These Pictures Will Make You Feel Straight-Up Uneasy

By Sarcasm Society - January 05, 2019

When you see these pictures, you will cringe. You think you are a tough guy, eh? If you think you can handle a lot of things, see if you can make it through this post without losing your cool. These pictures actually make us squirm a little bit.

There’s a difference between physical toughness and mental toughness, and these test the latter. You won’t be in any physical pain upon seeing them. We don’t want to hurt you. But you will certainly feel uneasy. So consider this your one and only warning. See if you can make it to the end.

Get Uncomfy


That guy right there? That guy is all of us. Does this make you feel uncomfortable? If it does, that’s a bad sign of things to come. Because you know what? It gets worse. Buckle up and prepare yourself.

This isn’t going to be a long ride, but it’s going to feel like an eternity considering how upsetting some of these pictures are. Let’s put that mental toughness of yours to the test. Grit your teeth and continue on.

Crisscross Hot Dog


The hot dog intersecting the bun is pretty upsetting on its own. But at least there’s a sense of whimsy about it. But the ketchup and mustard applied at that weird angle? That’s clearly there simply to make people angry.

You know what else is truly terrible? The reference point of “hot dog or hamburger style” doesn’t work anymore. Whoever did this knew exactly what they were doing. They used their knowledge of art to try and ruin our lives.

Cookie Dunking


If you want to enjoy a cookie but don’t have any milk, what else are you supposed to do? (The answer is, “Just eat the cookie plain and don’t dunk it anything, especially not orange juice. And frankly, the fact that we have to explain this to people is very worrying.”)

The only way this could be any worse is if we learned this nightmare of a human being did this right after brushing their teeth.

Cutting A Slice


Whoever did this is unquestionably a monster. There isn’t a prison cell isolated or deep enough that would be an appropriate holding place for the type of person that would commit such an atrocity. But we’ll try and look on the bright side, difficult as it may be.

At least this person cut a triangle-shaped slice out of the pie. Because if they had cut a trapezoid, rhombus or some sort of amorphous blob, it would be way too traumatic.

Bubble Tape


If this is how this person chews bubble tape, then how do they use Scotch tape? Or duct tape? We can only assume they get a knife and cut off a chunk like a slice of pie, and then use that tape to help assemble the device they’re building to destroy the universe.

Why must some individuals have such hatred in their hearts? Why can’t we all get along, and eat bubble gum the way it’s intended?

Socks Walk


Is there any worse feeling in the world than having wearing wet socks? Before seeing this photo, you would have said “no.” But unfortunately, you now know things can always get so, so much worse.

There are two ways to walk through mud. One is by wearing boots (or at the very least, shoes). The other is in your bare feet. The only reason to do it this way is if you’re trying to induce nausea.

Cup Holder


If you fancy yourself brave and strong of character, try looking at this photo for five seconds straight. Bet you can’t do it. The human soul can only house so much existential dread. The only way this cup holder could work is if you’re nosediving right off of a cliff.

That would be a very scary situation, but at least your beverage wouldn’t be sideways. Sometimes it’s best to find the positive things in life.

Black Toilet Paper


Is this even toilet paper, or is it actually carbon paper? And if you use it, um, well…how do you know when you’re finished? This toilet paper provides way more questions than answers. This is like playing Russian roulette with yourself, which is a terrible idea.

Was this made as a joke? Did someone buy this as a joke? Is this toilet paper for blind people? This simply should not exist and I’m officially done thinking about it.

Hand Soap


When you’re washing your hands in the bathroom and you see this in the soap dish, just leave. Sure, having dirty hands is gross, but having to touch this is just a little bit grosser. Oh, sorry. We made a typo. We mean A LOT BIT GROSSER.

Also, it brings to mind terrifying images of a world where people have soap for hands and wash their soap hands with human hands. That should be a silly thought, but why is it so terrifying after seeing this image?

Chopping Board


If you’re not sure what is happening here, it appears to be someone chopping an onion on a smartphone that has a picture of a chopping board…which is placed on top of another chopping board. Lord, give me the strength not to lose my damn mind.

Even if that weren’t an onion, it would still bring you to tears. Heck, this is bringing me to tears and I’m not even in the same room. I might not even be in the same time zone, nor the same time in general.

Sandwich Topping


This is disgusting. What kind of person does this to a ham sandwich? Everyone knows Powerade only belongs on a tuna sandwich. Also, if you’re going to pour a sports drink over a salty pork, it should be a citrus flavor. Common sense, y’all

Some men just want to watch the world burn. And those men are people who’ve seen this picture and realize the world just needs a fiery reset and we’ll try to be better next time.

Switch Up


Trigger warning: if you have obsessive compulsive disorder, look away. Now! And if you don’t have obsessive compulsive disorder, this one image might give you obsessive compulsive disorder. So congratulations: welcome to our awful world

Perhaps “center” and “centre” mean two different things. Maybe “center” means “in the middle, and “centre” means “I screwed up, but it’s too late to fix now, so l guess we just have to deal.” This is another one of those instances where they might just need to resort to setting fire to the Earth.

Toes Out


Like the nursery rhyme says, “This little piggy went to market. This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy went just outside the slipper and just sort of hovered there, making everyone feel super icky.”

“Everyone wanted to little piggy to leave, but it continued to loiter, making direct eye contact with anyone that dared to take a glance. And the little piggy remains there to this very day. Always watching… always waiting. For what, we do not know.”

Up Close


Here s a fun game—look at this picture, and see how long you can go without rubbing your eyelids. Oh wait, did we say “fun game”? We actually meant “worst game ever.” Seriously, these typos are killin us!

May we all pray this is just the work of Photoshop. If it is, that’s bad enough. But what if this is real? I know losing bees is a catastrophic concern for the environment, but this one image makes you feel slightly better about it.

Miley Cyrus With Steve Buscemi's Eyes


Steve Buscemi is a top-level actor whose talents have earned him acclaim in film and television for decades. But he has a very… specific look, doesn’t he. But it works for him. Yet, when you put that look on anyone else, it’s deeply disturbing.

If you want to continue making yourself feel uneasy, search for “Steve Buscemi eyes” and see what celebrities would look like with his peepers. Here’s an example using Miley Cyrus. Chilling, isn’t it?