Some Cat Owners Are Warning About Potentially Lethal Himalayan Salt Lamps

By Psquared - July 19, 2019

On paper, cats are terrifying nightmares. They’re carnivorous creatures that are relatives of lions and tigers that like to hunt in the dark and play with their prey before putting it out of its misery. But gosh dang it… they’re so cute. We’ve heard that the only reason they rub against you is because they are marking you with their scent so others know that you’re their property, but we don’t believe it. They love us and are cuddling! And even if they do want to think of themselves as our owners, it’s only fair since that’s how we think of them.

Evil or not, we love cats and (at least potentially misguidedly assume) they love us back. So if you’re a Purr Papa or a Meow Mama, you want to make sure to take care of your feline friends and make sure that no harm comes to them. That’s why you should know about a surprising danger posed to them that might be lurking in your home right now…

Himalayan Salt Lamps


Himalayan salt lamps are all the rage these days. If you don’t own one yourself, you definitely know people that do.

They’re pretty therapeutic, as they ionize salt and release it into the air, creating a pleasant atmosphere that helps you relax.

Besides the physical benefits, there are also aesthetic benefits. Look at them. They’re just nice to view. It adds a pleasant ambiance to any room you’re in, so many people like to scatter several around the rooms in their homes.

Purring Problem


However, it turns out that this could be dangerous if you own any cats. Why is that?

Well, since cats are predatory and curious creatures, they tend to like investigating objects they aren’t familiar with to see if it can be played with or eaten.

And since these lamps actually do have salt in them, cats are gonna be cats and lick at them. No big deal, right? They lick way grosser things around the house. Turns out, this is an issue…



A Facebook post was made by a concerned cat owner that wanted to warn all other feline lovers.

It was made on the Facebook page of Rose Avenue Vet Hospital in Coffs Harbour in New South Wales, Australia by a user named Maddie Smith.

Like many cat owners, her little Ruby liked to lick things, and she owned a Himalayan salt lamp. This led to some scary issues, that she shares in detail in the post. Be sure to read it all and take head if you have this type of lamp and a feline at home.

Walking Funny


“We woke up on Wednesday morning to our darling Ruby walking really strangely and had her head in an odd position as she walked.

We initially thought this was just because she was so cold so we got her nice and toasty and left for work as usual.”

If you own a cat, you know that they are silly and kind of goofy, so the occasional strange behavior is nothing too alarming. But things got worse in a hurry.



In almost no time at all, her poor cat went from walking kinda funny to barely being able to function at all.

“Wednesday afternoon [my partner] Clayton arrived home from work and [Ruby] had deteriorated dramatically so we rushed her to the vets.

The vets were extremely concerned for her and could see she definitely had neurological problems because she simply could not walk properly, could not hear or see, couldn’t even eat or drink properly because she couldn’t function her tongue the best.”



“Her basic senses and abilities GONE in less than 12 hours. She was so helpless.”

As a pet owner, this is your worst nightmare. One minute your pal is healthy and everything seems fine, the next they are barely clinging on to life.

Luckily, they were home and noticed something was very wrong. We’d hate to think what would have happened had they been away. They were able to see something wasn’t right and rush Ruby over to the vet for help.



“So the vets ran some tests and they were all good, no worries. Until her bloods arrived back this morning.

She had extremely high sodium levels in her blood. So this severe salt poisoning had caused her brain to swell, and ultimately the neurological problems that followed.”

Like with humans, cats need sodium in their diet. And like us, too much can cause some serious health issues. But how did she get such a dangerously high amount? You guessed it…

Salt Poisoning


“The salt poisoning was caused by just your normal salt lamp that we had in our lounge.

Ruby has ingested the salt by simply licking the lamp (we didn’t realize obviously). This is usually more common in dogs, so this was a huge shock, and their first case they have seen with a cat.”

Yes, this is a warning to cat owners everywhere, but we also adore doggos and puppers, so please keep an eye on them as well if you own this type of lamp.



“Salt poisoning is EXTREMELY deadly to animals and she is basically a miracle to still be here now.

These salt lamps are addictive to animals, and if they get a taste it becomes just like potato chips are to us!”

Who knew that salt was so addictive? Actually, just about any nutritionist could have probably told you that. So while your pets may love them, they are highly dangerous to their well-being, so exercise the utmost amount of caution.

Keep Out Of Reach


So what should you do? If you have a salt lamp and a pet, should you toss them out?

That isn’t necessary. You just need to exercise caution and make sure that it is out of reach of your pets so they won’t be harmed by it.

“So please please keep these out of reach from your fur babies. Ruby still has a long road to recovery but we are so glad she’s still here with us, with the right nutrition and hydration we should have her back to normal.”



Also, be sure to have the information of a good animal hospital or vet urgent care in the area on hand at all times.

You never know when an emergency might strike, and you don’t want to be caught unprepared. Thank goodness Maddie Smith knew about First Vets and they were able to help.

“Ruby wouldn’t be here today without the help of First Vets who have helped her with every hurdle we have faced with our Ruby the past 11 months we have had her. She’s a fighter that’s for sure!”

Just In Case


While Himalayan Salt Lamps are lovely, they can be fatal to your furry friends if you’re not careful.

As you’d imagine, after this ordeal Maddie Smith and Clayton decided it’s better to be safe than sorry moving forward and put the safety of Ruby first.

“Hopefully sharing this might help educate others on just how deadly these lamps can be if the salt is ingested. I know mine is not staying in our house from now on, that’s for sure.”

Message Received


This post was shared tens of thousands of times, and thousands posted how grateful they were and how it may be able to help people save their pets’ lives.

One user wrote, “I’m 99.9% sure this explains what poisoned my nine week-old baby girl Cheetoh last month.

She crashed one day with the exact same symptoms as your baby. After three emergency vet visits they could only think it was something neurological or poisoning, although her bloods came back next to normal apart from a rise in white blood cells.”



Some users made suggestions on keeping the lamp in a container or cage so the pets couldn’t get to it. Many others expressed gratitude.

“Thank you for sharing and raising awareness. I have one of these in my bedroom. Thankfully, my pets aren’t allowed in my bedroom so they don’t have access to it.

If I ever decide to move the lamp, I’ll be sure to keep it away from my pets reach, both cat and dog. Hope the little kitty has a speedy recovery!”

Get Well Soon, Ruby


And overwhelmingly, the comments wished nothing but the best for little Ruby and hoped she makes a speedy recovery.

One user summed up everyone’s reactions by saying, “Who would have thought about this? Thankfully your precious pet is recovering and continues to do so. Sharing is a warning to every one. Thank you.”

So if you have pets and a salt lamp or know someone else who does, be aware of the dangers. Thank goodness Ruby is doing better. Rest up, kitty.