Sleep Desks Are Now A Thing… So You Can Now Fall Asleep At Your Job Easier

By Psquared - July 29, 2019

Does it feel like our lives are busier than ever? While we have more conveniences than ever, such as YouTube and Netflix allowing us to find any and every show from our childhoods and watch whatever episode we want, all these amazing things come at a cost. Namely: money. And to make money, you have to work. And work. Can. Be. Exhausting. What ever happened to the good old days when we were kids and didn’t have to pay bills or taxes and could just do whatever we wanted? Oh yeah… we grew up.

We never knew how sweet of a deal we had when we were kids. Can you imagine that we used to actually fight our parents when they tried telling us to take a nap? Now, we would pay top dollar for such a luxury. Sadly, we can’t do that, because we have to work, and sleeping on the job is usually frowned upon. Luckily, there are now products that can help us out…

Sleeping At Work


To get ahead at your office job, you need to be willing to put in a lot of hard work and extra hours.

However, even though the spirit may be willing, the body can only take so much before it needs to shut down and re-energize.

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a job where they don’t mind you taking a quick power nap. If so, consider yourself fortunate. But when you do try to sleep at the desk, how do you do it? Because this looks crazy uncomfortable.

George The Genius


You may remember that Seinfeld episode where George concocted the brilliant scheme to create a bed under his desk.

This being George and a sitcom, the plan ultimately wound up blowing up in his face. But the plan was sound to begin with.

If you’re going to spend the vast majority of your life at your desk, at some point you’ll need to sleep at your desk, which isn’t that easy to do, given human anatomy. But now,

Studio NL


Studio NL has released pictures of a prototype desk. And frankly, we can’t wait for this to become a reality that’s available to us all.

What’s so special about this desk? Well, as you’ve probably gathered by what we’ve been discussing up to this point, this desk is the ultimate “sleep at work experience.”

We know it may not look like it from this picture alone. It just seems like an ordinary desk. Fancy and aesthetically pleasing, sure, but “comfy” isn’t a word that jumps to mind.



Oh, but just you wait. Like an Autobot or a Decepticon, these desks are more than meet the eye.

Greek designer Nancy Leivaditou of Studio NL came up with the idea for this multipurpose piece of furniture while she was studying and working in a cramped New York apartment.

It’s made of lacquered wood, metal and white leather. So it’s professional, yet stylish, meaning it’s perfect whether you want it at the office or even at home. Oh, and the top of the desk isn’t all that moves…

Fold Down


You’ve heard of fold out couches, but have you ever seen a fold in desk before?

No, you haven’t, because as we said, this is a prototype and the first of its kind. The back folds in and is actually a comfortable mattress.

So now when you tell someone you’ll be at your desk all day, it doesn’t seem nearly that bad. Look, sometimes sleeping at work is inevitable. If you’re going to do it, might as well go all the way with it.

In Action


Oh, and if you look closely, you’ll notice that there’s also a TV in there.

So you don’t even have to sleep. You can just relax and decompress until you feel recharged enough to return to work, more productive than ever.

Frankly, we think every office in America (nay, the world!) should be required by law to provide this to all of their employees. Also, mandatory nap time from 11 A.M. to 3 P.M. every day. Will the economy collapse? Yup. But we’ll be so relaxed it won’t even bother us.

Desk Bikes


Desk beds are so much better than some of the other desk innovations jobs are trying to peddle on us.

Or should we say… “pedal” on us. Because desk bikes are a real thing that some offices provide to their employees.

So are treadmill desks. Look, getting exercise is necessary and healthy, and being at work can keep you from doing it. But working while working? That’s a level of inception that we’re just not ready for yet. More rest options, please!

The Schnap Hammock


Now this is more like it. Let’s say you want to feel like you’re relaxing on a tropical paradise.

A hammock is a great way to do that, but you can’t really get that feeling at work, can you?

Take a look at this picture and reevaluate your answer, friends. This is a hammock that you can take a nap in underneath your desk. It turns out there are all sorts of wacky sleep inventions that help you catch some z’s when you’re on the clock.

Ostrich Pillow


You know how ostriches bury their heads in the sand? Well, wouldn’t you love to bury your head in a pillow?

The ostrich pillow lets you cover your head and your hands as well. When your boss is coming around the corner and you’re feeling scared, duck into one of these.

Yes, they can still see you, so like the ostrich, this isn’t the best defensive position. But it does look comfy af, so we really want to get one.

Scarf Pillow


But what happens when you want to nap in your chair or even on the go?

Well, here’s another product that is stylish as it is practical. It seems to be just an ordinary scarf at first. But it’s so much more.

You can pull it up and up and up, then it becomes a comfy neck pillow. If you’ve ever taken a nap on a plane or in a car you know how much it can mess up your neck, so thank you to whoever invented this.

Inflatable Hoodie


Okay, but what if more than just your neck gets cold? What if you need to wear a hoodie?

A hoodie and a scarf may be a bit much, but worry not, because these hoodies allow you to doze off as well.

They have an inflatable pillow built into the back of the hood. So not only do you get to be comfy on the go, but even comfier when you lay down. Man, when it comes to sleep inventions, we’re living in a golden age.

Arm Pillow


There are even inventions that let you sleep better at home in your own bed.

Yes, even in this relentlessly busy age, we still get to catch some shuteye at home every now and then. Do you sleep on your side?

Often, you use your arm for a pillow, and when you do, you wake up feeling completely numb and sore. This strange pillow is designed to let you do that. Now you can sleep in a position that’s comfortable to your body without completely destroying it. Yay! What a novelty.

Hoodie Pillow


Pitch blackness seems like the type of setting only a goth teenager trying to get back at their parents could appreciate.

But honestly, it’s the perfect setting for when you want to sleep in, but it can be so hard to attain.

Enter this contraption. It’s a pillow that has a hoodie built into it. It’s the exact opposite of that hoodie with the pillow in it. The advantage? You pull this over your face and everything will be darker than the Sith lord you now resemble.

Hot Pocket Sleeping Bag


Is this practical? Sure, we guess. But is that the reason we want it? Heck no!

Who wouldn’t want to sleep in a gigantic Hot Pocket? We hope this is accurate to the product, meaning no matter how blazing hot it is on the outside, it’ll be freezing cold on the inside.

That’d be perfect for those weekend camping trips on the side of a volcano people totally take and we’re not just making up right now. Microwave not included (or recommended).

These Pajamas


Look, we don’t recommend falling asleep at the job unless your boss gives you written permission that you can do so.

But! If you do want to get comfy and doze off at work, you should totally wear some PJs.

And not just any pajamas. These pajamas. Yes, these are actually pajamas. They’re also nicer than any actual suit that we own. We are seriously considering getting a pair to wear at all our upcoming weddings and funerals. Sleep well, everyone!