The Most Satisfying OCD Pics That’ll Soothe Your Weary Soul

By lgentile - August 13, 2019

Do you like order? Are you a neat person? Do you lose your mind when one thing is out of place? Are you a little OCD lite? It’s okay. We all have our quirks. Having everything in its place feels good and it is like therapy for some. Looking at a mess can create a mess in your head too. If you know that you are one of those people who longs for organization, this article is for you.

We are about to show you a series of pictures that are so organized and so neat, they will settle your weary soul. Any stress you may be feeling right now will melt away. Any anxiety or any uneasiness will disappear after a few clicks. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and see for yourself.

The Produce Aisle


Let’s start with this beautifully organized produce aisle here. Where people some may have just kept shopping and not even look twice, others will marvel at this beauty.

Look at the organization on those tomatoes! Whoever did this takes their job very seriously and deserves a raise, like now.

Next time you are shopping around, stop and smell the roses, as they say. You never know what you are missing. Did you know that tomatoes could look that good?

La Croix Sculpture


This is the leaning tower of La Croix. Except it isn’t leaning at all. In fact, it couldn’t be more perfect in it’s structure.

It’s so beautiful and so organized that no one will even want to touch it.

Sorry, La Croix. We wanted to grab a case but you looked so good up there, with all your friends, in perfect harmony. We decided to let you stay back. We are thirsty, but we wanted to let you shine!

Is Anyone Thirsty?


If you are stressed, we are going to take you through some iced tea meditation. Are you ready?

Let everything go and take a deep breath and look at this picture. Let your eyes wander, row by row, can by can. Row by row, can by can.

From iced tea to Monster energy drinks, it’s just a thing of beauty. Let your eyes go back and forth, back and forth. Breath in, breath out. And repeat. Feeling better?

Happy Peppers


These peppers are so perfectly organized that they can’t help smile about it.

These are no ordinary peppers. They were not thrown in a bin to be grabbed and squeezed and taken away. No sir!

They were not separated from their other pepper friends and divided by their colors. No, these peppers, were put together and organized to look their best and really shine. Now good luck grabbing any of them. If one goes, the rest will follow.

50 Shades Of Green


Damn, these veggies look sexy AF. Perfectly stacked. Perfectly organized. They look so great, they will make you want to ditch the pizza and grab some bok choy instead.

Well, that may be pushing it. You may still go for the pizza, but this veggie display will give you all the feels.

Who needs a vacation when you can get lost in the veggie aisle at your local Ralph’s? Well, that may also be pushing it but they look great, don’t they?

Carrot Art


We want to meet the person who made this beautiful work of art out of nothing but raw carrots.

This may look nice to you, but really think about this art piece. Someone made this work of art. Carrot by carrot.

They stacked those carrots on top of each other, one by one. Then at the end, they had this. A perfectly sculpted carrot piece of art. All in a day’s work. No big deal, right?

Before The Chaos


We will call this picture, “Before the Chaos.” This is a picture of a grocery store right when it opens. Untouched and in its natural state.

Everything is as it should be. Items are stacked and organized and everything is in order.

This is before the customers come and ruin everything. This is before they take things off the shelf and drop things on the floor and move things where they don’t belong. This is before the chaos ensues.

Veggie Porn


Look at all those vibrant colors! This is what we like to call, Veggie Porn. Yup, that’s right!

Yes, we have all heard of food porn, but this is strictly vegetables. It is a vegetarian’s dream, isn’t it?

Don’t you want to shove your face in there and just rub those veggies all over you…. I’m sorry. We forgot that we weren’t alone. But yes, these veggies look great. Keep up the good work everybody. Great job!


This Fruit's A Beaut!


Everyone loves a good piece of fruit. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Orange you glad you went for a banana? Yum!

But this fruit! This fruit! Look at this display. It’s amazing that someone could do all of this in just one work day. Again, please be careful when pulling out an apple. Please.

One wrong move and OUCH. You have ruined someone’s entire dream. This is so peaceful to look at so let’s keep it that way.

Paying For Therapy?


Are you paying for therapy every week? Do you go to a weekly meditation class? Paying for yoga to ease you mind?

Well, maybe you can skip all that and turn to vegetables instead?

Introducing Veggie Therapy. A new form of therapy for those who suffer from anxiety. Next time you are having an attack, just head to your local grocery store and stand in the produce aisle. Stare at the broccoli and the heads of lettuce as you take nice deep breaths. Cabbage has got your back.

We See You, Kashi!


Okay Kashi. We see you and we appreciate your grocery store display. Their display of their boxes is so calming, isn’t it? It really makes you feel centered and grounded.

It is just a simple idea, yet it is so satisfying to look at. Like putting together pieces to a puzzle, Box by box.

If only Cheez-It would find a more serene way to display their boxes of fake cheese garbage. Then we have seen it all.

The Work Of Artists


Job Description: We are looking for grocery store item artists. Looking for artists to create works of art with all of the items you would find in a grocery store or market.

Items include produce, cereal boxes, vegetables, fruits, beverages, toiletries, canned items and more.

Serious artists only. Must need some sort of an art degree to be considered. Must love food and must be able to turn a regular grocery store into a The Museum of Natural Food Art.

More Tomatoes


Boss: “Hey Sally. We would like you to put these tomatoes away in the produce section. Thank you so much.”

Sally: “Sure thing, boss.”

She goes into the produce aisle and two minutes later we have this gorgeous display thanks to her. Boss comes back in to check her progress. He weeps when he sees the tomatoes. He has never seen such beautiful vegetables in his life. Fruit. Ugh, we are still saying that tomatoes are fruit? Now if only we can come to terms with that.


Just A Bunch Of Cans


Some may just see some cans of soup or some beans. But this is so much more than that. This aisle is giving us life!

This can aisle will send you into a meditation that can take you to higher places.

Throw down your yoga mat and focus on one can. Start with one and breath into your mind’s eye and see what comes up for you. Just try not to get arrested for disrupting the natural order of the grocery store.

One Banana, Two Banana


One banana, two banana, three banana, FOUR! Look at these little guys all hanging out together.

It is almost like they are at some sort of a banana convention or something. They are so cute! Too cute to eat, right?

Seeing these bananas, we feel like we did after we saw Sausage Party. We don’t think we can eat any fruit anymore. They have a soul and a personality too and who are we to take their lives away from them?

A Pool Of Cranberries


Doesn’t this picture make you want to dive into this pool of cranberries, head first with your mouth open?

Yes, we know that this would be unsanitary but it just seems necessary, doesn’t it? It does!

Just one…. two… three… and DIVE! Head first, right into a sea of plump, delicious cranberries. Yummy! Until you get kicked out of the store for acting like a total insane person. Then you can say goodbye to these cranberries forever.


Plum Party


And we will leave you with this stack of plump plums. Now, don’t think about what would happen if you went to grab one. Instead, look at this picture and try to zone out.

And that is what we want you to do for all these pictures. When you feel out of control or overwhelmed, come back to these beautiful OCD pictures that show order and structure.

Look at them, take deep breaths and everything will be as it should be again.