These 20 Tweets About Anxiety Will Make You Nod Your Head Yup

By lgentile - August 13, 2019

Oh, Anxiety! If you haven’t felt anxiety, consider yourself the luckiest person in the world. Nothing is worse than feeling a pang of anxiety that you can feel throughout your entire body. Have you ever felt anxiety in your toes? Woof! How does it do that? When the anxiety kicks in, your heart starts to beat a mile a minute. You feel nauseous and sick and like you drank 500 cups of coffee. Breath in, breath out.

Oh wait. You can’t breathe, you can’t sleep, your mind won’t stop going, and you can’t help but think the worst. Oh, wow. Just writing about anxiety is giving us anxiety. Deep breaths. One… two….three.. Alright now we are ready to go! Here are 20 tweets about anxiety that will make you nod your head yup!

Let's Start At The Very Beginning


When the hashtag #ThingsThatGiveMeAnxiety started on Twitter, the tweets started rolling in. And rolling in. And rolling in.

So many tweets in fact, that if you were following the thread, it may have given you some major anxiety just reading them all.

So what gives you anxiety? Loud noises? How about too much coffee? Does your mother give you anxiety? Phone calls from unknown numbers? Just phone calls in general? Does this list give you anxiety? Yeah, us too.

Meeting New People


How about when you meet new people? That always gives us some serious anxiety. You?

Will they like you? Will you remember their name? Will they remember your name? Do you have a gnarly booger in your nose? Did you forget to wear a bra today? Do you have something in your teeth?

It’s all too much!! Meeting people is supposed to be cute, so why do you always turn it into such a dreadful experience? Maybe it’s best to just stay home?

Reading Aloud


Most of us reading this right now know how to speak and know how to read.

Wait, all of us reading this right now know how to read because we wouldn’t be reading this if we didn’t know how to read. Duh! Unless someone else if reading this to you right now.

And if someone were reading this to you, that is nice for you but do you think it is giving them anxiety? We bet it is because reading out loud sucks.

You Up?


Why is it that every time we have to wake up early and try to actually go to bed early, we can’t sleep?

We wind up tossing and turning all night looking at our phones every five minutes making sure we didn’t oversleep.

Hey, body! The point of going to bed early was to actually get some shut eye. Do you mind shutting the brain down so we can actually get a little rest? That would be great, thanks.

Stop Staring At Me


There you are. You are having an innocent conversation with another human being and you are trying not to be weird so you casually look into their eyes and BAM! Anxiety sets in.

Did you look into their eyes too long? Was it weird? Are they looking at you now?

Then you catch yourself staring that their nose and that is even weirder. WHERE DO YOU LOOK? Again, yet another reason to just stay home and never talk to anyone ever again.

Try To Look Innocent


Why is it that as soon as a cop pulls up next to you or merges behind you, you suddenly feel guilty?

Are there drugs in your car that you don’t know about? Should you throw your phone in the back seat? Do they know that you are nervous? Are they scanning your plates?

Should you slow down so they will pass you? No, that will make you look even more guilty. WHY IS DRIVING SO HARD?

As Soon ASS You Tweet


You come up with the most amazing tweet imaginable and you press send and BAM!

You spelled something wrong. Good job, you idiot. Now everyone knows how dumb you are. How could you make such an epic mistake? This is now going to live in the Twittersphere FOREVER.

You should never be trusted to tweet again. You clearly can’t handle it. Maybe you should go back to school? Get a better education? Hide forever? Whatever you do, don’t tweet because clearly you suck at it.

Actually, Nevermind


YOU CAN’T JUST NEVERMIND US! How do you expect us to move on when you dropped a nevermind?

No seriously, what were you going to tell us? That you love us? Hate us? Heard someone talking bad about us?

How about that you like our new haircut? Why wouldn’t you tell us that? What happened? Do you not love us anymore? Are we not important? You know what? It was probably nothing. Just slipped your mind. You forgot what you were going to say, right? Right?

Choose Whatever You Want


No no no! We can’t just choose whatever we want. You can’t tell us you don’t have any preferences!

We need you to tell us what to do! This is how this works. You tell us what to do or how to feel and we accept. It makes the anxiety go away when you just take charge.

Choices are the seed of anxiety so please don’t make us choose. We will do whatever you want… but take the lead. We want you to do that.

Blank Tagged You In A Post


When someone tags you in a post, your stomach drops. What picture did they post? How do you look? Were you naked? Hey, anything is possible.

Let’s make a rule right here and right now. If you are going to tag anyone is a post you MUST send them the picture first and get approval. Do we need to repeat that?

Always, every time. Get a yes or no before you just take tagging measures into your own hands.


We Need To Talk


“We need to talk” can mean so many things and none of them are good. 

“We need to talk” can be the beginning of a messy breakup or being fired from a job. Basically it’s all down hill from there after saying those four dreaded words.

“We need to talk” never means, “OMG I love your shoes” or “Congratulations! You won the lottery” or “We met the man of your dreams and he’s a billionaire.” Life just doesn’t work that way. 

What Chu Looking At?


Don’t hate when you are on your laptop in a public place and the person next to you is secretly looking over your shoulder and reading everything that you are typing? 

Here’s a pro tip: Start typing things like a simple “Stop looking at my computer.”

Or you can try something fun like, “I’m writing to inform you that I have a seriously contagious disease and anyone sitting within 2 feet of me is at risk.” That should do the trick. 

Family Matters


Nothing gives people anxiety like a holiday vacation with the entire family. First of all, your parents can be exhausting.

You also never know what inappropriate comment that your Uncle is going to make that is going to make your head explode. 

Being with the family can be lovely, but it can also be stressful as all hell. Just try to breathe through it and remember that you only have to do this a few times a year. 

Ring Ring


Hey there! It’s 2019. If you need something from someone you should text them or email them, but save a phone call for an emergency. Please.

When someone calls, your mind immediately starts thinking that something is wrong. And you can’t answer the phone if something is wrong because you are at work or driving or in a loud place.

Side note: Also please don’t text “Hey. Call me.” This very innocent text can throw people with anxiety through a loop.

The Answer Is Everything


What gives us anxiety? The easiest answer to this is.. everything. People, stores, planes, train and automobiles to be specific. 

Being home alone and distracted is the best cure for anxiety. Distracted is the key word. You shouldn’t be sitting at home just thinking about everything that gives you anxiety. That won’t help your cause. 

But when you are feeling bad, turn off the news, throw on some bad reality TV and take a few nice, deep breathes. That should help a bit! 

Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding


Society media is great and we know that we all love our phones, but all that dinging and ringing and buzzing does not help ease our anxiety at all. 

All the notifications and all the messages wire us to be on edge. What will that comment say? Will anyone like your last post? How many people are following you online?

The best cure for anxiety is a reset. Put the phone away and be without it for a few hours. 

Wash Your Hands


If they are dry then people are going to think that you didn’t wash your hands.

If they are wet, people are going to think you are gross even though that means you DID wash your hands! That’s why they are wet! Hello. Unless you peed on them but that is a whole other story.

There is no way to win when shaking someone’s hand after a trip to the bathroom. You are going to just have to shake and move on or snub them completely.

Don't Scroll


Can we all just agree on a new rule right now? When someone hands you their phone to look at a picture, DO NOT SCROLL.

In fact, do nothing. Just look at the picture, comment as you would like and then hand it back. No questions asked.

Scrolling is dangerous and chances are, you are going to see something that you don’t want to see. Or something you do want to see but they don’t want you to see it.

Friend Or Foe


Please pay your friends back. Please give them back that sweater that you borrowed, or that pot or pan.

They are your friend, so they don’t want to have to ask for it back over and over again. Asking gives most people some serious anxiety.

If you borrow money, tell them the date that you will pay them back and stick to it. If you won’t have it on time, don’t make false promises. Seriously, be a good friend, as they were to you!

Hi Anxiety


Look, we all suffer from some sort of anxiety. Some have it a little bit here and there, but others have it way worse to where it can be debilitating.

Remember that when you are dealing with friends and loved ones. Know what they need when they are really going through it and try to help them.

Help them breathe through it and help make their lives easier. They will get you back someday! Now let’s put on some bad reality TV and take a few deep breaths together…. one… two… three..