These Household Hacks Are Totally Bizarre…And Totally Useful

By lgentile - May 29, 2019

Do you think that you have a pretty good handle on your life? Do you feel that you are doing your best? That you are a responsible adult? That maybe you even have some skills? Sure, you may feel like you have it all together, but let us ask you this. Do you know how to open a pair of scissors? Are you able to eat an orange with ease? How are your lint removing skills?

Do you know how to dunk an Oreo into a nice cold glass of milk? Are you using your washer correctly? These are all valid questions and you may think that you know how to do all these things. But do you? The following article will teach you some weird and wacky life hacks. Some will make you go HMMMM while others will make you feel like the dumbest person on the planet for not figuring it out for yourself. Here are some simple household hacks that are bizarre but totally useful.

The Way To Eat An Orange


Oranges are delicious, but they are dangerous to eat if you aren’t in the comfort of your own home.

The peeling alone is messy and unpredictable. Then you dig in to get a slice and you end up sticky and messy, without a napkin in sight.

That is, until now. All you have to do next time you are craving an orange is slice off the top, then slice off the bottom, then give it one nice slice down the middle. Then fold the orange open and there you have it! The most foolproof way to eat an orange that you will ever find!

Light Up That Condom


Next time you go camping, use this little trick to protect your lighter from any rain or rafting and river adventures you may partake in.

You want to keep that lighter dry in order to light a fire, or light your sparklers or whatever else you’ll need that lighter for on your camping trip.

If you don’t have an extra ziplock bag lying around, perhaps you may have a condom. Put the condom around your lighter, tie it off and your lighter will be nice and protected. Gotta use protection as they say!

Another Kind Of Lint Remover


If you need to get any loose threads off of your cute pillows or any of your clothes and there isn’t a lint roller in sight, do not worry.

Did you know that you can also use a razor to help pick off those little dangling threads from your clothes or couch cushions?

Just be gentle when you are taking a razor to your clothes. Unless you are looking for that distressed, punk rock look.






pick off all of those little dangling threads from your clothes and couch cushions

Banana Face Peel


Do you love pampering your skin? Good, you should! Your face deserves a little pampering every now and again.

And while facials can be expensive, there may be things in your very own kitchen that can do the trick.

Next time you gobble down a banana, don’t throw the peel away. Rubbing a banana peel onto your face helps fight acne and can also work as a skin moisturizer, nutrient supplier and wrinkle fighter. Use it all over your face or simply use as a spot treatment.


Opening Those Stubborn Packages


Did you buy a new pair or scissors that is so hard to open you’ll need another pair of scissors but you don’t have another pair of scissors which is why you bought this pair of scissors to begin with! AHHHHHH!

Don’t freak out. Just run to your kitchen and your trusty can opener will do the trick. Why haven’t we thought of this before? Don’t live in the past, man!

Did we just change your life? Yes. You are so very welcome.

Dunk Your Oreos With Ease


An Oreo is not really at it’s best if you aren’t dunking itinto a nice cold glass of milk.

And what happens if the glass is too small for you to really get a proper dunk in? Or what if you drank too much milk and you can’t really get your hand down to the bottom to dunk?

You aren’t alone in your Oreo struggle but this trick will change your Oreo game forever. Stick a fork in the stuffing in the middle and you’ll never feel like your hands are too big to dunk ever again.

Another Use For Your Tray Table


We won’t get into specifics, but the tray table on the plane is believed to be the dirtiest part of the plane and has more germs on it than you can even imagine.

Want to know the last time they wiped it down and disinfected them? Nope. You don’t and it’s better to not know any specifics. We promise.

But what you can do is use your tray table as a little hook for any cords you want to keep close by or a light jacket or sweater. And let’s be honest; that hook is more useful than that teeny tiny tray, anyway.

Protecting Your Fruits And Vegetables


Did you know that your fruits and vegetables will be the first to absorb any moisture that accumulates in your fridge?

Well, if you want them to last longer here is an easy trick. Throw a couple of sponges in your crisper drawers. This way the sponges will absorb the moisture.

This trick will keep your fruits and vegetables fresher for much longer saving you money and also some time going back to the grocery store for more!

Grape On Grape For Chilled Wine


Do you love to throw a little ice in your wine so it is nice and chilled? Don’t worry. We aren’t here to judge you. We are here to help.

If you like your wine chilled, we have a better way. Frozen grapes. Throw those grapes in your freezer and they will be ready for you next time you relax and wind down with a nice glass of sav blanc.

The frozen grapes won’t melt and dilute your wine like an ice cube will. Want to know the best part about this hack? Once you are done with your wine, you have a little snack waiting for you at the bottom of your glass.

Lighten Your Laundry Load


Did you know that a little pepper not only adds flavor to a nice salad, but can brighten up your clothes as well? Next time you do a load of laundry throw some pepper into the mix to see for yourself.

If you feel like your clothes are fading, the pepper is an awesome exfoliant that will strip away any gunky soap residue.

Throwing pepper into your routine can keep your clothes looking as good as new!

Make Your Own Blacklight


Do you want to have a little extra fun with the flash on your phone? “Fun with the flash on your phone.” Say that three times fast.

Create your own blacklight with this nifty DIY iPhone blacklight trick. Start by placing a piece of scotch tape over the flashlight of your phone and then take a sharpie and color it purple.

Now, when you turn on the flashlight, you will have your very own blacklight that you can carry with you everywhere you go!


Carrying Your Extra Baggage


Do you ever find that you have so much extra baggage that is just too hard to fit into your life? No, we aren’t trying to be your therapist. We are talking about actual bags. Like bags of groceries.

Next time you go to the grocery store and you are packing up your cart and heading to your car, you’ll notice little hooks on your cart.

Use them! That is what they are there for, after all. These hooks will help you carry more and fit more into your cart.

Cleaning Out Your Washing Machine


We rely on our washing machine to clean all of our dirtiest clothes. From dirty towels and rags, to lifting coffee stains off our favorite shirt, we rely on it to do the dirty work.

But who is rallying for the washing machine? Your machine needs a little love to.

Next time you smell a little funk in your machine or just think it’s due for a wash of its own, throw insome baking soda and vinegar into your empty machine and run a wash cycle. You’ll small a difference next time you wash your clothes.


Keeping Your Beverages Cold


Don’t you hate when you are in the mood for a nice cold drink and the cold level just isn’t there yet?

Next time you buy a drink and it isn’t cold enough, throw a wet paper towel around it and throw it back into the fridge.

This will make your drink so much colder in just a few minutes. So, forget about throwing your drink in the freezer and then forgetting that it is even in there and try this instead.

Microwaving Your Leftovers


What happens when you microwave your leftovers? They get super hot on the outside and you almost always have to eat cold leftovers so you don’t burn your mouth.

You can stir them up and throw them in the microwave again, but it is never really exactly how you want it.

Next time, try this trick. Put a hole in the center of your leftovers. Then if it doesn’t heat up the middle, it doesn’t matter because there is nothing in the middle to heat up anyway!

Straighten Your Straw


While we shouldn’t really be using straws anymore unless they are paper and made of corn, here is a little hack for those of your who can’t part with your precious plastic straws.

We all know what happens when you throw a straw into a can of Coke. It floats up and it won’t stay flat, right?

Well, try this trick and all of your straw problems will be solved. Except the plastic straw sea turtle problem. This can’t help that very important issue. Try the corn straws! They really do the trick.

Using Beeswax To Waterproof Your Shoes


We all love rocking those canvas shoes in the warm summer months but one day of rain and those shoes and your feet are in for it.

Don’t you wish they were waterproof? Well, with this trick they will be. All you need to do is rub beeswax all over your shoes and then dry them with a blowdryer.

That’s it. Take those babies out for a spin next time it rains and your feet will stay dry.


Rub A Tomato On Your Face


When you are done rubbing a banana peel on your face, reach for a nice tomato next.

Tomatoes and packed with vitamin A, B6, C, E and K and many fancy face masks have tomatoes in them because of this.

If your face is in need of some pampering, stop spending money on an expensive treatment and nourish your skin with a tomato instead. Just cut open a tomato and let the healing begin.

How To Cut Bread


When you see a chef do it, it looks so easy. Then you go to cut into a loaf of bread and it is an absolute disaster.

It rips, it flakes and in the end you are eating a stub of a sad piece of bread. Well, you are doing it all wrong!

Flip that bread over and start from the bottom. The bottom of the loaf is much more firm and it will make a world of a difference.

How To Use Tin Foil


Not only have you been using tin foil your whole life, but you have been using it all wrong.

Did you know that there are tabs on the sides of the box that tells you exactly how to use the tin foil correctly? WHY ARE YOU IGNORING IT?!

Stop dealing with tin foil that slips and slides and never stays put in the box. This is your fault and not the tin foil’s fault and it is time to make a change.