviously talking about trolls. Most of us just want to have a good time and enjoy our online lives, but these instigators and pranksters are out there, trying to rile us up for their own amusement. The majority of trolls aren’t worth paying attention to, but some of them… some of them have elevated trolling to an art form. If you don’t believe that, take a look at these trolls, who all deserve some kind of medal.

Shopping Carts Before The Horse Power


Working in customer service can be an absolutely thankless job. Anyone who’s worked in this industry knows what we’re talking about.

Customers have a way of forgetting that you’re a human being capable of all sorts of emotions.

And one of those emotions can be revenge. Imagine coming back from grocery shopping, tired and ready to go home and this is what greets you. Yeah, not saying they deserve it, but maybe it’d be a good idea to be nicer… just in case.

Coming At Ya


When you’re driving on the highway, it’s important to stay alert and cautious of everyone around you.

The person driving this van knows this and is taking advantage. They have quite the interesting backside to their vehicle.

Imagine them merging in front of you while you weren’t paying attention, then suddenly you notice this and freak out. This type of trolling is somewhat dangerous, but in any great art there needs to be risks taken, and sometimes those risks are bigger than others.

Jigsaw, Why?


Yikes, an actual murder trap from the Saw movies would be more merciful and less cruel than this.

In many of these images, it helps to imagine that whoever is on the receiving end of these trolls did something to deserve it.

Maybe this is retaliation on a roommate that never changed the toilet paper roll no matter how many times they were asked. One thing is for certain: the person that found this will always double check before beginning their business from now on.

*Br Br Brrrrrrr!*


You don’t need to be told that work can suck. It’s not fun, but it’s something you need to do.

So it’s hard to get hyped in the mornings for something that you’re forced to do in order to survive.

But imagine sitting down and hearing an air horn go off like in some super hype reggae song? If anything, you definitely won’t need extra coffee since you’ll be wide awake and on alert for the remainder of the week after that.

Long Live The King


The fast food wars have been waged for decades now. Sides have been drawn and alliances have been forged and broken.

Yet, when you see the enemy you’ve fought so bitterly against for so long go under, it doesn’t fill you with the joy you thought it would.

Now this Burger King will need to find something to do with its life. Maybe it will come up with a new type of chicken shape or something. Nuggets and straws are overdone.

Think Outside The Fun


We don’t want to perpetuate any stereotypes here, but the type of people that use a Taco Bell drive through late at night are known for something.

Let’s just say that they may not have all their faculties in order at that particular time, and may be susceptible to pranks.

Pity any poor folks that live within a block of this establishment and are woken up at 2 A.M. by shouts of, “I want three Doritos Locos and a steak Chalupa!”

Apple Windows


And who says all trolls are dumb? This is actually quite the brilliant, nerdy joke to pull.

They say that the eyes are the windows into the soul. But these monitors are the Windows in the soulless corporation.

Hopefully the employees at this Apple store have a sense of humor and leave it this way for anyone smart enough to get it to have a nice chuckle. Heck, how do we know they weren’t the ones who did this in the first place?

Sweet Prank


Speaking of Apple and their products, iPhones are everywhere these days. Just don’t use them while you’re driving.

Seriously, don’t do it. If a cop catches you, they’ll pull you over and give you a ticket. That’s not sweet.

You know what is sweet, though? Cookies. Especially when they’re shaped like iPhones. Is it against the law to eat cookies while you’re driving? That’s a question this comedian wanted to learn. Pranking the police isn’t smart, but come on… it is pretty hilarious.

Russian Roulette: Dessert Edition


Do you want to destroy someone’s trust in you and humanity for the rest of their lives?

Then offer them a bowl of “M&M’s” but don’t mention you also mixed in Skittles and Reese’s Pieces and let the fun commence.

Whoever thought of this is a diabolical genius. Imagine expecting a mouthful of chocolate-y goodness but then also being bombarded with peanut butter and grape flavors. Actually… that doesn’t sound all that bad at all. And no, it’s not because I’m in the same state as the Taco Bell drive through-ers.

I Will Fight You


So yeah, the M&M’s, Skittles and Reese’s Pieces prank was pretty rough. Why was it so mean?

Partly it was because you abused someone’s trust in you and the common decency of their fellow humans. But mostly it was because you desecrated dessert.

That’s a sacred food you don’t ruin. At least in the last instance they were all still sweet treats. But offering mustard cupcakes? Yeah, whoever did this is lucky that challenging someone to a duel isn’t still a common practice.

Check Your Produce


When you’re grocery shopping, it’s always important to check your produce before adding it to your cart.

You want to make sure that your apples are ripe and don’t have any spots or mushy, lumpy areas on them.

Oh, and you also want to make sure they aren’t tomatoes added to that section by some troll. Imagine walking to your car and realizing you’ve been had… and then seeing your car surrounded by shopping carts like we did earlier.

Is This Illegal?


Obviously, we don’t condone or endorse the type of behavior depicted in all of these images.

We’re just here to show them off, because despite how mean or potentially illegal they may be, there’s no denying their creativity or hilarity.

Imagine coming across this on the street, freaking out for a second and then realizing they’re just carrots. Is this a joke? A bunny terrorist attempt? Either way, it’s probably best to just keep moving right along away from it.

This Is Just Cruel


Remember earlier when we mentioned how you should never desecrate the holy institution of desserts?

Yeah, whoever did this needs to be taught a lesson. Yeah, vegetables are good for you and we should eat them blah blah blah WHATEVER.

Even if there are donuts in the other room like this note indicates, that isn’t sufficient enough. You don’t just go getting someone’s hopes up like this. Whoever did this is lucky that challenging people to a duel isn’t still common practice.

Tourist Destination


When trolls play pranks on people, you have to have some level of sympathy for the victims of these jokes.

Well… maybe not every time. If they’ve done nothing to earn it, then yeah, offer support and sympathy.

But if they fall for this kind of joke, it’s hard to muster up the resolve to feel bad for them. And if you’re thinking, “What joke?” when you look at this picture, then you should be very angry with your teachers.

Free At Last!

Credits: http://

Are you afraid of spiders? If you said “yes,” then congratulations for being an intelligent human being.

Yes, this is just a joke, and there’s no need to be nervous if you saw something like this in your school or office.

Then again, you never know when spiders might be around. One might be skittering up your shoulder and into your ear canal right now! Or not… we don’t know. Hmm… wow, trolling actually is pretty fun, isn’t it?



If you’re going to use a vegetable to troll someone, then this is the best way to do it.

Scaring the absolute daylights out of your friends and loved ones is fun and mostly harmless assuming they don’t have a heart condition.

However, if you used this to ruin another dessert or give false hope, then mice and rats won’t be the issue. We’re gonna find a troll trap, and we won’t be peacefully releasing whatever it catches.

Don't Look Down


No, that isn’t a weird portal into an alternate upside down dimension that you need to avoid falling into.

Some troll put a mirror on a step in some stairs. This is another evil but genius prank to pull.

Be sure to always check your steps when you’re walking anywhere. Trolls are all over the place. One could even be skittering up your shoulder and into your ear canal right now! Or not… we don’t know. They are as big a pest as spiders.



Who says that trolling is a young person’s game? Parents can be trolls as well, you know.

In fact, parents can be the greatest trolls, because they have superior resources and experience, plus you never expect it from them.

Imagine being given some cool, hard cash as a gift… but then learning you have to earn it. This is the worst type of trolling: the type that teaches you a valuable lesson in life, which in this case, is that nothing is free.



“Hm, I know this is going to sound a bit strange, but I think there’s something wrong with this.”

“What do you mean? It’s antibacterial soap. How can something possibly be wrong with it? Is it in powder form or something?”

“No, it’s liquid… but you know how you can just rub it into your skin? It won’t get all the way in. It feels like I need soap to get this soap off of my hands, which are super slippery now.”

It's Not A Lie


Then, we have the culmination of everything we’ve seen thus far. This troll has it all.

It gets your hopes up, it’s a joke your parents would do and it teaches you to be more careful with who you trust.

The worst part is that this technically isn’t a lie, which makes it seems all the more deceitful somehow. This troll is a paradox. It raises so many conflicting emotions in us, and if that isn’t the definition of art, what is? This should be entrant number one in the troll hall of fame.