Servers Are Revealing What They Wish Customers (AKA, You) Would Stop Doing

By Psquared - August 13, 2019

The best things in life are free, but everything else costs money, so we have to work. If you enjoy your job, be sure to thank each and every person you work with every single day you walk in, because you’re one of the luckiest people on the planet. Most of us tolerate our careers at best, because we don’t want to be there, we have to be. We’re lucky to be employed at all, so we don’t want to seem ungrateful. But there are so many things that make the simplest parts of our job needlessly complicated. Namely… people.

If you work in the customer service industry, you know exactly what we’re talking about. And if you don’t, it’s time you get an education on the matter. Recently, servers took to Reddit and revealed the things they wished customers would stop doing. Take note, because for all they’ve done for us, the least we could do is stop being inconsiderate monsters to all the fine servers of the world…

Snapping And Whistling


“Don’t snap or whistle at me. I am not a dog. Likewise, don’t commend me with ‘good girl’ when I drop your order at your table.” – bar_tenderness

You do realize that servers are actual living, breathing people with feelings, right?

If you do, then that’s good! Some folks seem to forget and treat them like they’re emotionless robots built just to serve. And even if they were, they should still be nice lest the robots revolt.



Thinking of asking that special someone to marry you in a restaurant? Here’s what a server has to say: “Proposing. It makes the restaurant awkward.” – Iamarandomguyhaha2

Yeah, while it may be your favorite spot and the location of your first date, maybe choose somewhere else to go.

You’re not the only ones in there, and while it may be lovely for you, everyone else is uncomfortable and immediately wishing your marriage to fail.

Talking Over Them


“Please allow me to finish introducing myself before you start speaking your order over me. Lots of restaurants require their servers to hit specific talking points, and besides, it’s just rude.” – bar_tenderness

We know that fast food is preferable when you’re in a hurry. If you don’t have a lot of time, go to one of those establishments.

Let the server say what they need to say, and patiently wait for your turn to speak. Mind your manners.



“Being on your dang phone while ordering. Honestly. Just no. I am a human being: Look at me if you wanna talk.” – artificiellt

It seems like the common theme with a lot of these is customers not remembering that servers are human.

Treat them you would like any other person. That means being polite, not being too pushy and definitely not carrying on a conversation with someone else miles away while they’re taking your order.

Arguing Over Who Pays


“Stop arguing over who gets the check. I don’t care, as long as someone pays me.”

You know how when you’re trying to be polite you argue with the person you went to dinner with over who pays?

You offer, then they offer, back and forth for minutes. Yeah… turns out that servers hate that. They have other things to do, so you should have figured this out earlier and stop wasting their time. Pay up in a timely manner, please.

Fighting At The Table


“I had a woman snap at me while I was taking her order because she and her husband were arguing.

They ordered their food and asked for the check and a box 10 minutes after I dropped the food off. It was just a very awkward and uncomfortable experience for me.” – darkeyedemon

When you’re angry at someone, remember it’s only them you’re angry at. Don’t take that frustration out on innocent bystanders nearby.

Attitude About ID


“Don’t give me guff when I ask your kid for their ID to order a drink.

I don’t know that you’re their parent, or that you’re not otherwise lying. Let me do my job.” – bar_tenderness

Unless they look like they’re 30, they’re going to get ID’d. If you’re upset, you must be new here, because this is how it’s always been. Either play by the rules or find somewhere else to go. Spoiler: that place will have the same rules, too.

Asking For Things At Different Times


“As a table, know what you all need at once (refills, napkins, etc.). It’s much more efficient for everyone.” – MissAnthrope612

Don’t you hate it when servers take forever to get you what you want?

Well, guess what? Servers hate it when you take forever to tell them what you want. You’ll both be a whole lot happier if you figure out all that you need up front. Then you can get it and leave.

Grabbing A Drink Off The Tray


“[Grabbing a drink off the tray] throws off the whole thing and then the tray topples over.” –alyssa_cecelia

You do realize this isn’t a wedding reception with servers walking around specifically with trays meant for you to grab items from, right?

This is a restaurant. And they are servers. It’s literally in their job title to serve you, so let them do it. When you try interfering, you run the risk of breaking glass, which leads to this next complaint…



“Don’t cheer or laugh at me or my colleague when we drop plates or drinks.” – xskreeminskullx

You especially shouldn’t cheer if the reason they dropped something is because a customer was responsible for it falling from their hands.

When something falls, they have to clean it up, and it might come from their paycheck if it breaks. Don’t mock them by laughing when they’re having a bad time. The job is already terrible enough as it is.

Blaming The Server


“Do you honestly think I take your orders then run to the back to cook them?” – MADHATTA415

This may be difficult for some folks to grasp, so we’re going to go ahead and break it down for everyone.

Servers are the ones that serve you the food. Cooks are the ones that cook the food. If you don’t like how the food is cooked, should you be mad at the server? No. Thank you for listening to this TED Talk.



“Letting your kids wander away from the table when they get antsy. We are carrying sizzling platters, trays of cocktails and stacks of dishes and this is a nightmare waiting to happen.” – CueTheKerfuffle

This is another “customers laughing and cheering when something drops due to no fault of the server’s” moment waiting to happen as well.

We know that kids can get cooped up in a hurry, but you shouldn’t let them fly free when there are others they may bump into.

Dangling The Tip


“Don’t dangle a tip like a carrot in front of your server. I’ve seen folks stack singles on the table and tell their server,

‘For every issue, I take away a dollar.’ Who condescends like that to a person trying to provide a service?” – bar_tenderness

Servers depend on tips. It’s their livelihood. We wish restaurants gave enough in wages that they didn’t have to rely on tips, but they don’t, so don’t mess with someone’s means of feeding themselves and paying rent.

Tipping On Discounted Bill


“You should tip on the full amount of the bill if a discount, coupon or gift card is applied to the final price.

I’ve had bills go from $150 to $20 after a gift card is redeemed.” – staybig

Again, that tip is just an extra buck or two for you, but it adds up when everyone does or doesn’t chip in their fair share. Let’s make those that serve us know they’re appreciated, please. It’s not that hard to do.

Splitting The Bill


“If you want a split bill, ask for a split bill before you order anything.” – JimmyL2014

Don’t surprise your server right before you’re about to leave by telling them the check needs to be divided six different ways using 11 different cards.

They don’t mind splitting it, but tell them up front. It makes it so much easier for them and for you. It also makes it quicker, so you can get out and to wherever you’re going next.



“Almost closing time and the group is sitting there with their food finished and just talking.

Please talk outside and just let me close the restaurant. I just want to go home on time.” – hans0099

It’s like that old saying goes: “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.” After all the servers put up with, the last thing they need is to hand around for a single minute longer than they need to.