These Babies Look Like Old People…And It’s Awesome

By Psquared - April 22, 2019

The elderly and the young have a lot in common. Kids and old people have a fun yet horrifyingly lack of a filter when expressing their opinions. If you bring a new boyfriend or girlfriend home for Thanksgiving, the last people you want to be sitting next to are your grandparents or your nephews and nieces. They won’t be the least bit shy to ask prying, embarrassing and inappropriate questions loud and proud in front of everyone. They also both like naps. But to be fair, who doesn’t?

But one thing you may not have thought that infants and senior citizens may share are appearances. After all, one group are fresh out of the womb into the world while the other group has been around for decades, gathering miles on their minds and bodies. Yet, sometimes babies can look like old people, and when they do, it’s absolutely awesome and adorable. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself…

Grumpy Old Baby


“Eh, what’s that you’re saying there, Sonny? You’re going to have to speak up a bit.

I’m a bit hard of hearing, you know. It isn’t from old age. It’s just the opposite, actually. It’s from new age.

I’m fresh out of the womb and I have a bunch of juices clogging up my old listening holes. So if you could either speak at a higher volume or swab out my ear canals, I’d really appreciate ya for it.”

Boss Baby


We know this infant is too young to own his own business, much less even enter the work force.

That said, why does he look exactly like an evil boss that’s giddy to tell you that you have to work on Saturday?

Some folks are just born for certain things, and they aren’t always good things. Hope his parents teach him about morals, ethics and the importance of letting those under you enjoy their time off so they can relax.



We never believed in reincarnation before seeing this picture, but we’re about 98.2% sure that this is someone’s Nana.

Just look at that face. That’s the visage of someone that knows how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie because they’ve been doing it for half a century.

With some babies you play peek-a-boo, but with this one we just can’t wait for them to learn how to finally start speaking so they can share their bomb baking recipes.



Why does this baby look like they’re willing to guess which goblet of wine you poisoned?

He looks just like actor Wallace Shawn from The Princess Bride and half of the best films from all of our youth.

It’s going to be strange for them to grow up on those movies and see someone that looks just like them. Hopefully they’ll grow out of that silly, frumpy look, and won’t have his signature silly line delivery. Actually, we take that back. That’d be awesome.

Gordon Ramsay


Why does this baby look like it’s about to start screaming at a chef the crab is so under-cooked it can hear it singing about how great it is under the sea?

We didn’t know that someone could be reincarnated while they were still alive, but apparently it can happen.

This baby looks just like Gordon Ramsay. Hopefully he isn’t too critical about the way his breast milk is prepared. Imagine that tirade from this little foul, loud perfectionist.



“Look, I know we’re new to this whole ‘living’ thing, but I think I’ve got things figured out.

You can’t just be giddy about everything. Life ain’t gonna be that easy, kid. Stop being so gullible and start questioning everything.

When the adults cover their face with their hands, they don’t go anywhere. Also, I have my thoughts about this whole “Santa” joker they keep mentioning, but I’ll keep those to myself until I can do some more investigating.”

What's That Smell?


Babies are so pure and innocent and full of joy… usually. Someone should tell this baby.

They look like they’re about ready to start complaining about the soup during the early bird special at their local neighborhood deli.

“Ugh, what is this, split pea again?! It’s cold! And it’s mushy! Would it kill you to serve a mushroom barley every now and then. And when you serve it, pretend that the spoon is an airplane. Who taught you about customer service?”

Old Jokester


“So I tells him, I say, “Hey! If you didn’t want a spider on your desk, then stop spending so much time on the web!

Get it? Because you kids these days are so obsessed with the world wide web?

Ah, forget it. That bit used to kill on the Catskills back in the ’50s. Which is weird, considering how we didn’t even have the internet back then, but delivery alone was enough to sell the funny in it.”

Get Off My Lawn!


“You punk kids! How many times do I have to tell you to stay off my property?!

Can you read that sign I posted right out front? You can? Well then can you please read it out loud to me?

Mainly because I can’t read yet. Not sure how I even got my own property or why I’m so grumpy about people trespassing on it. Maybe because it’s time for me to be fed and changed. Yeah, that’s it.”



“I worked on those docks for over 40 years, and all they gave me when I retired was this gold watch.

How awful is that? I mean, this thing tastes terrible. I keep putting it in my mouth hoping the taste will change, but nothing.

Also, my parents keep yanking it away from me, so it’s not like I can even enjoy it. Well, I better get a hobby now. Enjoying retirement is all about keeping busy, after all.”

Make Him An Offer He Can't Refuse


Do you like gangster movies? This baby looks exactly like a hairless Marlon Brando from The Godfather.

It looks like they’re going to cut the head off a pony doll and place it in the crib of a rival to send a message.

What’s the offer they’re going to make that can’t be refused? If you take them up on their protection scheme, they won’t purposely fire at you while they release a stream while you are changing their diaper?

I Don't Buy It


“Where were you? And don’t bother saying you were out doing homework, I know that’s a lie.

Look, do you think it’s easy for me to raise a teenager on my own? It’s hard being a parent in general.

It’s especially hard when the teen is way older than me. So I need you from now on to stick to your curfew and be home by seven, because that’s when I need you to tuck me in and read me a bedtime story.

Don't Try It


You may think that some babies look like old people because they’re both pretty wrinkly.

While that certainly helps with the aesthetic, it’s mostly the attitude that sells it. How can someone this young look so grumpy and cynical?

She looks like she’s about to ask if you think she’s an idiot for trying to charge her three dollars for an item that should only be two dollars and ninety-seven cents after the coupon she turned in with the purchase.

Demonic Gaze


Have you ever had an elderly person who’s lived through unimaginable experiences and horrors give you a death glare?

That’s unsettling enough, but it’s so, so much work when that view comes from the eyes of a fresh newborn.

What horrors could they have seen to be able to cast such a haunting glance? Was their soul in some other realm we can’t fathom and they hopefully won’t remember? If a baby looks at you like this, get their pacifier ASAP.


Credits: What'choo Looking At?

You know how babies tend to have no social boundaries and continuously stare at strangers while out in public?

This baby looks like they don’t have time for any of that. Mind your own business and keep your eyes to yourself.

They look like they’re ready to square up. And by that we mean grab the square block, even though the hole is round. But they don’t care. They’ll do that all in their own time, so leave them alone.



This little one looks like they’re having a late life crisis at the beginning of their existence.

That’s probably for the best. Get it out of the way, so you can enjoy the rest of your childhood.

Or, um… golden years? Honestly, all these old looking babies are starting to confuse us. We’re gonna lose our ability to discern the difference and start trying to tickle the tummies of the elderly, which they will hopefully appreciate and not be offended by.

Gambling Man


“I see your $30, and I raise you $50. What are you gonna do, pal?

You’ve been bluffing all day. I can read you like a book. A picture book, since words aren’t really my thing just yet.

Why don’t you go all in and show me what you got? Oh, your gonna fold? That’s what I thought. While you’re at it, why don’t you fold up my blankie? I’m tired of it laying in a crumpled mess in the corner.”

Sweet Hairline


Boy, we sure do hope the rest of their hair starts growing in really soon.

The “skullet” (skull mullet) is a bold choice that few people on Earth can pull off. It’s most notably rocked by Hulk Hogan and Jesse “The Body/The Mind/The Governor” Ventura.

But on a baby… yeah, it doesn’t look as distinguishing. Maybe it’s the lack of a handlebar mustache. Can we draw one on them to complete the look until they grow up a little more?

How Could You?


“Wait a second… hold on just one, good, honest second here. Where the heck are we?

I knew you were plotting against me! I knew it! I knew that something like this was going to happen to me.

You’re trying to put me into a home! I don’t care if there are cartoon characters all over the walls and toys on the floor. Don’t you dare try pawning me off in this nursing home. Even if it is called “pre-school.””

Have A Drink


“The usual for me, Marge, and keep ’em coming, would you love? Been a rough day.”

“Oh yeah, Sheamus? You’re in here a little earlier than usual. What’s got you so down you need to find relief in a bottle?”

“It’s the adults. I thought we had a good system. Whenever I gotta go, I just go and they clean it up. But now I’m hearing whispers of potty training. Looks like my free ride is about to come to an end.”