There’s A Movie Theater That Serves Bottomless Wine…And You Can Bring Your Dog!

By lgentile - May 23, 2019

Are you obsessed with your dog? Please don’t be embarrassed. We all are. They are our absolute best friends and the best cuddle buddy that anyone could ask for. We are talking to you, Rover! When you leave them alone at home, don’t you wish you could text them and check in? We need to develop the technology to call them and see how their day is going. Don’t you want to know? Better yet, maybe we should just never leave them alone and take them everywhere we go.

We leave them alone all day when we go to work, so when it’s time to go out and have a social life, it’s hard to leave them again. They look deeply into your eyes and all of a sudden your plans to go to the movies has turned into a night in to Netflix and chill. Well, to all of our dog parents out there, we have some awesome news for you…

A Movie Theatre For You And Your Dog


The good news is, if you live in Plano, Texas, you can now take your dog to the movies with you.

Thanks to K9 Cinemas, you can take your four-legged friend with you next time you go see a flick. Say what?! Want some more good news? The tickets are only $15.

Want even better news? That ticket price includes bottomless wine! Want even better news than that good news? If you aren’t a wine drinker, they also have whiskey!

Whiskey, Wine And Your Pooch


Whiskey, wine and your pooch? This may be just the thing that makes us all move to Plano, Texas. Well, maybe.

And why shouldn’t your dog be allowed to come to the movies with you? Well, we could see how there may be chaos if you let the dogs run wild in the dark.

But don’t you worry. K9 cinemas has some ground rules to help keep things calm and enjoyable for everyone. You do want to be able to enjoy the movie, don’t you?

Some Ground Rules


The first rule is that you can bring a second dog for $5, but you can have no more than two dogs at a time. If you have more than two dogs, you’ll have to bring a friend to join you.

They also require you to bring papers from your veterinarian stating that your pooch has had the required vaccinations on your first visit.

Then, they ask you to clean up after your furry friend. Those rules seem pretty fair!

Whose Idea Was This?


And who can we thank for having this amazing idea? Meet Eric Garland and his Australian Eskimo named Bear.

Look at that good boy! He looks like a perfect movie date, doesn’t he? Garland created the bring-your-pup movie night after noticing “a huge gap in the dog-wine-movie market.”

A huge gap? More like, everyone likes wine. Everyone likes dogs. Everyone likes movies. This all makes perfect sense. Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? Let’s get on this, people!

K9 Cinema Events


K9 Cinema opened in 2018. They do not show new releases, but they do host themed nights and different one-off events.

Do you want to watch Elf during the holiday season? They’ve got you covered. Did you need a place to watch the finale of Game of Thrones? Well, you could have flown to Plano and watched it with your pup on the big screen.

Just make sure your pup behaves when the Direwolfs come onto the screen.

Date Night With Your Dog


But K9 Cinemas is not the only organization that is helping owners go out on the town with their fur friend.

There are so many places, all over the United States, that host events for you and your dog. Or, at least are dog friendly so you can bring them with you.

Here are some other fun ideas for you and your favorite pup, so you will never have to leave them home alone again…

Take Me Out The Ballgame


Did you know that you can take your dog to see the Yankees? Many baseball stadiums have a Pups at the Park night that allows you to watch your favorite team with your favorite fur friend.

In order to bring your pup, they need to have a ticket too. They also need to have proof of their vaccinations for Rabies and Distemper/Parvo.

Some events include a pup parade before the game starts and your dog is required to stay in a designated dog section in the seats. Sign us up

Going Whale Watching


One popular things to do when visiting Cape Cod is going on a whale-watching trip. Well, we have some good news for your pooch. Some of these tours allow dogs.

On the Dolphin Fleet in Provincetown, you and your dog can enjoy the three to four-hour trip viewing humpback, baleen, right whales and other marine life together.

Dogs must be leashed and on their best behavior. They also ask that you call ahead and let them know you plan to bring your pup and to bring along a water bowl.

The Dog Bark Inn


Want to get away for a few days? Why don’t you stay at the Dog Bark Inn Bed and Breakfast in Cotton Wood, Idaho.

For just $132 a night, you and thr other guests can stay inside of a giant beagle. “Cozy up with selections from our library of books, games & puzzles many of which are dog themed. Light snacking foods and in-the-dog breakfast is included.”

Guests and their dogs will have reign of the the entire property. Next door you will find the Dog Bark Park visitor center, a gift shop and an artist studio where owners Dennis & Frances sell canine carvings by chainsaw.

Leanna Lin's Wonderland In LA


Do you live in Los Angeles? Does your dog love to browse artwork and visit art galleries? If so, check out Leanna Lin’s Wonderland in Eagle Rock.

Leanna Lin’s Wonderland is an adorable boutique and gallery perfect for any dog lover. The shop also hosts charitable dog-themed events, like the 2014 art show “Doggie Wonderland” that benefited Ken-Mar Rescue.

In the gallery, you’ll find dog-themed art, jewelry, and geeky bow ties for your pup for sale.

Outdoor Movie Nights


If you live in or anywhere near a big city, chances are that you can find an outdoor movie night this summer in a location nearby.

Movie nights are great for groups. Just lay your blanket down, bring some snacks and some wine, grab your pup and you are good to go.

Pro tip:Make sure your dog is on a leash and is good in crowds. Also, try not to sit too close to the speakers, they can be hard on your doggies sensitive ears.

Book Smart Buddy


Book stores usually welcome dogs with open arms. If you are looking for something to do with your dog on a rainy day, head to a bookstore.

Make sure you find a store that is nice and cozy and that has a reading section with couches. Put your dog on a leash, grab a book and chill.

The two of you can get lost in a book for hours together. Well, they can’t read, but you can. Bonus points if you read the book aloud to your pup although that may get you kicked out.


Home Depot Help


Need some help around the house? Next time you head to Home Depot, don’t leave your dog at home and bring them with you. They don’t mind.

Need your pup’s advice on paint colors? They won’t really be able to help you with that because they can’t speak but the field trip with be fun for the two of you.

Let them jump in the cart and ride around. It will be much more fun then leaving them at home.

Shopping At Nordstrom's


Have you ever gone retail shopping with your dogs? Well, you can. Next time you are in the need for some retail therapy, head to Nordstrom and bring your pals with you.

Didn’t know that you can shop at Nordstrom’s with your pups? According to an LA Times article, dogs have been welcomed at Nordstrom for over three decades.

All they ask is that you keep them on a leash and that your dogs behave themselves. No yappers, please.

Dining With Your Dog


Not only are many restaurants around the United States dog friendly, but many of them cater specifically to your pups.

Shake Shack, for example, has special items on their menu for your pooch to slobber over. Don’t believe us?

Next time you go to Shake Shack bring your dog and order a Bag O’ Bones which is a bag of biscuits made by NYC’s Bocce’s Bakery. You can also go for  a Pooch-ini with biscuits and dog-friendly vanilla custard. Sounds good enough to eat!