These Comics About Adulting Are So Relatable It Hurts

By Sarcasm Society - February 07, 2019

Adulting is a word that’s emerged only recently, but a concept that has been around for an incredibly long time. We invented the term adulting for what it looks like to be a fully established human who pays their bills, goes to work, exercises and eats healthy. You know, all the things a functional grown up should be able to do.

We also have all determined that adulting really sucks, so there’s that to consider. You know being an adult sucks when you turn that word into a verb. Verbs are action words, and these actions are chores no one wants.



Your parents were your age when they had their second kid. Your dad was your age when he opened his law practice. And your parents were your age when they bought their first house. You live in a studio apartment.

Your car payment is two weeks past due and you are still waiting for that guy from Tinder to text you back after the mediocre date you two went on last week. Cheers! Here are some comics to let you know you’re not alone with your woes.

Hey! Get Your Life Together!


Yeah, our parents may have accomplished more by the time they were our age. Did I say “may have”? Whoops, because I meant to put, “Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt.” But times were different back then!

And for the record, how many of our parents can beat an XBOX game? They couldn’t do that at our age. And sure, that’s mainly because XBOX didn’t exist back then, but who cares? Take those victories wherever you can get them.

It's The Little Things...


You used to spend the day looking forward to the concert you were going to that night. Or that boy you were going to see at your friend’s house party. Or any other plans that made you seem like you lead an interesting and exciting life.

But now? Now you spend the day looking forward to laying on your couch in your pajamas eating quinoa and watching The Bachelor. Part of growing up is realizing you don’t have to impress anyone, like, ever.

The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants


You know you should go out. You should go out but you don’t really want to. But it is Karen’s birthday so you should go see her. But you don’t really want to go. Maybe you’ll just go to the next thing?

Yes, definitely the next one. Ugh, why can’t our hearts and our brains work in unison more often? It’s like having arguing, divorced parents that live inside of our bodies and control our each and every move.

The Perfect Rainy Day


Oh boo! It’s raining all day. What am I to do? I guess now I have the perfect excuse to not go to any of those things I was invited to on Facebook and to stay inside all day and do absolutely nothing.

Aww, man! I wouldn’t want to go out and catch a cold! It seems like most of growing up is just finding excises to not go to things. We already do enough. Just let us relax.

You Know What You SHOULD Be Doing


You know what you should be doing. You have bills to pay, errands to run and phone calls to make. You have so much to do, but brunch is calling your name right now! Two mimosas, please!

Again, brain and heart need to get on the same page. Are there counselors that offer their services for internal organs? Because your liver could use some help working overtime after some of your drinking escapades, and your stomach could use a little assistance too.

Is Exercise Really That Good For You?


They say that exercising feels amazing but when you do it. It actually feels horrible. You’re sweating, grunting and you can’t breathe. What kind of fun is that? Should everything hurt this much after a quick run through the park?

Part of adulting is taking care of yourself, but if you feel this bad while doing it, can it really be that good for you? You know what makes us feel good? Pizza. Yeah, pizza-ing is absolutely adult-ing. Makes sense, right?

I Choose Pizza


You know that you are not supposed to eat that piece of pizza but it is right in front of you and it looks delicious so you have to eat it. You’ll just work out more tomorrow or you’ll eat salad (and only salad) for the rest of the week.

But you are going to eat that pizza and then you are going to feel really, really bad about it after. Ugh, brain and heart are lying to us again. Make them stop!

Bills, Bills, Bills


When you were a kid, the doctor’s office was torture. Now the real torture is opening your mail and waiting to see what they charged you for your latest appointment. $180 just for a simple blood test!?
Shame on you, Blue Cross Blue Shield. Who knew we’d still be afraid of going to the doctor and the dentist as adults, but not for the physical pain. The physical pain is so much easier than the agony of deepening your debt.

Adulting Sucks


When you were little you couldn’t wait to grow up. But then you did and you realize that being an adult sucks. So now you’ll spend the rest of your life wishing you were younger. It’s the circle of life, baby!

On the bright side, as an adult, you can do all the things you wish you could do as a kid. You can stay up all night and eat nothing but ice cream! Although it won’t feel as great as you were hoping.

I Guess I'll Just Google It


Whether it’s a weird growth on your body, a word that you don’t know how to spell or a legal term you’ve never heard of before, Google is your friend. What the hell did we do without Google?
Ugh, that’s right. We had to look it up in an encyclopedia. Gross. While getting older can suck, a lot of the technology that’s come along has certainly made life better in other ways. So it seems there’s a bright side to everything.

First, Let Me Get My Coffee Fix


You wake up to five emails from work. You have a two missed calls from your mom and and your dog puked on the floor. Can you just have some coffee before you have to deal with all of this?
Why is life always trying to destroy you? Good news: you’re not alone. Life does this to everyone. While that doesn’t improve your situation, at least you can take a modicum of solace in knowing you’re not being singled out.

Can't Keep Your Eyes Open?


All day you are fighting to stay awake. You keep dozing off while your boss is talking to you. Your eyes are closing while driving. You are so exhausted, but the second you go to fall asleep, you are suddenly wide awake and riddled with anxiety.

Remember when you were a kid and fought so hard to avoid taking naps? We were all such fools! Every job should have mandatory nap time from 11 to 2 every day. Productivity would go through the roof!

What Lies Beneath Success


You spend most of your life searching for success. You compare yourself to others and spend way too much time feeling like you are not good enough. Try to keep in mind that you need to focus on yourself, and not others.

Just remember, every single successful person that struggled just like you did so to get to where they are today. Well, except the insanely wealthy. Those folks often have it way easier than us. But hey, focus on yourself, remember?

Still Children On The Inside


Are you in your thirties physically but mentally still feel like an 11 year-old trying to figure everything out? Do you feel like a fraud and that any moment now everyone’s gonna figure out you have no idea what you’re doing?

Well, good news: we all feel that way. That’s because life is confusing and difficult, and the vast majority of humans fake it until they make it. So we’re all right there with you. Adulting sucks, but as they say, “It’s better than the alternative.”

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