The Mystery of Stardust Ranch

By jstruge - July 24, 2018
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We’ve all heard creepy and mysterious stories in our lifetime, but very rarely will you come across one like this that has so many layers, insanity, and proof! The Stardust Ranch is literally one of the most perplexing enigmas we’ve come across in a very long time. The claims that are made in this story are well documented on the internet but have been the subject of very heated debates.

Don’t take our word for it… read through and find out for yourself:

The Entrance

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It’s 1996. A retired couple buy a ranch in Rainbow Valley, Arizona. John Edmonds, a psychiatric therapist, and his wife Joyce Edmonds, a former FBI agent (red flag?) decide to settle down in their new dream home. Their new home is a sprawling remote ranch with lots of land.

If you’ve ever been to the American Southwest, you’ll know that there are vast deserts and very few inhabitants. Their new ranch is no different. It is completely secluded. As soon as they settle in, things take a turn for the worse and many strange phenomenon and mysteries begin to occur.


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To begin with, the ranch’s previous owners had left all of their belongings behind. John calls the agent to demand that the previous owners come and take their stuff. Arrangements are made for that to take place while John and his wife are away.

Upon their return to the home, John and Joyce notice that ALL the previous owner’s stuff has been put in the empty swimming pool. In a rage, John calls the realtor only to find out what happened. The realtor explains that the previous owners DID come to the home only to find all their stuff already inside the empty swimming pool. The previous owners got frustrated and left without touching anything. Neither of them had moved the stuff into the pool…. So who did it?

Machete Man

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A few days after the ordeal, a scary looking man approaches the ranch gates while holding a MACHETE. John and Joyce live in the middle of nowhere and a call to 911 would be useless. Regardless of the obvious threat, John decides to approach the man to find out what is going on. (It is America after all, so I would assume he was packing heat somewhere.)

The deranged man claims to live on the ranch and appears to be crazy and unhinged. John will have none of it and tells the man to leave. The man looks at John and whispers something that John would never forget for the rest of his life: “You are going to wish I was here. You will be sorry. There are monsters on this property and I kill them.”

Then the man leaves, never to be seen again.

Strange Lights

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After this encounter, things get really strange, really fast. The couple start to notice strange orbs of light floating around their property.

That’s right, UFOs! They also notice an increase of activity with fighter jets and helicopters. The craziest thing is that the recognizable aircraft appears to be interacting with the strange lights!

The Greys

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Then, they start getting visited by what they describe as “The Gray” (I don’t know who coined that term, but it is a well-known “species” among UFO enthusiasts.)

Coming for You

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John has described them as 40 inches tall with large compound eyes similar to an insect with cold gray skin. (Don’t ask me how he knew the temperature of their skin…) “The Gray” appears in groups of three and invades their ranch at nighttime. 


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“The Gray” even appears in their BEDROOM. Yo how creepy is that? They take a liking to Joyce and she reportedly believes to have been attacked and molested by them and not being able to scream while it is happening to her (sounds like a severe case of sleep paralysis, but I’m no doctor.)

John and Joyce have both documented strange punctures to their bodies and bruises after the alleged assaults. John also claims to have experienced episodes of missing time, which is often the case with people who claim they have been abducted.

Arial of the Ranch

Credits: Daily Mail

Remember in the Matrix, when Neo said “I need guns, lots of guns” and y’all started cheering??? That’s what John does. He suits up with some WEAPONS. AMERICA! EFF YEAH!

He does so after finding that some of his animals have been mutilated with their eyes and tongues ripped out. John and Joyce have many rescue horses on the property. Now it’s getting personal. Just like John Wick, but with horses. (Woah, two Keanu Reeves references in one paragraph!)

Cone of Light


One evening, John notices that his wife is being lured outside to what he can only describe as a cone of bright light. So he points his guns and starts shooting at what appeared to be a craft hovering over his house (lol I know right?) until it eventually retreats. Insane, right?

Sword Fight

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It gets weirder. One evening, while John is on patrol around his property, he notices a cluster of aliens so this guy grabs a SWORD and goes after them! He claims to have stabbed and killed one of them.

John collects some fluid from a SWORD that he uses to kill one of “The Grays.” The dead alien body has conveniently disappeared, but the flesh and fluid on the sword has not, so he sends it to a renowned biophysicist’s lab in Michigan for results. 


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Results are shocking. The fluid is pure hemoglobin and does not match any other animal or human specimen. Woah. The fluid is ALSO linked to many accounts surrounding cattle mutilation that takes place all over the world.

WE HAVE IT. PROOF that alien life exists. Unfortunately, everything changes. The biophysicist stops corresponding and is later killed in a “freak accident”. The samples disappear.

What Is It?

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John has been reluctant to do interviews and appearances in the spotlight for fear of being ridiculed. He does appear on the radio show “Coast to Coast AM” which is a great wacky show about the paranormal. Because of the couple’s media silence, not many people know about this ranch and the things that have happened.

A research team visits the ranch and finds a crazy-looking stone with what can only be described as a star pierced into it. Many have analyzed it and conclude that such a carving could not have occurred on Earth with our tools.


Credits: Travel Channel 1

Perhaps the greatest evidence lies with actual footage of what many believe to be an actual ALIEN caught on film. During an interview with John, where he is discussing the paranormal and extraterrestrial experiences, what looks like an actual alien appears to be peering over and it happens more than once.

He is also featured in an episode of Ghost Adventures, a cheesy pseudo-science television show with shocking sound effects. The show is unable to capture any footage of actual aliens (of course, no surprise there) but they are able to document increased levels of electromagnetism. At one point in the episode, they capture a creepy sounding laugh on their weirdo ghost equipment.

Here’s the real question though, why are ghost hunters interested in what seems like an ALIEN ordeal? Well, it just so happens that one of the previous residents of the house shot himself dead. So yeah, not only do you have to worry about aliens but it looks like you’ve got a ghost problem on your hands as well. Here’s an idea: why don’t you burn the place down and start over?

Men in Black

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The last nail in this coffin of insanity is the fact that John and Joyce claim they were visited by the REAL LIFE MEN IN BLACK. That’s right, we all know and love those wacky movies with Will Smith. Except, in this case, John believes the “men in black” to be the aliens.

“Men in black” is not an uncommon idea in UFO culture. Many who have had strange UFO experiences or sightings claim to be visited by these so-called “men in black” who are said to harass and intimidate people into being silent. John claims that these beings are responsible for the death of the biophysicist and the sample of alien fluids. If this was really true, then why is John still alive? Why do they not kill him?

What Do You Think?

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Who knows what to make of all these strange occurrences. Are John and his wife lying about everything? Are they suffering from extreme cases of delusion, mental illness or sleep paralysis?

What do you think about this story? Do you believe them? Was the old deranged man at the beginning really some sort of guardian protecting the ranch? If he had not been sent away, would the issues have simply stopped?

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