These Are The Hysterical Differences Between High School And College

By Psquared - May 29, 2019

Education is important and should be taken seriously. However, “education” is such a broad word, isn’t it? How do you get that education? Online? On the streets? The traditional route is to go through high school and then go to college, but even then, those are two entirely different experiences altogether. Yeah, there are classes, lectures and tests, but that’s about where the similarities end. You’d may as well be on a different planet considering how different they are.

Do you remember high school? College? Or are they giant blurs in your past you would rather permanently leave in the rear view mirror? Let’s take a trip together down memory lane (don’t worry, it won’t take long. Memory lane is a cul-de-sac). Let’s relive the stress, self-consciousness and most of all the hilarity that occurred in high school and college, and most of all, how different the two truly were.

Sleeping In Class


Back in high school you had to do your best to disguise the fact you were dozing off in class.

If your teacher caught you, you’d get in a ton of trouble and maybe even go to detention.

But in college? The professor will only tell you to knock it off if your snoring is disturbing the other students. You’re paying to be here, so if you want to sleep, go for it. Maybe the lesson will slip into your subconscious better that way.

Who Are These People?


Back in high school you knew the names of every single person in all of your classes.

That’s because attendance was mandatory and you often had to sit through roll calls at the beginning of every lesson.

But in college? The class sizes are sometimes quadrupled in size, so calling on everyone would be a waste of time. You’re lucky if you learn even a single other student’s name. And honestly? For introverts like us, this was the best.

Studying Is Necessary


Back in high school you could coast on tests because the info wasn’t all that hard.

You could pull a ‘C’ with minimal effort, and even though it upset your parents, fun is more important, so who cares about studying?

Then you hit college. While high school teachers are nicer and willing to work with you and help you boost up your grades, your profs could care less. If you fail, that just means you have to pay for the course again, so it benefits them if you don’t study. So… better start studying!

Summer School


In high school, if you had summer school, that meant that you messed up and were being punished.

In college, if you had summer school, that meant that you were a diligent, proactive hard worker… and were still being punished.

Sweating your glands off in the sweltering heat in non-air-conditioned rooms trying to cram an entire semester’s worth of into in a truncated few week course was bad enough. But the fact you had to do it? Pure torture.

Taking Notes


We complained so much about classes while we were in high school. Little did we know how easy we had it.

We took notes, but it wasn’t that necessary. It’s like how we studied, but worked harder than we needed to.

It made us cocky. We learned to do the bare minimum and get by. Then we got to college and thought that would fly. Nope. No more doodling and sending texts to friends. If you didn’t learn your history 101, you were doomed to repeat it for thousands of dollars more.



When you were a teenager you got an after school or summer job because you wanted to earn a little extra cash.

You didn’t take it that seriously, and may have gotten fired for goofing off with your friends.

But who cares? You didn’t need the job anyway. Then, college came. And man… that job was your lifeline. You wanted to spend more time there than with your significant other, because everything in college cost so… much… money.

But Some Things Never Change


When you were in 10th grade you could never muster the courage to ask out your crush on a date.

Then you graduated with your love unrequited and told yourself it was okay, because there would be better people in college to go out with.

And it was true!… Only problem was that you still were too nervous to ask them out. If you’re telling yourself you’ll meet someone at work, may we suggest just trying online dating, because the in person stuff isn’t your strong suit.



Remember how much gossip existed in high school? You knew who everyone was dating and what their favorite bands were.

In college, everyone is a stranger. And we grew up being told our whole lives to never talk to strangers.

So all those kids in your classes in college remain strangers. But you know what? This is a good thing! Because if you embarrass yourself, no one knows who you are! College was so much better for us awkward folks.

Endless Homework


Remember how you’d flip out if your teacher gave you a homework assignment over the weekend?

How could they be so inconsiderate of your free time? They never did this before or after. They’re simply the worst!

Then you get some perspective slammed into your naïve little face when you see the amount of post-class assignments given to you by professors. And they were mandatory, otherwise you’d fail this class that you (once again, louder for the folks in the back) were paying to take!

Extracurricular Activities


In high school if you were taking extracurricular activities, it’s because you were really into sports.

If not, then it’s because you needed something to make your college application seem more appealing, so you stomached a few months of math club.

But in college? If you have an interest, they have a club for it. Anime, underwater basket weaving and even golf (seriously… golf!), they have activities for everyone that are – dare we say it – actually fun.

In College, A's Are B's And C's Are F's


In ninth through twelfth grade the only reason you ever stressed about grades and your GPA is because you wanted to get into college.

You may have told yourself that the stress level would be lower once you get there.

Then, you get there. And to no one’s surprise but your own, things get much worse. You still need high grades if you want to get into a grad school, and failing here is so, so much more costly.

Living In The Library


Do you remember your high school library? Or probably a better question: did you ever once step foot in your high school library?

Why was that even there? Out of necessity? No one needed it. But college? That’s where things changed.

You probably knew each and every roach in your college library by name and had a nice rapport with each because all the time you spent in there researching and studying so you wouldn’t wind up broke enough to share the same diet as your roach buddies.



Your love life in high school was awkward. You had parents to deal with, and getting down is never a good idea when you still live at home.

So you had to get creative and adventurous. Cars and empty parks were your best friend.

Then in college, you were free! No more parents. You could do whatever… oh. Roommates. Eh, you know what? You waited long enough. They can just take the hint from the sock on the door handle.

Nerds, Dweebs And Losers Don't Exist In College


Back in grade school, being uncool was such a burden. You were an outcast from all the cool kids.

But in college, everyone is a nerd to some extent. You had to be to get accepted in the first place.

So while you were cursing your big brain and responsible traits, they were secretly a blessing the whole time. Now that big beautiful brain of yours is gonna get you through the college experience. Go you, ya dork!



High school graduation was a time for bittersweet celebration. You’ll miss all your friends and the memories you’ve made, but you’re on to bigger and better things.

College graduations have a completely different energy to them. They’re sweet, because you’ve done it. Good for you!

But there’s a palpable, thick air of uncertainty looming over everyone. Now that you’re out… what will you do next? Your life has officially begun. Suddenly, there is no more structure. Good luck out there, because you’re gonna need it.



One of the biggest parts of your high school experience was dealing with your parents.

They were always on your case, asking how your grades were and telling you when you had to be home and whether or not you were allowed to go out on a school night.

But when you move into a dorm, suddenly you’re your own boss. You can stay up all night and do whatever you want! But after a ton of hangovers and sleepless nights, you hate to admit it, but your folks may have been right with their rules.



Hey, college isn’t all doom and gloom. If you’re in high school and reading this, there are some huge benefits.

You do not have parents around, so the parties are on a completely different level.

High school parties always had an air of fear about them, worrying that the adults would come home and catch you. But in college? You are the adults. That means you can do whatever, and whatever often goes. College is stressful, so blow off some steam!

Paying For Books


We’ve mentioned several times that college is expensive. You just never fully get used to it.

Possibly the most offensive cost you will incur is on books. That’s right. In high school, you just got a copy that you borrowed for the semester and then returned.

In college? You’d pay triple digit prices for a textbook you’d look in twice, sell back for a single digit price. Worst of all? The book store sold it back at the original price you bought it at! We’re no math majors, but that doesn’t add up at all.

Picking Your Classes


At least in college you had a say and a selection in the classes you got to take.

Back in high school, you were assigned your classes. Sometimes you’d go in an honors or advanced placement class, but the subjects were all the same.

Luckily, since you’re paying and technically a customer, you get more of a say. You can take film classes, accounting courses. Heck, anything you want. You get what you pay for!

Skipping Class


Finally, one of the biggest differences between high school and college is how skipping classes is handled.

When you were younger, if you were caught playing hooky, your parents were called in and you were in a lot of trouble.

In college? No one cares. No one even notices your missing unless it’s a small class, and even then, it isn’t a big deal. It’s a 7 AM, three hour lecture. We all want to sleep in every so often. It’s expensive, but darn it… it’s worth it.