The Color You Choose Totally Reveals Something About Your Personality!

By Psquared - July 08, 2019

Everyone has different tastes. Whether it comes to food or what they prefer for entertainment, each individual has their own preferences. It makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? We’re all individuals, and so we all have our own individual views and ways we choose to live. That’s for the best, isn’t it? Imagine how boring life would be if we all thought, felt and acted the exact same. We’d essentially be clones, and if you’ve ever watched any sci-fi movies involving clones, you know it never ends of well.

So yay for not being clones! No matter what your tastes are, celebrate it! Do you love spicy food and heavy metal and scary movies? That’s awesome! Do you like only purple foods, polka and French expressionist black and white films made by auteurs post 2011? That’s… incredibly specific and weird, but hey, you do you. Your tastes say a lot about you, even that one that we’ve been asked since we were young…

What's Your Favorite Color?


Every one of us have been asked what our favorite color was growing up more time than we could count then or even now.

“What’s your favorite color?” is the first icebreaker that we all learned. Some of us even use it to this day.

If you’re on a dating app, you’ve likely been asked about your favorite color, which is strange, because as an adult… who cares? It’s such a shallow, meaningless question when getting to know someone… right?



Actually, it turns out that you can learn a lot about someone based on which color they choose as their favorite.

We know… this sounds dubious. Who cares if someone prefers green over pink or yellow over blue?

You’d think favorite movies would reveal more about their personality because there’s more to decipher. But once we start breaking down people’s favorite colors and what they say about them, you will become a believer as well. Let’s get started, shall we?



So what does it say about you if your favorite color is blue? Well, you are likely extremely even-keeled in your every day life.

Since it’s the color of the ocean, blue is generally associated with feelings of serenity. You can stay calm in most situations, which makes you a great problem solver.

Also, those who often wear blue are generally perceived as lovable, easy to get along with and extremely reliable. You love and inspire harmony in the world around you.



Okay, that… was a lot. How close was it? Do you love and wear a lot of blue?

Or do you know someone who is always clad in that calming color? Was it a perfect description of them in every way?

Okay, but that was just one color, right? And blue is the favorite color of so many, that it was easy to pinpoint. Well, that’s not all we’ve got. Here are countless other colors and what they reveal!



What does loving green say about someone? Those who love green often put too much emphasis on security and money.

By doing this, they tend to leave other aspects of their lives behind. They are also overly concerned with what other people think of them, and will do anything to make sure they are loved by all.

But this is actually a bit of a positive. They love money, but don’t ignore their personal relationships. Anyone who loves green is extremely loyal and affectionate, making them great friends.



Red is the color of stop signs and also what you see when you’re angry. That can’t mean good things for red lovers, right?

Actually, people who choose red as their favorite color are some of the most outgoing people around. They are bold, confident, and extreme extroverts.

They love making friends and being the center of attention, and also being a huge flirt. Those who wear red on a first date are more likely to invoke attraction from their potential partner.



Blue, red and green are the most frequently chosen colors to be someone’s favorite, so now we’re gonna get specific.

Anyone who chooses yellow as their favorite color loves learning and sharing that knowledge with others. They are also extremely positive people.

It’s a good thing they’re positive, too, because those who love yellow are often underestimated by those around them. But they’re optimists, so it doesn’t bother them too much. If you have a teacher whose favorite color is yellow, that’s a great sign.



If you choose purple as your favorite color, does this mean you just combine all the attributes of those who love red and blue?

Not quite… but that kind of quirky thinking is a trait of those affectionate towards this royal color.

Those who love purple often get lost in their own mystical, imaginary world and leave reality behind. They believe in horoscopes, tarot cards and anything else that is other-worldly. So if you have an eccentric friend (or are one), then they likely have purple curtains hung up somewhere.



Pink is associated as a feminine color, so if someone chooses this as their favorite then it must mean they’re “girly,” right?

Actually, more so than their gender, this reveals their maturity level. Anyone who chooses pink as their favorite color refuses to accept growing up.

They want to stay in a childhood state forever, even though they have responsibilities to deal with. That said, pink lovers are some of the best friends to have, because they are always up for adventure. Nothing girly about that!



Brown may seem like a pretty bland color to favor, but those who love it aren’t plain at all.

They love being a dependable friend who will do anything you need them to. Unless, of course, you’re asking them for something that could lead to conflict.

Brown aficionados try to avoid drama at all costs. They love their stable lives and wouldn’t dare to compromise that. While they love being reliable friends, they won’t upend their lives just because you ask them to. They want to stay grounded… to the ground, which is often brown.



If you love orange, you’re probably pretty inconsistent. This could be a bad thing, but it might not be.

You may just go with the flow and try not to get tied down. You consistently want to be the center of attention and will do whatever you need to get eyes on you.

Also, those who love orange have a hard time with commitment and have a hard time connecting with people. Hmm… this all sounds like a certain politician who (based on their skin color) seems to love orange…



We’re getting to the nitty-gritty here, now. White seems like a strange choice as a favorite color.

But hey, strange choices are the ones that reveal the most about someone! Anyone who loves white also loves to keep a clean and tidy life.

You won’t find messes anywhere near them, and their organization skills are crazy impressive. Those who love white also have a sense of purity and innocence around them, though often times it is a facade and not true at all. We’re onto you!



If your favorite color is black, you’re an evil witch and should not be trusted in the slightest.

Just kidding. Hope you didn’t take that to heart, since those that adore the darkest color are artistic and sensitive.

They don’t love sharing personal information with other people, and are usually pessimistic about the world. Well, “pessimistic” isn’t the correct word. They’re more realistic. It’s because they’re extremely sophisticated and have a wider perspective. They’re smart, but that comes from hard work, not witchcraft.



Grey is such a boring color, and we’re sad to report that so are the people that like this best of all, no matter what shade.

Those who love grey are afraid of commitment, emotionless, boring, detached and indecisive. Yikes… that sounds harsh.

Grey lovers don’t have any major likes or dislikes, and they’re pretty much neutral on all things. They lack passion in their every day lives. Don’t worry about grey lovers being offended by this. This bland outlook makes them pretty chill, so they won’t mind.

There You Have It


Pretty revealing, right? Don’t worry if some of these descriptions seemed less than complimentary. They all fall in a spectrum.

After all, we all love more than just one color. This is more of a guide than a hard and fast rule of life.

But still, it’s best to keep these all in mind. Especially the next time you’re on a first date and ask them what their favorite color is. It may seem childish, but it’ll tell you more than they may be willing to admit.