These Movie Superhero Costumes Are Just Crazy Expensive

By Psquared - April 08, 2019

Who doesn’t secretly wish they could be a superhero? We’ve all fantasized about leaping from rooftop to rooftop with grappling hooks, shooting lasers from our palms or soaring in the skies at Mach speed. Superhero movies are dominating the box office, so these characters clearly resonate with the majority of the population.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a multi-billion dollar Juggernaut (not the one from the X-Men) with countless classic films, and the DC cinematic universe is kicking out hits like Shazam!Aquaman and Wonder Woman. They also did Batman v Superman… but we don’t talk about that one.

We all want to feel like heroes, and the closest we can get is watching them on the screen. But what if you wanted to go a step further and wear the costumes that you see the actors wear? That’d make you feel more powerful than anything. And you can do it!… if you’re mega rich. Because these movie superhero costumes are ludicrously pricey.



Batman is one of the most popular superheros on the planet. Everyone around the globe knows about the Dark Knight.

The Christopher Nolan trilogy certainly helped increase the brooding vigilante’s popularity. He had a unique suit that he wore in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

How much were these suits worth? A private collector purchased one for $250,000. Yeesh. With a price tag that steep, are we sure this collector wasn’t the real Bruce Wayne trying to reclaim his property to make sure it didn’t fall into the wrong hands?

Batman (Again)


After Christian Bale stepped down from the role, Ben Affleck got to don the iconic cowl.

After playing the role, Affleck wanted to keep the suit, so asked the studio how much it would cost for him to purchase it. Fair enough

He quickly changed his mind once they told him it’d set him back $100,000. Jeez, for that price you could get a functioning utility belt if not a full on Batmobile, am I right?



Batman wasn’t the first time Ben Affleck wore a costume and portrayed a superhero on the big screen.

Back in the day, he portrayed the blind hero Daredevil. If he wanted to buy this costume, it would be cheaper.

However, “cheaper” doesn’t mean “affordable.” The suit from this film was put on auction in 2008 by Profiles in History and it sold for $57,500. Wow. Bet Matt Murdock didn’t see that coming. You know… on a count of him being blind and all. Okay, we’re leaving.



Despite how hard Marvel films dominate at the box office, there is still no hero more iconic than DC’s Superman.

That suit is as classic as it gets. But how much would it cost you to get your hands on one from the movies?

That question was answered when a California based auction house called Julien’s Auctions sold the super suit from Superman III for $200,000. Surprised? So were they. They thought it would only go for $20,000. See? Superman = legend.

The Suit In 'Iron Man 2'


In Iron Man 2, there’s a scene where Rhodey dons a colorless Iron Man armor in order to stop a drunk Tony Stark.

You’d think since this suit isn’t as visually distinct that it might not be as valuable. You’d think incorrectly.

Fans are gonna be fans, and some fans have an absurd amount of cash to throw around. At an auction, this Mark II “autopsy” suit went for $132,000. That’s crazy expensive, but it’s substantially cheaper than the colorful Iron Man costume. More on that later…

Black Panther


T’Challa is the king of Wakanda, the most technologically advanced and prosperous nation on Earth.

So, clearly, he’s pretty wealthy, and his advanced suit can’t be cheap. But how much do the suits that we see in the film cost?

Fun fact: Usually, film productions make a dozen or more of the costume in case anything goes wrong. However, each of the Black Panther suits cost $300,000, so they wound up only having about six or so. That’s nearly two million dollars of the budget just on an outfit!

Captain America


We were introduced to Captain America in his debut film The First Avenger set during World War II.

Steve Rogers’ veins are coursing with the super soldier serum, which gives him enhanced strength and stamina, but his true power is his courage and leadership.

Although, we won’t lie, the suit and shield helps. How much does the suit cost? A bidding auction was held and it sold for $228,000. For that price, a real vibranium shield should have been thrown in… but be careful when throwing that shield. It’s dangerous.



In the comics, Wolverine has a bright yellow and blue costume, but he never wore it in the movies.

In fact, Logan is mostly known for wearing a white tanktop. That’s a pretty easy costume to replicate. All you need to be Wolverine are the claws.

But you see… that’s where the expenses come in. The claws Hugh Jackman sports in his most recognizable role run about $40,250. And how much does it cost the personal trainers to get Hugh Jackman in Wolverine shape? We don’t even want to know.



Let’s not allow Marvel to take all of the spotlight. DC has some awesome characters as well.

And they’re not all on the big screen. DC has a television universe that’s expansive and awesome, and it all started with Arrow.

So how much do each of the costumes set Oliver Queen back? Showrunner Marc Guggenheim explained, “I would say the Arrow costume costs us about $5,000 to make.” Goodness, no wonder why heroes always seem to be owners of corporations: they’re the only ones that can afford the uniforms.

The Atom


Legends Of Tomorrow is an excellent show in the DC television universe, featuring the hero The Atom.

You can tell from the image that this suit doesn’t look cheap, but it’s even more valuable than you can imagine.

This suit is valued at $189,000! This creates issues with the producers. Executive producer Phil Klemmer explained, “The only challenge is how expensive his costume costs and the danger that we actually injure him doing stunts because his costume actually costs not just more than a car — more than, like, your average American home.”



Wearing a superhero costume must make you feel like a kid again. Shazam is literally a kid in a man’s body.

So this has to be the most appropriate costume ever to wear to live out your childhood fantasies as an adult.

However, don’t get your hopes up of buying one, since this is without any question the most expensive costume yet. As the Shazam! film’s costume designer, Leah Butler, recently revealed, “Each suit costs, oh boy, upwards of a million? We have ten suits.”

Star Lord


Let’s take a moment to talk about Star Lord… Who? Aw, come on, man. Star Lord.

Peter Quill is as cool as it gets. And also dumb. We’re still not ready to forgive him for punching Thanos and setting him free of Mantis’ control. You doomed the Universe!

Anyways, he has the distinction of having just one piece of his costume selling for a gigantic sum. According to TMZ, the mask sold for $160,000 at an auction in the United Kingdom. How much would the rest of his outfit go for?

Black Widow


Natasha Rominova, aka Black Widow, made her onscreen debut in Iron Man 2 and has been a staple of the MCU ever since.

Compared to all her Avenger teammates, her costume is pretty simple. A skintight jumpsuit with a few accessories here and there. How much could that cost?

At an auction, her S.H.I.E.L.D. suit sold for $8,000. That’s expensive, but compared to all these other outfits, that seems like a steal. We’re thinking of saving up and shoving ourselves into this jumpsuit.



While we’re spoiled today with the quality of superhero flicks, there were some pretty rad movies back in the ’90s.

Sorry for saying “rad”… the ’90s were a different time. 1992’s Batman Returns introduced us to the iconic Catwoman suit worn by Michelle Pfeiffer.

An auction for the tight spandex suit was put on by Profiles in History and it went for a nice $8,260. However, wearing the suit isn’t that nice, as Pfeiffer revealed, “They had to powder me down, help me inside and then vacuum-pack the suit. The face mask was smashing my face and choking me.”



Anime has a slew of heroes in the genre, but they don’t get the live action treatment too often.

The less we talk about the live action Dragon Ball movie, the better. But In 2013 Gatchaman got a film, and their outfits looked pretty great.

The characters’ G-suits took about a year to make and cost about $40,000… each. There are five characters on the team, so that’s a final tally around $200,000. There just isn’t a way to have a super suit for cheap, is there?

Iron Man


Okay, when we’re talking about crazy expensive suits, we have to talk about the Iron Man armor.

Billionaire playboy philanthropist Tony Stark could sink limitless cash into each of these suits, but how much would the suit from the first Iron Man film cost you?

You could actually buy it yourself… if you happen to have $325,000 laying around. We don’t recommend it, but one way to acquire it is to just steal it, which is exactly what happened to this suit. Hopefully it isn’t functional, and hopefully the person that took it doesn’t prefer acting like a supervillain instead of a superhero.



Okay, so by now you’re starting to surmise that superhero costumes might be a bit out of your price range.

But if you want to feel heroic and powerful, maybe you can afford to just buy a well known hero accessory.

Thor is the god of thunder and swings his mighty hammer Mjölnir. It’s just a hammer. You can get hammers at Home Depot. So how much would Thor’s hammer cost you? The answer: it has an asking price of over $5,000. We thought it was only those who are worthy can lift it, not only those who are wealthy.



Thor: Ragnarok was one of the most outright fun flicks in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

One of the best characters introduced in this movie was Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie. Funny enough, one of the most expensive parts of her costume was her hair.

The movie needed reshoots, but Thompson had unicorn hair for another role she was shooting at the time. So to maintain continuity for scenes she already filmed, the producers had to shell out $10,000 for a Valkyrie wig.

Jessica Jones


Okay, so you want to feel like a hero, but also not have to go into deep debt.

Jessica Jones has to be the most affordable option, right? She’s the anti-hero hero. She doesn’t even have a fancy costume.

She just dresses in street clothes. It looks like she shops at The Gap. So how much does her wardrobe cost? Well, the costume designers certainly didn’t shop at The Gap. Her wardrobe cost more than $3,000. How did she afford that on a private investigator salary?



We all know Deadpool as the “Merc with a mouth,” and what a foul mouth it is.

But Deadpool also has a heart of gold. Star of the franchise Ryan Reynolds teamed up with Omaze to raffle off a pink, custom-made suit to help with breast cancer awareness.

It only cost $10 to enter the raffle, and in the end, the suit wound up raising over $500,000, making it one of the most valuable suits ever created. All for a great cause!