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The Oscars Haven’t Even Happened Yet And Twitter Is Already Freaking Out

By Psquared - February 22, 2019
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Ah, the Academy Awards. It’s that wonderful time of year where filmmakers and actors converge in Hollywood to celebrate the achievements in cinema over the past year. The stars and some of those behind the scenes get all decked out in their fanciest outfits, walk the red carpet and the most deserving of the bunch win an Oscar and are congratulated by their peers and fans alike, without any drama whatsoever, because drama is only something that happens in movies… right?

If you believed any part of that, then you may want to sell whatever it is you’re on, because that sounds like some good stuff, pal. In reality, the Oscars are a hollow award show used to stroke egos and drum up business, yet fans of Hollywood take everything super seriously. If you don’t believe that, then read on. The Oscars haven’t even happened yet, and Twitter is positively full of the hottest of hot takes over what’s happened.

Sam Not Well

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Look, Sam Rockwell is an amazing actor. He’s without a doubt the single best part of Iron Man 2

…and a bunch of actually good films I swear I’ll get around to seeing one of these days.

But just because someone’s past body of work is phenomenal doesn’t mean you should award each and every thing they do in the future, especially when it robs more deserving actors. That isn’t a hypothetical statement, by the way. Timothée Chalamet was absolutely robbed.

The Snub Is Real

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Timothée Chalamet is so young and has already wracked up an impressive body of work, so you might think this snub isn’t that big of a deal.

If you do think that, don’t say so on Twitter or you might get dragged.

His performance in Beautiful Boy was, well… beautiful, boy. The fact that he was such a fantastic part of that film as a whole yet is overlooked for someone who did so little is mind-boggling.

Not The Only Snub

Credits: https://twitter.com/keatonkildebell/status/1087710105523666944

Wonder why Bradley Cooper looked so down in that last image? The Academy Awards never just snubs one deserving artist a year.

They always snub several. Besides young Mr. Chalamet missing out on a Best Supporting Actor award, Cooper wasn’t nominated for Best Director.

This is crazy, since his film A Star Is Born received a ton of nominations. You’d think if every aspect of the movie was that good the director would also receive praise, but not so much.

Reason To Celebrate... Kind Of

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The news isn’t all bad, though. Twitter is also freaking out about Spike Lee finally receiving his first  directing Oscar nomination.

That’s right: over his 30 plus year career, this is the iconic director’s first ever nomination for directing one of his films.

Were movie fans delighted by this news? Did they lock arms across America and sing the praises of the Academy for finally giving credit where it was due for so long? If you’ve ever been on Twitter, you know what the answer is…

Better Late Than Never

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Spike Lee receiving an Oscar nomination for Best Director on his film BlacKkKlansman was met with a unique outrage.

Not many felt he was undeserving of the honor, they were upset it took the Academy so long.

So, to recap, they were mad that the Oscars never nominated Lee before now, and once he was nominated, it reminded everyone how long it took for him to receive the nomination. The Academy is damned if they do and damned if they don’t in many cases.

No, I Don't Want No Snubs

Credits: https://twitter.com/Jane_Blatz/status/1087731653349437441

Just look at this list of deserving actors and actresses who deserved nominations but received absolute bupkis.

Who even is the Academy, by the way? Is it a group of emotionless robots that make their choices at random?

There has to be some behind the scenes blackmailing going on. That’s the only explanation, right? The makers of certain films have Academy members’ relatives hostage and would only release them unharmed if they were given recognition for their substandard films and performances.

Crazy And Not So Rich

Credits: https://twitter.com/justmiaslife/status/1087718078127976451

Hey, remember the groundbreaking film Crazy Rich Asians? It was hilarious, full of heart, looked great and had fantastic performances.

Yet, it received zero nominations. Yup, less than one and more than negative one, that’s how many it received.

You might think that it’s because genres like comedy and action historically don’t receive noms, but Black Panther got a ton, so why did this film get nothing at all? How do you think the fans of this movie felt?

We Ride!

Credits: https://twitter.com/velvetgIow/status/1087718548879753216

This movie meant so much to so many people. It was one of the first mainstream Hollywood films to feature a predominantly Asian cast and show off their culture.

It was a hit not only critically, but financially as well.

As you can see, its fans were ready to pick up their torches and pitchforks and descend upon the Academy for this insulting oversight. But this wasn’t the only fan base left gobsmacked by a lack of recognition they felt was deserved.

WakandHot Take

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Look, Black Panther was an awesome movie. There aren’t too many people that would debate that.

It’s a great time at the movies, and groundbreaking in featuring a superhero of color. Not to mention how much money it made.

But the fact it’s receiving so many nominations superhero flicks never receive, well, it was bound to kick up some controversy. Silver lining: hopefully this means future hero films will also receive nominations. Here’s looking forward to a future Howard The Duck Best Picture nom.

There Are No Words

Credits: https://twitter.com/THATJacqueline/status/1087707142247727104

If you’ve seen If Beale Street Could Talk you’d know how great it was. If you saw Bohemian Rhapsody, you’d know it’s…


It feels like it was a made for TV – a VH-1 movie you’d see in the middle of the afternoon.

Yet, it received the nomination for the Oscars’ biggest honor: Best Picture. How? Why? None of this makes any sense. Sure, the portrayal of Freddie Mercury by Rami Malek was great, but that was literally the only good part of that movie.

Curious, Indeed

Credits: https://twitter.com/McHenryJD/status/1087713768270901250

What makes all the love and adoration for Bohemian Rhapsody all the more confusing is the fact that it had so many issues before, during and after filming.

One of the biggest problems with the movie is its director.

Bryan Singer is embroiled in several allegations for sexual misconduct, so producers and even the cast did their best to distance themselves from him. Yet, the Academy doesn’t seem to find any issue in embracing this film. Unlike Freddie Mercury, they’re totally tone deaf.

Well Said, Ted

Credits: https://twitter.com/bjcolangelo/status/1087717042176880640

Toni Collette is another simply mesmerizing actor that most fans felt was idiotically overlooked. Their rage is totally valid.

Her role in the terrifying Hereditary is going to be burned into the minds and maybe even souls of everyone who saw it.

This Twitter user gives the only explanation as to why she won’t be given her chance at winning that tiny gold man: the Academy aren’t just dumb, they’re also cowards. They were too afraid to see this movie so didn’t realize how great Collette was in it.


Credits: https://twitter.com/prasejeebus/status/1087712296334475266

Yes, it was a horror movie, but Toni Collette was acting like a boss, as if she thought it was a boring period drama she’d win an Oscar for.

And dammit, she absolutely deserves that stature for this once in a lifetime performance.

This user summarizes the silliness of the role when said out loud, but yet she grounded the film with her realistic portrayal of a grieving mother suffering from mental illness. Despite this, she was snubbed by not only the Oscars, but everyone else.

The Only Solution

Credits: https://twitter.com/MurrellDan/status/1087707544066224128

Toni Collette deserves an Oscar, dammit, and there’s only one man that can be trusted to pull off a heist of this level.

That’s right, the one and only Nicolas Cage. This should be the plot of the next National Treasure.

Nicolas Cage should even snag himself and his pals an Oscar or three while he’s at it. Cage was in the surreal but incredible Mandy, which also didn’t receive a single nomination. It deserved one for best score, but was disqualified.

Make The Oscars Great Again

Credits: https://twitter.com/jasondashbailey/status/1087708124616769537

Green Book is the most transparent Oscar bait of the year. If you look up obvious in the dictionary, you’d find the poster AND the trailer for it.

This was a film that was designed to scream, “Look at me, Academy!”

And look at it the Academy did. This film is already being compared to Crash, a Best Picture winner from the past that did not age well at all. Please don’t make another regrettable choice, Oscar voters (although that is asking a lot of them).