These Folks Are Hilariously Sticking It To The Man

By Psquared - March 04, 2019

Do you ever feel like you have the weight of the world pressing down on you? That’s not the world that’s holding you down… it’s the man. Their ever oppressive thumb is always trying to keep you in what they consider your place. Who is the man? How did they become the man? What’s keeping them in power? Nobody really knows. The answers are ever flowing. The man is like art. It’s hard to explain, but you’ll know it when you see it.

Is there anything us plebs can do in the face of the man? Luckily, there is. It’s a constant David versus Goliath battle, where the man takes the majority of the rounds in the contest. But every so often, one of us normies gets a victory over the man, and when it happens, it’s truly glorious. Marvel at some of the magnificent, triumphant times the man has had it stuck to him.

Deliver This


If you didn’t get an immediate chuckle or trip down memory lane at this image, allow us to explain.

Borders were (that’s right, “were.” R.I.P., Borders) a chain of book stores that were pretty great. They’re sadly out of business.

Amazon had a huge part in putting them out of business. But did Borders go out quietly? As you can see here, they did not. They went out swinging petty jabs at the evil (yet wonderfully convenient) monolith that took them down. Respect.

Thirsty From All The Salt In This Post


Your job is the number one place you can find the man. But the man isn’t just your boss.

The man can often be your co-workers, since they also make your nine-to-five grind that much more unbearable.

So what do you do when someone takes your drink? You take everyone else’s drinks. It’s like your first day in prison: you need to let everyone know that you’re not someone to be trifled with. If they had a drink, they deserved a victory sip after this.

Don't Tell Me What To Do


Ketchup is wonderful isn’t it? It’s a sauce that can make just about anything better.

French fries. Hamburgers. Even petty revenge. Snacks are one of the essential items that gets us through our work week. Why would you try and take it away from us?

This is the best example ever of “Sorry, not sorry.” Whoever this ketchup vigilante is, they’re actually all of us. We can all live vicariously through the brand of tomato and vinegar justice they’re dispensing.



You think a couple of visits from the police are going to scare this brave hero?

Hell no! While the police are definitely the man, people that call them all willy nilly are even more of the man.

Luckily, there are role models like these who won’t have their lawns silenced. If you work hard enough to own a home in this economy, you should be able to decorate it however you want. May we all one day have a lawn full of flamingos like this.

Bad Man, Good Boy


“What does this say? I can’t read it because I’m a dog and don’t understand letters.

Maybe I’ll just sit my cute little behind down right in this exact spot for no particular reason. You can’t tell me to leave now, can you?”

What a good boy. They know how to fight the power, which is particularly courageous for them. They’re risking going without tummy scratches or treats for this transgression, yet they persist anyways. Not all heroes wear capes, but some wear collars.

Resistance Is Rewarded


This provides us with several valuable lessons. Let’s list them all of in order, shall we?

First of all, it shows that the next generation is also rebelling against the man, so the future is in good hands.

Second of all, it shows that some people in positions of power don’t abuse it, and actually appreciate when they’re fought against. Most importantly, it shows we have empathetic folks on the inside, so the man’s grasp over us isn’t as strong as you might think.

Fight The Power (Steering)


Don’t you just hate it when people with big, fancy or big and fancy cars think that entitles them to park like a-holes?

Normally, you just shake your head in frustration and then drive on, hoping to find another parking spot.

But not everyone drives on. Sometimes the biggest acts of defiance come in the smallest of vehicles. This smart car is truly living up to its name here. You wanted three spots, Mr.Truck. You got it. In fact, you’ll have them until this person decides to let you leave.

The Woman Gets Back At The Man


Let’s continue into this wonderful vehicle related revenge genre on the man. Why’s it so satisfying?

Because stereotypically, men love their cars, so the best way to stick it to them is by attacking their ride. Like this, for example.

Sure, smashing their car to bits would be satisfying, but it can land you in jail with a ton of fines. But getting back at your cheating ex and making them late for wherever they’re going? That’s satisfying and won’t get you in too much trouble.

Friendly Reminder


Death is scary, but it isn’t all bad. Yes, it’s unavoidable and will come for us all one day.

Why is that potentially a good thing? Because that means it will also come for the man at some point.

This is a perfect friendly reminder to the man that no matter how hard he works and how much he gains, in the end, he winds up just like the rest of us. Sometimes psychological games like these are the best way to get at them.

Be Nice


Marriage is supposed to be a partnership. Women used to be considered property, but that’s not the case today in the civilized world.

Sadly, some husbands forget this, and try to flex on their wives. When they do, they become the man.

And when they become the man, they become fair game. Be nice to everyone. Especially the person you’re married to. Especially, especially if they prepare your food. Otherwise, you’ll get a big mouth full of plastic, and you’ll deserve it.

Revenge Served Cold


It’s best to not only be nice to those you’re married to, but to everyone in general.

Imagine how much better the world would be if we followed the golden rule and treated everyone how we’d like to be treated ourselves.

At the very least, you should be nice, because you never know what kind of schemes people are hatching. If you’re in their home and start getting bossy, prepare for anything. These hot dog water ice cubes seem gross, but maybe some passive-aggressive ketchup would improve them.

To Be The Man...


There’s an old saying popularized by legendary pro wrestler and 16-time world heavyweight champion “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

“To be the man… you have to beat the man.” That being said, someone in this picture is the man, but we can’t figure out who.

Is it the seagull stealing the ice cream cone from this gentleman? Is it the gentleman for not letting this brash bird make off with his dessert without a water gun squirting? Maybe their both the man, and we should hope they beat each other.

The Man Strikes Back


Sometimes in life the masses can become the man without even realizing it. That’s when the old man sticks it to the new man.

There are very few people fortunate enough to love their job. Customers can be awful at times.

When customers are whining and complaining nonstop, sometimes you have to stick it to them. Passive-aggressive signs are an excellent way of doing that. Let them know their complaints have been heard, but are completely whiny and unnecessary.

I'm Loving (Sticking) It


Amazon is to Borders what chains like McDonald’s are to Mom and Pop establishments in the area.

Giant corporate chains that have countless billions behind them can destroy smaller businesses seemingly overnight. But they won’t go out without a fight.

McDonald’s may be big, but they don’t treat their employees well enough for them to care about things like proper spelling. That’s where this place comes in, pointing out that they have the edge in terms of vocabulary. You see these two signs —where are you getting a cup of Joe? That’s what we thought

They Don't Care


Here is another example of not giving a single eff about what’s going on around you.

These two guys took advantage of the workers’ apathy in the most hilarious way possible. This is like a shrine to their comedic brilliance.

And this shrine will remain up seemingly forever. Whenever you feel down because the man is bossing you around, just remember the smiles on the heroes’ faces. It reminds us that while the man is powerful, he’s not invulnerable, and can always be taken down a peg or three.