The Occult, Magic and UFOs: the Untold Story of the Nazis

By jstruge - August 01, 2018
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In case you live under a rock and don’t know yet, the Nazis were a terrible fascist movement that caused the death of millions of people around the world. However, did you know that some of their beliefs were actually rooted in the Occult? You read that right. On top of all that, they were also believed to be in possession of UFO aircraft.

So yeah, super evil, occultist demon-worshipping Nazis. What could be worse? Oh, I know, a sleepover at Bill Cosby’s house…

Too soon?



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So this theory sounds pretty fringe, but heck, even National Geographic talked about it. This is legit stuff, okay? So pay attention. In December of 1932, Hitler wasn’t in power and wasn’t doing so well. He was even contemplating suicide before reportedly meeting with famed astrologist Erik Jan Hanussen. Hanussen was a famed member of the secret Thule Society – basically pagan occultists (LOL).

So this dude tells Hitler that in 30 days, there would be a turning point… perhaps even power for Hitler in Germany. He also suggests that there is a “magic tool” that Hitler could use to help achieve power, a sort of good luck charm. So he tells Hitler to go back to his hometown to find a Mandrake root, which is man-shaped root said to possess powerful medicinal properties. Kinda like in Harry Potter (but sadly, in real life this time.) Remember those annoying SOB’s?

Dig It Up

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Hitler was too busy though (’cause he’s Hitler, I guess). So he asks Hanussen to find the root for him. Hanussen goes to Hitler’s hometown and he actually finds a mandrake in a butcher’s backyard. (wha? Thanks for digging up my lawn, bro)

Side note: How many backyards did he dig up before finding the mandrake?


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He presented the charm to Hitler on New Year’s Day, 1933. (Happy New Year, Hitler. Here’s a piece of a tree!) Hitler was pretty superstitious ’cause he definitely believed in the validity of this mandrake.

He was even pictured in a Vienna newspaper holding the dang thing. How lame is that?

It Worked


Don’t go anywhere; it gets creepier. The “good luck charm” definitely worked because suddenly, almost exactly 30 days later, Hitler finds himself Chancellor of Germany. I’m not pulling your leg.

Did Hanussen read the future? Did he have an inside tip? Or was Hanussen’s occultist mandrake REALLY what he said it was?

We continue…


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On February 6th of that year, Hanussen was holding a seance (ipads weren’t invented yet, so what else are you gonna do?) and he had a vision appear to him of a great building on fire. The very next day, the German parliament GOES UP IN FLAMES and guess who benefits? You guessed it!

Hitler and his terrible Nazi friends. The Nazis consolidated power and eliminated their rivals INCLUDING mystics and occultists who helped Hitler rise to power. I guess he killed them ’cause he was afraid they would help others with their magic??? Who knows, man.

UFO Crash

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Besides the fact that Nazis believed themselves to be descendants of a superior Aryan race (from Atlantis, I might add), most of what we are taught about them isn’t that shocking.

However, Crypto historians (yes, this is a thing) believe that In 1934, a wingless, disk-shaped flying object crashed in Germany’s Black Forest.

Project Paperclip


Many believe that the Nazis actually reverse engineered this craft, which led to discoveries that benefitted their army in the way of technology. After all, it’s a verifiable fact that after the war, America deployed what was known as “Project Paperclip” that brought all the German Nazi rocket engineers to America to help develop the Saturn 5 rockets at the start of the space race.

What do you think? I want aliens to exist but I don’t think they do and that makes me sad.


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Among the other weird things that the Nazi Party did was going on many foreign expeditions. They went to Tibet, Mongolia, Greenland, parts of India and many more strange places. It wasn’t so much that they went on expeditions for the fun of it that was strange.

They did so in search of ancient civilizations in hopes of validating their theories about the Aryan race. They were also searching for magical objects. (this sounds like the plot of Captain America)


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Remember when they were looking for the cup of Christ in Indiana Jones?  Weirdly enough, that’s actually based on real events.

Heimlich Himmler, the worst of the worst occult Nazis (if you could fathom such a thing) literally travelled to Barcelona in search of the Holy Grail. This is a fact. Why did he do it? He thought it would give him superpowers.

Better Luck Next Time

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Wow. As far as we know, he did not find the Holy Grail, but we can definitely confirm that he was a terrible human worthy of the harshest punishments known to mankind.

Himmler was so heavily involved in the occult that he made it a requirement for the SS (the ultra super Nazis) to practice occult rituals.

Magic Is Real (It's Not)

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The Nazis also had a sort of “Department of Magic.” The Ahnenerbe was a real department dedicated to rewriting history for the German people.

They were given major funding to complete this task and started with a few crazy preconceived notions, one of which was that magic was real. (I feel a strong urge to do jazz hands right now…)

Aryan Race

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It’s hard to fathom a government spinning a web of lies about the German population being the descendants of a magical Aryan race, but they did and it was a very dangerous idealogy, as you know.

The Symbolism

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Their beliefs in mysticism and ancient civilizations can also be found in plain sight within their actual “logo”.

Nowadays we look at this symbol as a sign of hate, but before that, the symbol was actually a geometric shape found in many ancient religions and made its appearance in Germany dating back all the way to the German Iron Age.

Was It All Fake?

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What do you think of these claims about the Nazis? Is it perhaps society’s way of excusing away the true evil that took place during the war and replacing it with fantastical ideas and theories?

Perhaps people cannot conceive that a group of people could ever be that evil or strange, therefore it must be otherworldly?

Was It All Real?

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Or do you think that they were indeed manipulating magic, utilizing the occult for their goals and studying real UFO crafts?