So…Nostril Hair Extensions Are A Thing Now, Cause Humans Are Weird

By lgentile - May 15, 2019

The words “body hair” and “sexy” do not always go hand in hand. Well, unless you are into that type of thing. Men and women all over the world spend mucho dinero removing excess body hair. Waxing, tweezing, threading, hair removal creams, shaving and more. We will do anything we can to get rid of that unwanted body hair. One errant chin hair can send on woman down a spiral, and nose hair? Forget about it.

Sure, there are a few people out there who have some sort of a nose hair fetish, but besides those seven people in the world, nose hair is an absolute no no. That is, until now. What if we told you that nose hair is in? Don’t believe us? Well, see for yourself. Nose hair is all the rage and this trend started on…. you guessed it…. Instagram.

The Nose Hair Trend


Like what you see? Want to try this at home? Need to have this look? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

Oh come on! It looks good and you know it. Yeah, it looks good if you are trying to look like a crazy person.

No offense, but it looks like you went and stuck a spider up your nose. Look, we aren’t trying to be rude, but maybe we should try something else? Anything else? No, seriously. We beg of you.

Such A Pretty Face


She has such a pretty face. She is beyond beautiful. Maybe if we take something cute, like a scarf and cover up her nose and mouth then we can unsee this?

Nope. Too late. She put hair in her nose and we will never get that sight out of our heads. It looks like we will now have to accept this trend from here on out.

So who is going to try it next? You? How nice. We were hoping you would volunteer!

Please Tell Us Why


Now that we have accepted the trend, can someone just tell us why? Who started this?

Who was just sitting around in their room one night and thought, “You know what would look super sexy?! Eyelashes in my nose!”

We would like to have a word with them. We just want to see if they are okay. See if maybe they need help. Maybe we could be some sort of support system for women who feel the need to insert hair in their nose. It’s just a thought!

Hairy And Happy


But this woman looks so happy with all that hair up her nostrils. Wait a minute….Maybe these ladies are onto something!

Maybe the tickle of the hairs, tickles their fancy, if you know what we are saying. Maybe it makes them feel free and alive and….

HELL, HAND OVER THOSE EYE LASHES!!!! Maybe this trend is exactly what we need. No. It’s not. Look, I am just trying to be positive and find some good in this. Help me out here.


Looking On The Hairy Side


Okay, let’s try to make some sense of this, shall we? Maybe the hair helps to cover up any yucky boogers that may be hiding up there?

No? Okay then maybe the eye lashes create some sort of shield that can be of help during allergy season?

Actually we would think that all that hair up inside the nose would create more sneezing and wheezing and itching and discomfort. Hmmmmmm. Does anyone else want to chime in on the benefits of one putting hair up inside one’s nostrils?

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things


But one more thing before we move on…

Why can’t we just accept our faces as is? Do we really need to pluck and tweeze and pinch and plump and shove things into our nostrils?!

One day we are going to look back at pictures of ourselves and say, “Why did I stick hair up my nose?” Well, we won’t but these people will. Sorry, we aren’t doing it, but go ahead if you like the look.

Get Over It


Well, whether we understand it or not, hairy nostrils are in and they aren’t going anywhere. We must move forward in these trying times.

Well, hopefully, they are going somewhere and they are going somewhere fast. But in the meantime, we much accept it and move on.

Here is the good news. This isn’t the first time a trend came into our lives that we had to accept. And it certainly will not be the last time…

Fishtail Eyebrows


If you think hair up the nose is bad, here are some other fashion and beauty trends that need to go away like NOW.

Like these fishtail eyebrows. Who started this? We would like to have a word with them.

Also, for some people, eyebrow hair doesn’t grow back if you shave them. So this can be a permanent mistake for some. Do you want a fishtail on your face for the rest of your life? We didn’t think so!

Hairy Nails


First, we explored the hairy nostril trend and now this? Here is the perfect match for your hairy nostrils.

Introducing hairy nails. These hairy nails really pop and the little faces really bring this look home. Your nails will never be boring again with this look.

Here’s a question: What if your hairy nostrils make your nose itch and you need to scratch but you are wearing hairy nails? What do you do then? Write us in and let us know!

Halo Eyebrows


And do you know what is worse than the fishtail eyebrows? Ladies and gentlemen, we have the answer: Halo eyebrows!

We don’t think that this trend is what Beyonce was talking about when she wrote the song. You can go ahead and ask her, but we are pretty sure the song is about something else.

This takes face painting to a whole new level. What is happening in this world? Uni-brows are unacceptable but this is a good look? Please help us understand.

Half-Long, Half-Short Hair


Or what about this snazzy half long, half short haircut? Do you like this look? It’s pretty special, isn’t it?

Does she have long hair? Does she have short hair? Does she have both? Nobody knows!

This haircut is the perfect look for anyone who can’t make their mind up. Are you non-committal? Can you never make a decision? Than this is the look for you! If you can’t decide what to do with your hair, just do it all!

Flower Vase Hair


Nothing says, “I love you” like a bouquet of flowers. Nothing says “I’m certifiably insane” like a bouquet of flowers coming out of the top of your head.

Who needs a vase when you have the crown of your own head? Just watch out for thorns though. This look can be dangerous.

Here is some friendly advice: Try to stay away from roses and try to stick with softer flowers like daisies, lilies and sunflowers. You will thank us.

Feather Brows


We have spent our whole lives shaping our eyebrows and it looks like we have been doing it all wrong.

With this look, your eyebrows will be light as a feather. Or at least they will look that way.

Here is how you do it. Just part those brows straight down the middle with a teeny tint comb. Then from the middle part comb them up, then comb them down and there you go! Easy to execute and truly a work of art.

Little Eyebrow Crowns


Do you want to feel like a queen on a budget? All you need is a comb, a little bit of gel and some sparkly rhinestones.

First, part your brows into little spikes, then put a rhinestone on the end of each spike and you’ve got a special crown right on your face.

You’ll feel like a queen for a day. Just one day because we are hoping that that is how long this trend will last. One day and one day only. Alright, onto the next!

Wiggly Lips


There is nothing sexier than wiggly lips. Oh, we lied. There is. There are a like a million things sexier than wiggly lips.

Try this look with a lip pencil or really go to town and tattoo this look right onto your face so you have to look at it every time you look into a mirror for the rest of your life.

Hey, if you are going to go for it, you should really go for it, don’t you think?

Glitter Tongue


Want to really make a splash in the fashion and beauty world? Throw some glitter on your tongue.

Just don’t be surprised when the glitter gets stuck to your tongue and then gets in between the cracks of your teeth.

Then you will find more glitter on the floor from when you applied it to your tongue. Then the counter tops, inside the bathroom cabinets, in all the drawers. Before you know it, you will be covered in glitter and you will never get rid of it until the day you died. Is it worth it? You decide.

Boob Nails


You know what would look really cute on the tips of our fingers? Boobs! That’s what.

We would like little perky boobs of all shapes and sizes and colors, please. And a boob isn’t a boob without a nipple, so don’t forget the nipple!

You can put a hand on a boob, but did you know that you can put a boob on a hand? And not just one boob but did you know that you can put several little boobs all over one hand? We didn’t think so.

Nails That Bite


How about this look? These are nails that you can really sink your teeth into. Do you like this look?

These nails have a bite to them, don’t they? More like, these nails bite.

Look, call us crazy but we are going to stick to a regular mani pedi. You may think that is boring, but if this is our only other option, we are more than fine with boring. Actually we prefer boring over this monstrosity.


Comb Nails


See, this is a nail style that we can get behind. Why? Because if you forget your brush or comb, you can just use your nails. Amazing!

Do you have a knot? Is your hair a mess? Well, my friend, you are in luck, because with this look you’ll have ten tiny little combs right at your finger tips. Literally.

So ditch your hair brush and go for this look instead. Your hair will always be on point no matter what!

Girl, Bye


So there you have it. If you are sick of your look, here are some options for you if you need to branch out and try something new.

Ditch your perfect brows and your manicured nails. Skip that perfect hair cut and your perfectly glossed lips.

Trade your look for some extra nose hair and add some teeth to your nails. Have short and long hair all at the same time and try wavy lips instead. Why not? You only live once.