Taco Makeup Is Going Viral…Because Tacos Are The Best

By lgentile - August 01, 2019

What is it about tacos that people just can’t get enough of them? We have Taco Tuesday, a day every single week that we dedicate to eating tacos. We’ve made it a weekly holiday, for crying out loud! That’s love right there. Shirts with captions like, “Will Squat For Tacos” and “I’m Into Fitness. Fitness Taco In My Mouth” are all the rage and there are taco festivals each year to celebrate the beloved taco. 

Whether it’s ground beef, carne asada, chicken, potato, carnitas, chorizo or mushroom, people love tacos. Like, a lot. But what if people loved tacos so much that they started wearing them on their face. No, we aren’t talking about smashing tacos on their face, we are talking about taco makeup. That’s right. Taco makeup has officially become a makeup trend that is going viral because, well, tacos are the best. Come on, you can’t deny that! 

A New Makeup Trend 


People love makeup tutorials on Instagram and Youtube. A few clicks on the internet can help you figure out how to do a perfect cat eye or a flawless red lip. 

But a few very creative Instagram users have discovered that with a few flicks of mascara and some little curls of eyeliner, you can turn your eyes into tiny little tacos

Taco makeup is just another reason why the internet is the absolute best! 

 Not All Tacos Are The Same 


And just as not all tacos are the same, not all taco makeup is the same. 

Whether you want to turn your eyes in a crunchy taco or a soft taco. Or maybe you are more of a double-decker fan or love a gordita or a chalupa. 

There are so many different types of tacos that you can paint on your face. The possibilities are endless.

The Taco Trend


Instagrammers are trying out this taco trend and seeing what kind of response they will get from flaunting it online. 

According to one post on Instagram, “I batted my taco eyelids seductively at my husband hoping he would find me irresistible and want to take a bite out of me. Did it work? Yeah, not so much.”


It looks like someone needs to look within and ask themselves if they are married to the right person. 



So for those of you who are into makeup, what do you think of this taco makeup trend? 

If you need to see more pictures, check out the hashtag #makeuptaco to see more examples. 

While we focused mostly on eye makeup that looks like tacos, you can really paint your tacos anywhere. This girl here thought that her cheek was in desperate need of a taco makeover and she isn’t wrong. 

A Little Disclaimer


Here is the major problem with participating in this taco makeup trend. What do you think happens if you see tacos near your mouth every time you look in the mirror? 

You are going to want to eat tacos, that’s what! This is a dangerous makeup trend if you are trying to eat healthy. 

Please don’t say that we didn’t warn you because we tried. Boy, did we try!

Rocking A Taco Eye 


But in the end it is up to you. If you think that you can rock a taco eye and keep your hands off of real tacos, we say go for it!

And you better try this look fast, because we don’t think it will last too long. Sorry tacos, but it’s true. 

And if tacos aren’t really your aesthetic, here are some more beauty and makeup trends that are super weird. 

Cloud Makeup

And do you feel like you are more of a cloud person than a taco person? Look, clouds are beautiful so why wouldn’t you want to wear them all over your face?

This cloud makeup trend will bring you back to your childhood and you’ll look like a walking Lisa Frank advertisement. 

You’re 5th grade self would totally be obsessed with everything about this look. 

Rainbow Makeup


Speaking of looking like a walking Lisa Frank ad, check out this incredible rainbow makeup. 

It almost looks like some sort of clown makeup gone wrong. Her makeup is so bright and vibrant, but her facial expressions, not so much. 

Hey turn that frown upside down, girl. There is nothing more fun than a rainbow painted on your face so cheer up, please and thank you. 



Credits: indianexpress .com

Look, admit it. We are all hooked to our cell phones. And one of the major reasons why is because we can’t stop looking at our Instagram. 

Well, if you need even more Instagram in your life, go ahead and try this Instaception look. 

That’s right. You basically turn your face into Instagram. We all need to get out of the house a little more. Don’t you think? 

Barbed Wire Brows 


Forget sleek and well manicured brows, this is the new way to shape your eyebrows. 

This is called the Barbed Wire Brow. It’s sharp, it’s spiky, it’s pointy and this look makes your brows look all over the place. Just like a piece of barbed wire! 

And listen, that is the look so please stop trying to smooth them out and put them back in place. 

Nose Hair Extensions


Now this look makes us feel like we need to sneeze. Hold on….. Hold on….. AHHHH CHOOOOO. Why are we putting things up our noses that will make us sneeze. 

Nose hair extensions went viral last year and suddenly everyone started walking around with hair in their nose. 

Just kidding. The look went viral but no one in their right mind would ever walk around like this. Go ahead and prove us wrong. 

Feather Eyelashes


Again. Why are we filling our eyes with feathers so we can’t see anything in front of us?

Not only is this a total block from being able to see anything at all, this also seems like it would make your eyes itch and sting. 

Warning, if you are allergic to feathers or really anything at all, do not try this look. EVER! You’ve been warned. 

Halo Brows 


Can someone please tell us why we have spent our entire lives trying to get rid of body hair and now we are painting more onto our faces?

Seriously! The amount of money women spend plucking and tweezing and waxing and threading and lasering and now we are adding more onto our faces? Unreal.

And not only are we adding more on, but we are putting them in the shape of a halo. This is absurd. 

Glitter Freckles 


Everyone knows that getting glitter anywhere is absolute worst! Sure it looks cute but it gets everywhere and it never goes away. Ever.

You’ll find the glitter years later still stuck right where you left it. It’s tragic really. 

So why are we putting it onto our faces when we know how hard it will be when we try to get it off? Anything for fashion, baby! 

Tinsel Eyelashes

Credits: glamour

And we will leave you with this lovely fashion trend that is bound to send you to the emergency room for having plastic stuck in your eye. 

This is a perfect look for this holiday season, just don’t go anywhere that you think you’ll need to have to see. 

We can guarantee this look will have you winking and blinking and squinting and fast. But, as they say, fashion hurts, dahling.