The Difference Between First Class And Economy Meals On These Airlines Is Staggering

By lgentile - August 08, 2019

Flying can be uber expensive. And nowadays airlines will charge you for every little thing. Some airlines will charge you a ton of money just to check a bag that is bigger than a small purse. Seats that incline will cost you extra. More leg room? You will have to pay the price. And booking Business Class and First Class? Forget about it! You will feel like a boss but in order to sit where the fancy sit, you will have to pay a hefty price.

But once you see the meals and drinks offered in First Class, you may just have to cough up the money. Seriously. Airplane food is known to be the worst, but the First Class and Business Class menu is a whole other story. Here is the difference between First Class and Economy meals on 10 different airlines. You’ll want to book First Class from now on and never look back.

Air Canada Dinner In Business Class


Oh, Canada! Our home and native land… but also home to a bomb ass meal on a flight, but only if you aren’t in the cheap seats.

What’s on the menu, you ask? General Tao Chicken, a lovely salad and a blondie for dessert. Sounds delish!

But wait until you see what the people sitting a few rows back are eating. It’s really sad and will make you want to splurge on your seats next time you fly.

Air Canada Dinner In Economy Class


We told you that the meals in Economy are going be sad. Those sad green beans say it all, don’t they? Look at them!

At least you get a brownie out of deal. That gives travelers a little something sweet to look forward to. Oh, and water. What a luxury.

And is that a piece of toast? “I’ll have toast with my green beans, thank you.” said no one ever. No seriously. No one wants a plain piece of toast for dinner.


Hawaiian Airlines Lunch In First Class


Yum, yum, in my tummy! What do we have here? We have some pasta, some veggies and some cocktails. Nothing can be better than this meal!

Well, a lot could be better but this is a perfectly acceptable meal for an airplane. We’ll take it.

But then… the other people on the plane way in the back are about to have a whole other kind of dining experience. It’s sad isn’t it? Well, wait until you see how truly sad it is.

Hawaiian Airlines Lunch In Economy Class


This is a sorry excuse for a meal! This bean salad is so small you can hardly see it. Hey, bean salad! Are you there?

At least there is some rice on this tray to fill you up a little bit. You can’t really mess rice up, can you? Well,  this is an airplane, so they may be able to do just that.

Just eat the rice and try to pass out and stay away from the stuff with the rice. It looks likes dog food and you have a long flight ahead of you. Good luck.

Singapore Airlines Dinner In First Class


What a gorgeous set up we have here. It looks like they are at a real restaurant, doesn’t it?! They aren’t scrunched up, smashed and squished into a small seat with a teeny tiny little tray.

The onboard TV is huge and there are also several beverages to chose from. Eeny, Meeny, Miny, CHAMPAGNE.

If eating meals on planes looked like this every time, we would eat during every flight. Unfortunately that is not always the case.

Singapore Airlines Dinner In Economy Class


Our point exactly. While they also have several beverages, no one wants to drink coffee with their airplane meat. We promise!

Maybe they could have served the coffee after the meal, so it was nice and hot. Not with the soda and dinner so by the time you get to it it’s cold AF.

This is bad planning on Singapore Airlines part if you are asking us. But then again, what do we know? Oh! Here’s what we know! The First Class meal on the next airlines blows this one out of the water!

Cathay Pacific Dinner In First Class


On Cathay Pacific, if you book First Class you will be treated like royalty and here is a picture of the caviar to prove it.

While caviar isn’t the most filling meal in the world, it is certainly fancy.

But then what? They better have more than just this, especially for a long flight. Who are we kidding? It’s First Class. They probably have several other meal options on their menu and then some. This is just the first course.

Cathay Pacific Dinner In Economy Class


And you thought that the tiny bean salad that we saw earlier was sad. This little fruit salad gives it a run for it’s money.

And a plastic cup of Seltzer with a lid? What are we? Five years old?!

No one wants to drink soda like a toddler! We are adults dammit, so treat us that way!!!! Why are we having a meltdown over SELTZER???!!!!!! Okay, maybe we do deserve to drink it out of a sippy cup.

Japan Airlines Dinner In Business Class


Okay, Japan Airlines! We see you with this fancy Business Class meal! We see you and we are picking up what you are putting down.

This one is the most impressive airplane meals thus far. In fact, this looks like an average meal you would find at any Japanese restaurant. Doesn’t it?

Hey, other airlines! Please take a look at this picture and take notes. Japan Airlines is not messing around. We give this airplane meal five stars.

Japan Airlines Dinner In Economy Class


And just like that everything changes. In the blink of an eye we went from “whoa” to “eh” in only a few rows.

Why is the difference in the meals from Business to Economy so extreme? Can’t there be some sort of a happy medium. What’s the deal?

We love kiwi, so no offense, but have you ever seen kiwi that looked so sad? Have you ever seen kiwi that looks so unappetizing? How could they make kiwi look so solemn? It’s a tragedy!

Thai Airways Dinner In First Class


Here we have a classic Thai meal that is clean and simple and it looks pretty good.

We have a nice big TV and a few little walls up for some privacy. We like it. It feels good. You even have a flower for some ambiance! Now that is a delight.

We are worried about what we are going to see in Economy. Should we just stay up here enjoy the space and quiet? Probably, but now we are curious about the meals that are being distributed in the back.

Thai Airways Dinner In Economy Class


Is this meal better or worse than you thought it was going to be? Come on, be honest?

Some of it doesn’t look all that bad and then we take a look to the bottom left corner of the picture and that is all we need to see.

Can someone please tell us what that is because it looks like brains. Just being honest. Shrimp salad? Fine. Weird cornbread thing? Okay. But brains? Not cool, Thai Airlines.

Turkish Airlines Dinner In Business Class


Look, this isn’t the most incredible looking meal in the world. If we spent all that money in First Class we can’t say that we wouldn’t be disappointed in this meal.

But then again, it isn’t the worst thing we have ever seen. You know what is the worst thing we have ever seen?

What is happening in Economy section, that’s what. When you see what they are serving back there, you are going to want to write a letter in protest.

Turkish Airlines Dinner In Economy Class


Were we right or were we right? We were right, weren’t we? This is awful!

This is a message. “Oh, you don’t want to spend money on a nicer seat? Fine. We will torture you now with soggy pasta covered in something red that isn’t really a sauce but we will call it that and you will eat it and you will like it.”

Okay, Turkish Airlines. We get the point. We will never even consider sitting in Economy.

Lufthansa Lunch In First Class


Lufthansa Airlines is showing us what’s up with this delectable meal. It is light, it is fresh, and a beautiful glass of Riesling is the cherry on top! Delish!

You can’t help but feel fancy with a meal like this. This is what First Class is all about, isn’t it? Being pampered. Being wined and dined. Feeling fancy!

This is luxury at its finest and really makes spending the extra money on a First Class seat all worth it.

Lufthansa Lunch In Economy Class


And then, back in Economy, you are presented with this slop. And when we say presented, we mean they basically throw it on your tiny little tray and look at you with judgement in their eyes.

They hand you your meal and when they look you in the eyes their eyes say, “Should have spent more money on your seat” as they throw this crap your way.

It’s rude, isn’t it? THIS ISN’T FOOD. You wouldn’t give your dog a meal that looked like this, would you? Exactly.

ANA Dinner In First Class


Hey, ANA! Thank you for this lovely meal! Look at this little filet. This meals looks filling, but it is also not too much food where you will feel sick while sitting that high in the sky.

It’s the perfect amount and exactly what you need for a long flight. Pair it off with a glass of red wine and BAM!

You’ve got yourself a great meal, even if you are stuck in a flying tube of farts.

ANA Dinner In Economy Class


Okay ANA! This Economy meal is not so bad. So far, this is the best Economy meal we have seen.

As of now, ANA is neck to neck with Japan Airlines for their Business and First Class meal, but they certainly win for their Economy meal. Hands down.

It looks filling and there are enough options that if you don’t like one or more things, you have plenty more to chose from. We give them an A for effort!

Aeromexico Breakfast In Business Class


And our last airline to review today is for Aeromexico. This is their breakfast option for Business Class.

Okay, what do we have here? It looks like a standard Mexican breakfast with some type of egg burrito thing and some beans.

We have a croissant, some fruit. All in all we are into it. There is enough to get your full and if you aren’t a big breakfast person you can stick with the fruit and call it a day!

Aeromexico Breakfast In Economy Class


And you know what? Breakfast in Economy isn’t so bad either. Way to go, Aeromexico! Hey! That rhymes!

We have some eggs, some hash browns, yogurt, fruit… there is something for everyone.

We think that is what we learned here. If you can afford First or Business Class, you are in good hands. But airlines, if people can’t afford to sit upfront, give them some options to munch on in the back in Economy so there is something for everyone. After all, Economy people are people too!