Some Of The Most WTF Images We Found On The Internet

By Psquared - April 09, 2019

It’s good to maintain a healthy level of curiosity. Too many people grow up and believe they’re done learning once they leave school. That’s a wonderful recipe for ignorance, and frankly, the world is full of too much of that already. The truth is, you can learn something new each and every day. The world is full of mysteries, and it’s great to ask questions. However, sometimes you stumble across some mystery, and the only question it makes you shout it, “WTF?!”

The internet is a great place to go to answer any question you might have. What’s the circumference of an average wheel of cheese? How many containers of floss would it take to stretch across the Pacific Ocean? Why is the moon mocking me? We can get all these answers in seconds thanks to the internet, but yet… the internet has a way of raising more questions than it answers. Here are some images we’ve found that are absolutely confounding and will leave you scratching your head until it’s raw and bloody.

Pleasure To Meat You


Speaking of things that are raw and bloody… just what on Earth is going on here?

In nature, you establish dominance and become the alpha by exhibiting absolutely no fear, even in the face of a more physically impressive creature.

This guy is just like, “Pfft, lions, bears, whatever… come at me bro.” They’re even giving them an incentive to attack. We’re not saying this is wise or recommended, but you do kinda have to respect the (misguided) bravery of it all.



Ever since human noticed birds, we’ve dreamed of being able to fly. Thanks to planes, we now can.

But that’s not good enough for some people. They want to soar without the need for jet propulsion and baggage fees.

This is one way to go about it. Perhaps if enough birds swarm his bread suit at once, he can latch on and hitch a ride. Frankly, it seems crazy, but compared to Spirit Airlines, we’re willing to give it a shot.

Buffalo Sauce


We’ve heard of buffalo sauce on a sandwich, but we didn’t realize it came from their mouths.

It must be strange to share bread with this animal, considering, well… we’ve eaten this animal on bread. That’s a bit awkward.

It’s kind of like when you go on a first date and realize you used to date someone this person knows. Only instead of dating, it’s eaten with ketchup, onions and blue cheese. Hope they never figure that one out.

Oh. Deer.


There’s so much to unpack in this image. First of all, is that her pet?

She seems to be pretty chummy with that doe. But if that’s the case, then why is it on the bed, huh?

Most people don’t like their dogs on the bed, meanwhile she has a giant wild beast standing where she sleeps. Better than keeping them outside, maybe? Don’t want them jumping in front of traffic. Indoor cats are one thing. But indoor deer? Or should we say… indeer?

There, There. Let It All Out


“Oh man, I think I’m about to be sick. Can you be a pal and hold my hair?”

“Sure thing. Um… what hair do you want me to hold? Not to be rude, but you have a lot of it.”

“Too late, here it comes. Huuuuaarghhhh. Ugh, that’s better. Remind me to lay off the banana daiquiris after Labor Day. Oh no… it’s after Labor Day and I’m wearing white! Forget tacky, these stains are gonna be even more obvious now.

Proud Poppa?


While the sentiment is usually appreciated, receiving Christmas cards is never anything to get excited about.

It’s usually a bland recap from people you barely talk to and it feels self-indulgent at the best and delusional or vain at the worst.

But this guy? He gets it. Not only is this picture hysterical, but imagine getting a card along with it explaining what his “family” has been up to over the past 12 months. You’d want Easter, July 4th and Arbor Day cards from him as well.

Chick Magnet


“Hi, my name is Steve, and I’m glad you’ve come across my online dating profile.

A little bit about myself, chicks flock to me, but don’t worry, I’m actually a good egg. I’m not clucking around with you.

I’m looking for someone to settle down with who won’t make me feel all cooped up. As for physical stuff, I’m definitely a leg and thigh man, so hopefully you well-seasoned ladies will hit me up. Signed, the Colonel (that’s what they call me).”

Just Say 'Nay'


Usually we’re pretty good at guessing the backstory behind these images, but this one… we got nothing.

Why the heck is that pony locked in there with the guy, and why is he cowering/rolling in agony on the floor?

Was this a bank robbery gone wrong? Did an equestrian super hero foil their plans? They’re a strong, independent horse that don’t need no man to ride off into the sunset with, they can ride off on their own. That’s all we got.

Polite Fox


Foxes are known as cunning, deceptive creatures. But this picture proves they can also be polite.

You’d think given their stereotype the fox would devise some plan to get everyone to leave so they don’t have to wait in line.

But instead, this one is happy to wait their turn… which makes us think this is a distraction. Some other fox might be pulling a con while we’re busy admiring this one’s patience. We’re onto your game, you trickster.

But Why The Sewing Machine?


Pictured here is a perfect visual tutorial on how to look absolutely suspicious as all get out.

First of all, whenever there’s some form of calamity, stand in front of it smiling a shady smile. And dress inappropriately nice as well for no reason.

Finally, hold up an instrument of some sort. Could this sewing machine have caused this accident? Almost assuredly not. But based on everything else, we’re not so sure now. What is his game, and why is he doing this?

Full Circle


As a man, going bald prematurely can certainly do a number on your self-esteem, but it doesn’t have to.

Just because you lost the hair on top of your head doesn’t mean you can’t accentuate other hair on your body.

Growing a beard is a good move. Bald head with a beard is a great look. But a beard that makes it look like your face is in a chair lift at a ski resort? Maybe just go clean-shaven instead.



With modern conveniences, it’s easy to just want to stay inside and lounge about your house all day.

But you should really try and get outside more. Sunshine gives you Vitamin D, and exercise is always appreciated by your body.

Get out there in nature! Go for a walk and… wait. What’s that thing? Oh. Well, you know what? Staying inside never hurt anybody either. Nature is overrated. Why don’t you binge 11 series back to back on Netflix?



This senior citizen puts the “giddy” in “giddy-up.” This is some truly delightful ingenuity on display here.

Too old to ride an actual pony? Get dragged by a motorized scooter like a geriatric, old-west form of water skiing.

This is also much safer than riding a real pony. Especially in a bank. Yup, we’re still hung up on that photo. We don’t know what’s going on there, but in this photo? Some folks’ inner children never go away, and that rules.

And Let Us Say, 'Ramen'


The family that bathes in a tub of inexpensive noodles sold in brick form… actually, we don’t know how that saying ends.

Mainly because that’s not a saying, because this wouldn’t happen often enough for anyone to make an expression out of it.

Maybe it’s one of these kids’ birthdays, and all they wanted was to have a carb-y Jacuzzi, but didn’t want to bathe in it alone. Well, while it’s strange, at least there’s solidarity, which is… admirable?

Keep 'Em Coming


“Don’t be shy pouring these drinks. With the week I had, I need something to take the edge off.

First, the boy looks like he’s going to throw the ball, but doesn’t let go, so I go running after nothing like a goof.

Then, I’m getting belly scratches, and after five minutes… they stop! I thought they were going to last forever. The betrayal of it all. Then my master left two minutes ago, and I’m sure he’ll never come back. It’s a real me eat me world out there.”

Slow Learner


It’s never too late to go back to school and get your degree… for most people.

However, it might be too late for them, and they’re not even that old. But by the time they put the pen down and turn in the paper, 12 years will have passed.

Imagine trying to cheat off of this student. They clearly know the answer, but it takes them half a week to fill in the Scantron bubble. It’s easier to just study and learn legit. Yuck.

Can We Help You?


This is likely just an optical illusion, but we really, really hope that it isn’t.

You know how the only thing better than having a dog is having multiple dogs, but the responsibility can be a bit much?

Imagine having two dogs in one! This is like chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. So much greatness in one package. And even better, when you walk them, you only have to pick up after one. Double dog is gonna be a hot new breed instead of just a type of dare.



You’ve likely heard of a turducken, which is a chicken inside of a duck inside of a turkey.

But have you ever seen a Chifigarette? That’s a cigarette inside of a fish inside of a chicken. We don’t know what holiday this is prepared for.

For the mate, make a Turduckenisharette. That’s a cigarette in a fish in a chicken in a duck in a turkey. And you though Sam I Am was brave for trying strangely colored eggs and pork.

For Real, Though?


3D artist Miguel Vasquez is talented at bringing things to life… that maybe should not be.

Spongebob and Patrick are two of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time. They’re so silly, goofy and fun.

But when they’re made to look realistic, all the fun goes away. How nightmarish is this? We don’t know why this exists, and we want it to go away… but we can’t stop looking at it. This will be burned into our brains forever.

Heavy Load


You know how sometimes you put off doing laundry for so long it becomes a problem?

Well, you’ve likely never had it be a problem of this scale. At this point, you might as well just buy a new wardrobe.

The cost of buying and transporting a laundry basket this large and then the frustration of finding enough quarters to accommodate this load just isn’t worth it. Donate the soiled garments throughout the city and start a new life elsewhere.