These People Will Unfortunately Regret Their Life Decisions

By lgentile - June 13, 2019

Have you ever been in the middle of doing something or saying something and stopped in your tracks because you knew that you were going to regret this decision later down the line? You are just about to do something and all of a sudden, something pulls you in the other direction because you know that whatever you are doing is a bad idea? Better yet, do you ever stop yourself before you are going to do something because you know you will regret it, but you do it anyway? Hey, that’s on you!

While you should always follow your gut, sometimes we need to make mistakes so we can learn to never ever do something again. Well, these people learned alright, Here are 20 people who will unfortunately regret their life decisions. Too bad someone got a picture of them making their mistakes so now all the world can see their major mishaps.

Risky Game With A Rubber Band


We have heard of people living with regret after “breaking a rubber.” We didn’t know this is what they meant.

Playing with rubber bands is bad enough. We are cringing just thinking about it. But this takes it to a whole new level.

Whoever thought of this idea is a monster. And the person playing the game with them, is demented. Can someone please check on the person who is on the receiving end of this cruel gam? We want to make sure they are still alive.

So Many Questions


Alright, we have a lot of questions that we need answers for one this one. First of all, why would someone do this to themselves?

“Hi. Yes. I would like to tattoo a baby onto me with a rat hanging out of it’s mouth. Is this something that you think you could do for me?”

We would also love to know where this is on the body because for some reason that matters. Also, we hope the inspiration for this tattoo didn’t come from something that happened in real life.



Temporary But Still Regretful


Sure, at least this is not as permanent as a tattoo, but come on. What were you thinking, buddy?

That was a rhetorical question. He was obviously thinking, “Whoa, Mad Max: Fury Road was awesome. Lemme try that spray can thing.”

Maybe we should require people to have a permit in order to buy spray paint. It is clear from this picture that certain people can  be trusted with a can of spray paint.

From "Nole" To "Nope"


Besides the obvious embarrassing tan lines, that sunburn is no joke. Always remember to wear sunscreen, kids.

You boys are living in Florida, you should know better than to skip the sunscreen! Don’t make us get all mom on you!

Ah, frat boys. they can remember to buy the beer and the body paint, but they can’t quite remember to apply sunscreen before sitting in the Florida sun for hours on end. Good job everybody!

Flatmate Fiasco


Flatmate walks downstairs to make a delicious breakfast. He turns and looks and sees this sorrowful scene. 

He then proceeds to make his breakfast thinking,  “Roommate will be sad about this when they sober up later. Best to just let them rest.”

Look, this is pizza abuse and anyone who would let this happen to a perfectly delicious pizza pie clean is not ready to live on their own yet. Let off the booze, bro!

Go Easy On Yourself


Some people give themselves way too much credit, don’t they? Oh, you think you are just going to remember your password forever and always? Yeah, good luck with that!

As much as you’d like to think you’d be a great sleuth, you usually need the internet for gumshoeing, which you can’t access without your password, dummy.

Next time give yourself a hint and get over yourself. Or, just spend the rest of your life setting and resetting. Hey, we don’t care. You do you!

Please Don't Litter On Me


Here is an extremely important life lesson: Don’t fall asleep in the litter box if you have a roommate.

They might not be too patient when they have to go. It is a cruel, cruel world we live in, isn’t it? We know the term is a “dog eat dog” world but it may be more of a “cat poops on cat” kind of world.

This is brut, isn’t it? What did that cat ever do to you?

Spotty Rice


Well, at least the rice is upfront and honest about it past life choices and what its status is today.

Hey, herpes is not a death sentence. Many people are living with it, and it’s no big deal. We aren’t sure how many grains of rice are living with herpes, but we are sure that it’s common. Right?

We aren’t sure what the numbers are, but we will get back to you on that. Just know that if you are a grain of rice living with herpes, you are not alone.

Not How I Thought That'd Go


You know those scenes in The Dukes Of Hazard where the main characters jump a gap in their car and time stands still for a moment, just as they make it safely to the other side?

They always make those jumps look so cool and effortless. But this guy tried it for himself and…. not so much.

Yeah, we guess this guy learned that doesn’t happen in real life. Keep you eyes on the rode and skip the jumps, why don’t you?

Sweet Sweet Mistake


A list of people living with regret wouldn’t be complete without some tattoo fails.

And believe us, when it comes to humanity, there is no shortage of cringe-inducing tattoo fails. But this one, takes the cake, literally. See what we did there? Cake. Cupcake. It was a play on words, you see!

Why anyone would want a cupcake sitting on a toilet is beyond us. But maybe this is a cool tat? What do we know?

Eye Don't Care


You thought you had a perfect selfie idea. Taking a selfie with a strange bird, what could go wrong?

WHAT COULD GO WRONG? WE WILL TELL YOU! EVERYTHING. THE ANSWER IS EVERYTHING. Don’t you know not to trust a wild animal? Especially near your face!

Ugh, people would do anything to get a cute selfie. Anything including getting your eyes pecked out by a wild bird. Do not try this at home kids unless you want to lose an eye. Then go for it!

Thumbs Up


Hey man. Here’s a super rad idea, brah! Get on this super fast hunk of metal and go up and down some really unstable sand dunes.

Then as soon as you make a turn on an incredibly sharp corner and almost fall off take both hands off the wheel and give me a thumbs up, okay?

I’ll take a pic and tag you on the gram, bro. Sounds good? Okay, one….two….bye! But seriously, we hope this guy is ok.

A Nice Kick In The Face


Here is a picture we can all get a kick out of. What is she trying to do? Slow dance with this horse? That is a horse, right?

Here is an even better idea. Why don’t you leave the little guy alone? He doesn’t seem to be having a great time, does he?

Let him eat his hay and do whatever horses do, because while you don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, you certainly don’t want to see the gift this horse is about to give your mouth. Hoof to mouth, you hear?

The Ice Bucket Challenge


Remember the ice bucket challenge? Well, this is a lot like that except in this challenge, no charity benefits from the dunk.

This is the Mean Girl Challenge where this poor girl just gets soaked and freezes to death while her friend laughs in her face. Super nice, right?

Ugh, girls can be so cruel and nothing good ever comes from a prank like this. Here’s an idea. Next time you get an urge to dunk, dunk yourself, because clearly you deserve it.

Totally Hammered


Here is a pro life tip: Alcohol and hammers don’t mix. Ever. So put the hammer away please.

You know what else doesn’t mix with alcohol? Knives. Knives and alcohol is a big no no.

While we are on our soap box we would like to add texting with an ex, carbs when you are on a diet, telling your boyfriend that you want to break up with them, All Dogs Go To Heaven and driving a  to the list as well.

Belly Flop


This is about to be the most painful belly flop that has ever happened in the history of belly flops.

Don’t you wish that you could see what happened after this? Well, no we don’t want to see that either, but we would love to know if he is okay.

Maybe he did a little slip and slide and got into the pool eventually and everything turned out alright? Maybe? We can only hope this ended up alright.

Not-So-Sweet 16


A Sweet 16 is a huge deal for a young girl. It’s the year that she becomes a woman. Well, not really but the teenager certainly thinks so.

And of course, mom and dad had to ruin the entire party by dropping the cake. You know that they felt the wrath of their teenager after this one.



Llama Love


Do you know the difference is between a llama and an alpaca? A llama has banana-shaped ears and an alpaca has straight little ears that go straight up. Cute, right?

We can’t tell what this animal is in the picture because we can’t see their ears, but we can tell you that whatever they are, they are about to rip her ear right off.

What is more important? Your ear or an animal selfie? You decide.

Getting Some Air


Here is a picture of a frat boy in his finest moment. After this, you’ve peaked right?

How do you top this? You can’t! You will live the rest of your life trying to top this moment and it’s impossible.

What are you going to do? Keep adding mattresses? Just each year, add another one and see if you can land the flop What we are watching here is a frat boy whose peaked. It’s a little sad, isn’t it?

Hello Officer


“Oh hey, officer! Sorry about the whole speeding thing you saw us do! You look so cute in that uniform though.

Where did you get it? It looks so good on you! Oh, nice! He is doing the lean in. You know that means that he is totally interested, right?

Well, while you’re here, jump into the pic with us! I want to post it on the gram so all my followers see how cute you are!”

He instantly writes them a ticket for being annoying.