Some of the Most Hilarious Roommate Moments That Are Just Too Relatable

By Sarcasm Society - January 03, 2019

When your roommates are this hilarious, it’s never a dull moment. Of course, that isn’t necessarily a good thing. Sometimes you want dull moments. You crave them. After a stressful week at work you just want to unwind and do nothing. Unfortunately, when you have roommates like these, you find yourself getting into adventures you weren’t planning on and certainly didn’t want. But hey, that’s part of the roommate experience. You’re not alone in having an insane person sharing your home with you. We’ve all been there. If you need proof, just check out some of these examples that will have you saying, “Yeah… same.”

Just Being A Good Friend


Human beings are pack animals. As much as we romanticize the notion of being a “lone wolf,” it’ in our DNA to want to feel like we belong, and have others around us.

That is, of course, except for terrible roommates. When you’ve lived with someone for too long, you want to be the lonest wolf of them all. Here’s a good example as to why.

C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me.

R is for roommate, you didn’t leave enough for me!

If you hate other people stealing your food, then having a roommate is the worst curse imaginable. Why can’t anyone respect boundaries or leftovers?

Packing Peanuts


There’s a whole lot worse that could be filling up your toilet, so this might actually be lucky. Oh, who the hell are we kidding? This is just as bad as anything else you’d find in the toilet from your roommate. They are monsters.

Best to just use the bathroom at Starbucks for the next few days (or weeks) until this mess gets sorted out and you can return to life as it was.Tricked you…this mess will never get sorted out

Romantic Reminder


Also, vacuum the carpet. It’s a total mess! It smells pretty good though. And it is biodegradable. That means we can just leave it alone and it will eventually crumble up and be good for the earth. Isn’t that how science works?

Again, when you have got lazy, irresponsible, undependable roommates, being passive aggressive is sometimes all you’ve got. So if you’re going to go down that route, you may as well do it with some style.

Life Lesson


Not all soaps are created equal…and not all roommates will make fun of you (but this one will). At least the floor will be so clean that you can eat off of it. You won’t even be sad that you can’t do the dishes. Why get angry at all?

Use this as an opportunity to install a Slip and Slide in your kitchen. Sure, you’ll lose your security deposit, but have some fun and make it worth it. Congrats! You’ve just turned chicken s**t into chicken salad.

Scare Tactics


Want to be even more terrifying? Make the silhouette look like the landlord. The worst possible thing that could happens if this is what your landlord actually looked like. That basically means that your landlord is Slenderman.

It might be time to consider moving out. If only this place wasn’t rent controlled and so close to your job. Eh, it’s worth the risk. Most would rather be murdered than have to move, after all.

Help Our Roommate


Before the Internet, college kids had to go to extreme lengths to lose their V-Card.

Sure, they didn’t have paper left to print out their mid-terms, but at least their chunky roommate Randy popped his cherry. And, really, that’s what it’s all about, right?

This is one of those examples of where trying to help makes things much, much worse. Sure, they succeeded in their mission, but at what cost? Everyone knows about this now.



Do as I say, not as I do (when I say “pay the electric bill”).

Laziness is lovely, but try not to have it affect others. Especially when they’re in their most vulnerable position imaginable. It honestly isn’t that difficult to replace a roll of toilet paper.

And sure, this may have been in retaliation for something else, but the last thing you need is for this war to escalate, especially in the freaking bathroom.

Oreo Prank


Too polite to tell your obnoxious roomie their breath stinks? Pull this prank/favor and see if their whispers don’t start to delight your nostrils…

Toothpaste?! No, no, no. If you REALLY want to prank them then put Preparation-H betwixt those cookies and watch the fun begin! They won’t even be able to get angry. Sure, you were a monster who did something unspeakably terrible. But on the other hand, you bought them cookies. Even for a prank, you can’t hold a grudge after that.

(Editor’s note: Yes you can. You totally can.)

Makeshift Notes


At least they know how to share their orange markers. Maybe they can use this newfound ability to compromise on what food sharing takes place in the house. Noodles and coffee can both happen if a little communication takes place. Also, if you’re going to steal your roommate’s food, don’t be such a rookie about it by eating the whole thing. Take symmetrical bites and put it back so they won’t even notice any is missing. That’s how the pros do



There’s also a clog in the toilet (sorry about your shoe). We want this person as our roommate. Are they taking applications? Everyone needs a pun master in their life. Even if they can’t fix the toilet, this is the next best thing.

Plus, if this is the level of prank they pull, then sign us up. This may officially be the best/worst roommate in the history of roommates.

Classic Spit Take


Great.Now no one can have dressing, and everyone can have a grudge. Win/win? Now someone just has to go buy more dressing, and who’s to say that no one’s going to spit in that one, either? It’s a vicious cycle. If only we could all learn to get along and just share.

But if you give a mouse a cookie, they’ll want a glass of milk. And if you give a roommate some dressing, they’ll use the whole dang bottle and never replace it.

Dish Duty


Every household responsibility should have a meme!

“I can haz rent?”

We’d have a bunch we’d like to put in the shower, too. The whole house can be a meme. Will it get the chores done? Absolutely, positively not. But will it make your roommates feel guilty? Probably not either.

But will being passive aggressive make you feel better? You bet! You have to take the small victories where you can get them, you know.

Your Rent


Turns out, this is how the rose petal roommate’s apartment deals with every transaction. What do they do when the shower is broken? Oh, right, they could fill water with plastic cups and spell that out. This is really the answer to any problem.

Always be careful when you decide to be passive aggressive. Because the person receiving it might dish it back at you. And when the petty wars begin, they can get nasty in a hurry. This is one war where there are no survivors…only casualties.

A Simple Request


Dear Evan,

Can we treat every day as if my parents are coming? I know you pay the same amount of rent as I do, and this is your home and you want to be comfortable in it. But I’m uncomfortable with how comfortable you are.

Ryan, who is tired of his roommates not wearing pants all the time.

Dear Ryan,

The pants stay off, now and forever.

Evan, the pantsless guy behind you.

Clean the Fridge


An eggscellent way to get the message across without any pesky confrontation. You wouldn’t want to actually communicate with words when you can do it with eggs, because that’s a really silly idea. Also, who knew the Easter Bunny was such a stickler of a roommate?

I feel bad for the Tooth Fairy. I knew they were polar opposites, but I didn’t think they’d be going at it like this all the time. I guess working with kids gets on their nerves. One of them needs to move in with the Leprechaun.

iPad Hacks


Don’t let this gallery make a cynic out of you. Not all roommates are terrible. Some of them are the best people on Earth and you’ll love living with them. Look at this one to lift your spirits. Whether it’s making an iPad holder out of duct tape, or lying to your RA for you when there’s booze in the room, a good roommate can handle any sticky situation.

This guy is probably an engineering major because this is really smart. Live with him forever and you’ll never have roommate issues again.