These People Need To Be Stopped Immediately

By Sarcasm Society - January 04, 2019

People’s motives are sometimes unexplainable. Other times (okay, most of the time), it’s just a case of stupidity. We all know a lot of stupid people that do stupid things. And we all probably know some smart people that do some stupid things. Even we have done stupid things at some point. (We’re willing to admit it.) Humans just have a tendency to do stupid stuff, what can we say? But for some reason, we love stupidity. It makes us laugh. There’s a reason why some of our favorite characters from TV and movies are so dumb (Homer Simpson, Joey Tribbiani, Brennan and Dale from Stepbrothers…).


Stupid People


As frustrating as stupid people can be, we have to thank them. Sure, they make life needlessly complicated for all of us geniuses, but they also remind us just how smart we really are. Thank goodness we’re not them, right?

Gratitude aside, we should also not enable the stupid. Sure, they’re funny from time to time, but some of their behavior needs to cease immediately. “What type of behavior?,” you might ask? Read on and see exactly what I mean for yourself.

The Way The Brain Works


Basically, people doing dumb things is funny. And luckily for you, we have curated a long list of dumb moments so that you can get your laugh fix in for the day. Like these two dumb dudes who think it’s a good idea to spray paint their teeth!

Super smart, you guys. Super smart! You can’t help but chuckle and shake your head, because people are stupid. Continue on to see more examples of people who should just stop!

This Isn't 'Mean Girls'


Unless you’re Karen in Mean Girls (and even then it’s super not okay there, friend) this shouldn’t ever be done. Someone please revoke their tweeting privileges. Also, there are some many things that should never be tweeted, and this is one of them.

Twitter should make users go through the “dumb” check (like spellcheck, but for dumb stuff!) before they post anything. Although, that would mean that our President would never be able to tweet.

Some Things Are TMI


Do you really think this was necessary to share on social media? Isn’t this something that is better shared on a group text or to a few Snapchat friends? Some people really need to learn about the fine line between being open and oversharing on social media.

And these girls definitely need a lesson. What compels you to share this with the entire world? And remember: once it’s on the internet, it’s gonna be there forever.

A Special Kind Of Evil


What kind of garbage monster would do this? We need to work together to stop this madness! Do they have no empathy? No sense of common decency? Imagine finding this in a public bathroom. SO. WRONG.

If you’re using a public bathroom, you’re already in a less than ideal situation. But then once the emergency has been averted, you go to clean up and see this? If they make another Saw movie, this would be Jigsaw’s most nefarious torture.

Who Is The Real Fool Here?


She might think he is being punished, but now the world knows she happily took back a cheater. So whose punishment is this really? See how he’s smiling? That is the smile of a man that knows he can keep on cheating…

And will face minimal to no consequences for it. Stick up for yourself, young lady. Dump his cheating behind and find a man who respects you. There are better people out there, trust me.

These Are The Girls Who Make The Rest Look Bad


Hey, it could have been a lot worse. She could have gotten bored and decided to rob a bank. Or cyberbully someone. Or try some illegal drug. Or take up the bagpipes and decide to practice at four in the morning each and every night.

But instead, she just did this. Eyebrows grow back. Boredom is the enemy of humanity. Think of all the terrible things that have been done because people didn’t have anything better to do.

Like, OMG! The ER Is Super Fun


People like this should be banned from social media. Heck, maybe they should even be banned from the planet. Can’t we deploy a space colony to house all the least desirable people that make the rest of humanity look bad?

Okay, maybe that was a bit much, but come on, seriously… Doesn’t she have homework or something? Maybe she could try shaving her eyebrow instead of this. Stop making the rest of us ladies look bad!

Adults Who Don't Know How To Adult


This is not only mean and stupid, it’s also hurtful and dangerous! Who is this adult and why is he allowed near children?Seriously, this is just all kinds of wrong. After this stunt this person likely will never be able to have children.

Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, mind you. They are mighty expensive and leave a bigger carbon footprint than a fleet of SUVs. Oh, and also, if they came from him, they likely might not be the brightest bulbs in the knife drawer.

Someone Get This Person Some Spelling Lessons


One word: GROSS! The words “family” and “cum” should never be allowed in the same sentence together. Ever. This is why we need to make sure every man, woman and child in this country knows the importance of spelling and proper grammar.

We can’t rely on spellcheck to save us from every blunder. If anything, they might want us to humiliate ourselves. Maybe that’s their secret plan, and how the robots will eventually take over.

Now This Is What You Call Self Service


I have pumped gas a few times in my life to know this isn’t right. I guess he just needed to refuel. (Kids, don’t try this at home any gas station.) And look, I know it’s cool to show off drinking some expensive beverage that’ll get you messed up.

But this could kill you, and also, gas isn’t that expensive at all. Maybe this’ll be cool when cars run off of ethanol, but for now, stay thirsty, my friends.

Someone Help This Woman


Scratch that. Someone help those kids! Maybe get a stroller? Leashes are for dogs, not toddlers.
On second thought, if the kids behave like this in public, maybe they do deserve leashes. Or maybe that’s not their child at all?

Maybe that person is severely depressed, having a doggo wasn’t doing it and so they went out and got themselves an emotional support human. I didn’t even know you could do that. Makes sense, given the trend…

Service Pony


You thought I was just talking into the ether about service pets? No way! You can get them in just about any species now. Take a gander at this emotional support pony. Depressed about not getting a pony for your birthday?

Cope by getting one you can legally take on an airplane. Who cares if people stare and judge? They’re all probably just jealous. Swagger and lead your best life, you conniving sad sack, you.

Natural Wonders


Oh Anthony. Anthony, Anthony, Anthony. Please tell me you were joking. Please, restore my faith in humanity. Tell me you were joking. For all that is good in life and for the sake of the entire human race, please let this be a prank.

Surely, they couldn’t actually believe that nature somehow happened to have a mountain with a perfect likeness of four American presidents on the side. I know if you stare at clouds long enough they begin to look like things, but that’s not the case with freaking mountains. And they’re never that perfect. Poor, simple Anthony.

Who Hurt You?


And here we are, the worst of the worst on a list consisting of the worst of the worst. Who raised you? Better yet, who hurt you? Why are you doing this? This has to be the same person that put that toilet paper roll on in the most inhumane way possible earlier. At least, I hope.

Because I don’t want to believe there’s more than one person on this planet that would be capable of such evils. It’s more comforting thinking it’s one evil person instead of several.