These Siblings Are Just The Worst

By Psquared - March 11, 2019

Being an only child can be great, but it can also get lonely at times. Sure, you have the undivided attention of your parents at all times, but when it comes to companionship from people your own age, you have to look outside of the household. That’s why brothers and sisters can be the best. The bond shared by siblings can be a very special one. There’s almost no one on Earth you can be closer to than your brothers and/or sisters.

Now, those of you who are perceptive readers may have noticed that the qualifier “can be” kept getting thrown around when discussing the relationship between brothers and sisters. That’s because while having siblings can be the best, it can also be the absolute worst. If you don’t believe that, consider yourself lucky, because your family sounds awesome. Not everyone is so fortunate. These brothers and sisters are just the worst.



When you have your second child, you hope that your first born will take kindly to their new younger brother or sister.

However, even the most optimistic parents on Earth could take a look at this photo and have a sinking feeling in their guts.

That’s the look of an older sibling that realizes they’re not going to like being an older sibling. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you have to torment your little brother or sister… but sometimes it means you want to.

Starting Young


Some sibling rivalries form after years of muted tensions that inevitably boil over to the surface.

Then, there are relationships like these. Sometimes, you have to just blame the parents when things get this out of hand so soon.

Sure, maybe you can’t control how your kids feel about each other, but you can at least not encourage this type of behavior. And don’t get us wrong. We’re happy they took this photo, but that poor little scarred baby won’t appreciate it.

Good Luck


Here we have the exact opposite approach to parenting. They want to force them to like each other.

Listen, did your kids start liking broccoli or doing their homework when you tried to force it on them?

The answer is… of course they did! Keep doing things like this and posting the images online. It makes our jobs here at Sarcasm Society much easier, and it will 100 percent work and not backfire in any way whatsoever. Keep it up!

Playing Dirty


Older sisters are the best, aren’t they? If you agree, you clearly don’t have an older sister.

The stereotype that young girls are prissy and only enjoy princesses, butterflies and unicorns is a lie younger bros around the world know all too well.

Granted, in this world full of toxic masculinity, so it’s nice to see young women asserting dominance and gaining confidence in themselves, but there has to be a better way than this. One that requires less loads of laundry would be preferable.

We Were Just Playing!


Remember earlier when we said that being an only child isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?

Yeah… we may have spoken too soon. But siblings can still be great, despite what this photo may lead you to believe.

Yeah, they’re chasing you down like you’re an extra in a Mad Max film, but only they are allowed to do that. If anyone tries to bully you, that bully will have to deal with worse than what they give to you.

Ready To Fire


The issue with being an older sister who torments your younger brother is that sometimes they get revenge.

And when you’re smaller and less powerful, you have to resort to your cunning and smarts to get even.

“That’s a nice Angry Bird cake you have their, Sis. My favorite part of the game is getting to shoot all those birds. I like to shoot things as well. Maybe I’ll do it right now. Maybe I won’t. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Prepared For The Worst


The phrase “you live and you learn” was clearly coined by a sibling who had their birthday party ruined.

This girl knows the best defense is a good offense. She won’t have another wish stolen ever again.

What is it about kids and stealing wishes? You know that old thought that if you ever found a genie you’d wish for a million wishes? That was because you knew all these kids would find ways to steal them from you.



“Oh, you think you have a weird relationship with your sister because she blocked you on Facebook?

My sister blocked me with literal building blocks. I was blocked for 2 weeks before my parents figured out where I was.

I had to do things to survive… unspeakable things. I don’t want to talk about it. So yeah, if you could stop complaining about your sister, I’d appreciate it, because mine is clearly the worst. She still tries to block me to this day.”

That's What You Get


“Oh come on, guys! You’ve had your fun and made your point. Now let me go!”

“No way, Timmy. We told you this is what would happen if you tried to mess up another one of our card games.”

“I’m going to tell Mom and Dad!”

“Go ahead. Whose idea do you think this was, dummy? Now stop whining or we’re also gonna put duct tape over your mouth. You don’t want us to do that, too, do you? Keep quiet.”

Do You Even Lift, Bro?


Here we see the invention of the popular gym rat phrase “Do you even lift, bro?”

Turns out it referred to a little brother that needed to be restrained, and his older (swole) siblings improvised and used what was around.

If you ever see a dude that’s totally jacked to the gills, there’s a decent chance they were a younger sibling and wants to make sure that no one is ever able to hold them down like this again.

Hold Still


You don’t have to have a psychology degree or knowledge of colorful waving cloths to know a red flag when you see it.

As a parent, what do you even do when you come into the room and this is what you’re greeted by?

When you’re teaching your children, you figure spelling, math and reading is all you need to worry about. Turns out “Please Don’t Chop Your Little Sister In Half With An Ax” also needs to be on the curriculum.

I Have A Read On Them


You can learn all sorts of things about life from your brothers and your sisters.

One of the most important lessons they can teach you is patience. This little fella is demonstrating the patience he’s learned thus far.

He noticed that they were in his room, so now he’s patiently waiting for them to come out and get what’s coming to them. He could have rushed in right away, but this will be more satisfying. Patience truly is a virtue after all.

When Your Sibling Finds Your Parent's Note First


When you have multiple people in the same house, things can get pretty chaotic in a hurry.

It’s hard to keep track of everything, so it’s important to do your best to communicate and stay in contact with everyone.

This can become complicated when your kids have a sibling rivalry. A parent left a note for one kid, but the other found it and decided to add to the note. With a sibling like this, being adopted might actually be a blessing.

More Fridge Fun


Okay, we know that this is hilarious and we always like seeing the funny in everything.

But can we be serious for a second? No sarcasm or anything. We want to be uncharacteristically real about this situation.

This is an absolutely brilliant idea. Not even just for grubby bros and sises who don’t know how to respect your boundaries and your brownies. This would be perfect for terrible coworkers and roommates. Where can we purchase one of these fridge cages for ourselves?

Merry Christmas!


Sometimes when you want to troll your sibling, it’s best to enlist the help of another sibling.

This sister said she wanted a blanket for Christmas. She sadly made the mistake of not being super specific about it.

Since she didn’t say what type of a blanker she wanted, her two brothers got her this. This is the gift that keeps on giving… to them. They know every time she sees that she rolls her eyes, which will never get old.

Always Be Specific


Here’s another example of a sister that have been more specific in her request to her brother.

Brothers are like cursed monkey paws. And not just because they’re sticky, smelly and cause a ton of grief to you.

If you’re not crystal clear in your request, it’s in their DNA to troll you. The worst part about that is you can’t even get that mad because you should have known better, and you share the same DNA as well.

Sibling Rivalries In Every Species


Humans aren’t the only creatures on the planet that sometimes have a hard time getting along with their brothers and sisters.

Look at these adorable puppers taking advantage of their sibling’s gullibility. This is a perfect practical joke.

“Hey, there’s a piece of bacon in the toilet. You should take a look and find it.”

“Really? Thanks so much! Let me see… hey, I can’t find it. Where is it?”

“It’s in there. You should take a closer look. Here, let us help.”

Not All Bad


Not all brothers are terrors. Some of them can be quite sweet to their sisters.

These brothers, like many others, are very protective of their little sister and are starting at an incredibly young age about it.

However, this will only get more and more annoying over time. Please don’t treat ladies like property you need to protect. In instances like these, many girls would prefer their brothers just be the typical terrors that we’ve seen thus far on this list.

She'll Get A Kick Out Of This


Or… maybe being overly protective isn’t that bad after all. There are certainly worse things.

Look, if you want to troll your siblings, that’s great. Go for it and please take pics so we can all enjoy it!

But at least be a little clever about it. A jumping front kick like this… well, it’s also pretty hilarious in how direct it is. What’s our point? We actually don’t know. We lost it while laughing at this picture for the 30th time.

Ugh, Thanks


Here we have another absolutely perfect gag gift from a sibling. Only one thing could make this better.

Imagine if these batteries had pictures of the siblings on them, like that blanket we saw earlier on the list.

Sure, brothers and sisters can be an absolute terror and make your life miserable, but look on the bright side… they can also be hilarious. Maybe not to you, but to the rest of us. So take pride in knowing you played a small part in making other people laugh at you. Thanks!