The Internet’s Freaking Out About How Every Woman Seems To Have The Same Freckle In The Same Place

By Psquared - May 30, 2019

The human body is weird, isn’t it? And we don’t mean the ones belonging to people who perform in Cirque du Soleil. We’re actually not entirely convinced that those are humans at all, and instead are a race of rubber aliens trying to infiltrate us by dazzling us with spectacular (if not overly priced) dramatics. No, regular old bodies are bizarre. They’ll make us sneeze as we’re doing 90 on a highway, nearly killing us, all because it wanted to keep a particle of dust out because it saw that as the bigger threat.

One of the strangest things about bodies is how different they all are. Yours is unique to you and only you… unless you’re an identical twin. But hey, there are only two of you, and that’s pretty unique. But while all bodies are different, they’re also all the same. And not just because of what’s inside them. They’re all similar in ways you never even knew about.



Freckles are like snowflakes. They come in many varieties and they are all special and unique.

Or at least, that’s what we thought. If you’re self-conscious about having freckles or moles or beauty marks, don’t be.

You’re not alone. And we don’t mean that in the “Everybody has some kind of a flaw” way. It turns out that having a specific freckle in a specific place is insanely common, and it’s freaking everyone on the internet out.

Aaryn Whitley


Twitter user Aaryn Whitley went viral after asking a seemingly innocent and innocuous question to the world.

She asked women if they had a freckle in the middle of their wrist. That’s all. She even provided a photo to show what she was talking about.

Considering how the world is comprised of billions of people, odds were high that she’d find at least one other person with a freckle on their wrist. There was a problem, though…



She didn’t just find one person that had a freckle on their wrist. She found that everyone did.

Responses started pouring in, posting picture evidence that they had the exact mark that she was describing in her post.

It’s not like she was asking who had one nose, two ears and however many teeth you’re supposed to have (we don’t brush… whatever). She asked for a specific abnormality and learned that it wasn’t that abnormal after all.

All Identical


You could claim that it’s merely coincidence that a few people noticed they had a similar freckle on the back of their wrist.

However, when you see just how many sent in photos, you’ll realize that something is going on.

What is going on? We have no idea. All we know is that not only do all women seem to have a similar freckle on the back of their wrist, but many of them appear to be identical!

What's Going On Here?


Is there an explanation for this? We wish that there were. It’d make us feel a lot better, that’s for sure.

The original post received tens of thousands of likes, retweets and comments. And no one has an answer.

But the photos of the same freckle keep pouring in from women all over the world. Have you looked at the back of your wrist yet? Are you part of the growing number of people realizing you have this feature in common?

You, Too!


“What? There’s no way that this is legit. How can every woman have the same freckle in the same place?”

[Looks slowly and fearfully at the back of their wrist and sees nothing. Breathes a sigh of relief.]

“Ha! Knew it. There’s no way I also have the same freckle. I’m special and original and… wait, has my watch always been this thick and hung this low? Maybe I should look behind it. Just to prove that I don’t have it…”

Me, Too?


[Reads through this article, looking at all the pictures of the freckles from all these women.]

[Looks down at their wrist, which is also covered. Takes a shaky breath and prepares to learn the truth.]

[Parts their bracelets like Moses parted the Red Sea. Closes their eyes and steels their resolve. Opens them and looks down, ready to learn the truth. Yup. Of course. They’re another one. They are all one, united by this one shared characteristic.]



Okay, let’s put on our Sherlock Holmes officially licensed thinking caps and try to solve this mystery.

Freckles are caused by exposure to sunlight. We all share the same sun, so that must be the cause, right?

Well, not so fast there, Watson. While we all share the sun, we don’t all have the same amount of exposure to it, and definitely not in the exact same location. Back to the drawing board on this case, we guess

Another Theory


Sure, that “sun causes the freckles” theory was a bit far-fetched and ludicrous. Here’s a theory that holds a little more weight in reality.

Speaking of reality, that’s the basis of this idea. Here it is: we’re all living in a simulation.

Come on! Look around at the state of the world and the news. You think that this would happen if we were living in the real world? Get out of here! This freckle is the key to it all!

It All Makes Sense


Think of it like The Matrix. We all thought it was a movie (that had absolutely no sequels. Nope, can’t convince us those are canon).

Turns out it was a documentary, and we just never believed it.

These freckles on the backs of our wrists are where the plugs go into us when we’re in out goo baths and being fed a false reality by the machines. The simulation is breaking down! The truth is coming out!

Pros And Cons


We’ll admit. Maaaaaybe that theory isn’t the solution we were looking for in this puzzle.

But just because we don’t know the cause doesn’t mean we can’t use this to our advantage. What are the cons of having a freckle on the back of your wrist?

If it makes you self-conscious, you can just cover it with a watch or some jewelry. You can even cover it with makeup. That’s the only con! Now, as for the pros…



If we all have the same freckle in the same spot, it means it’s easier to spot fakes.

Remember how we mentioned that we thought the Cirque du Soleil performers were secret aliens? Those aren’t the only extraterrestrials out there.

They’re already among us. How can we spot them? Well, if we didn’t know about this freckle thing, then they sure didn’t either! That means if you meet someone without this identifier, report them to the Men in Black immediately.

Cover Up


There is a bit of a wrench in this secret alien theory, however. It’s pretty obvious when you think about it.

And no, it isn’t that “There are no secret aliens among us.” Of course there are. Open your eyes, sheeple!

The freckle in the middle of your wrist can be disguised if there are several freckles on the back of your wrist. It’s like how in Batman Forever Batman defeated Two-Face by throwing several coins in the air when he flipped his scarred coin… Woof, there’s a reference for ya.

Still Usable


Fear not, however! This sly cover up won’t work by crafty aliens slipping into some ginger skin.

Even if the wrist is covered in many freckles, the telltale freckle that distinguishes the humans from the fakes is still there.

Look closely. Closer. Closer still. Okay, too close. Back up a bit. You see how the center freckle is more easily identifiable than the rest? It’s like the North Star. Ha! We’re using knowledge of space – where those aliens came from – to defeat them!

Try It


Okay, we’ve laid out our theory and our plan, but we can’t spot these imposters all on our own.

We need your help. Here’s an image someone posted. Can you spot the crucial center freckle on the wrist?

If you can’t, don’t feel bad. Neither could we. One user said they thought they were looking at a tortilla here. The person whose arm this belongs to said they wish they were a tortilla. Hmm… then maybe shape shift into that next, alien!

Still Coming In


By the way, while we went on that flight of fancy involving simulated realities and secret alien invasions, have you noticed anything?

Oh yeah… the pictures keep on rolling in from people with this similar back of the wrist freckle.How many of us have this? Does this mean we’re all related?

Is this the birthmark/family crest of the human species? If so, then it’s a shame it isn’t cooler. We would have preferred a lion or dragon, personally.

The Truth Is Out There


Well, we don’t know why that freckle is there. But it does make the body seem more interesting, doesn’t it?

Next time you meet someone new and shake their hand, take a look at the back of their wrist.

Heck, look at everyone’s wrists. Surely it can’t be all of us… right? And if you think this feature of the human anatomy is strange, you won’t believe this next thing we learned that went viral…

Another Freckle?


Oh, great. What’s this? Another freckle that we all have? Are we going to have to pull back our hair and search for this?

No. Take a closer look. Does this freckle or mole seem strange to you? It should.That’s because it’s not a freckle or mole at all.

They aren’t that color. Is that thing… grey? Wait, we don’t think that’s how they’re supposed to look? What is that? Is there an explanation?



Thankfully, unlike the freckle on the wrist mystery, this one has an explanation. Thank you, Twitter user!

This person explains that it isn’t a mole or freckle at all, but a piece of a pencil that’s been permanently lodged into their skin.Yikes.

While that’s rough, at least we understand what is happening here. It gives them character. At least this is a characteristic of your body that you and you alone can call your own.

Not So Fast


We don’t mean to “um, actually…” you, but… um, actually… no. It turns out that isn’t so unique either.

After that was posted, thousands of people jumped in and showed their own unique pencil freckles. Like we said, the human body is weird, man.

There is a pro to this as well. Secret aliens can just jam a pencil on the back of their wrist to make that freckle. Honestly, let them take over. Humans are too weird for us to handle.