Runner Uses His Fitness App To Create Running Works Of Art

By lgentile - August 05, 2019

If you are a runner, you know that running an amazing route can change your entire run. If you are bored, a one mile run can feel like a million mile run. You need a goal, some good scenery and some kick ass music to get through a jog or run. And a long run? Forget it! You need to pull out all stops to keep you going when you are running long distance.

You will see from this article that San Francisco native Lenny Maughan was born to run. Using the city of San Francisco as his canvas, he would run routes that would draw pictures of anything from Frida Kahlo to a hand with chopsticks, to the arm of Rosie The Riveter. His runs are works of art and it was no easy feat. Here are some of his amazing routes that will make your little loop look like nothing at all.

Martini, Anyone?


Like this Martini run that he did. Have you ever gone for a run after a martini or two? We don’t recommend it.

You can see from this perfect martini that he is more than just a runner. He is an artist. 

With this project, he merged his two passions, running and art and used the social fitness app Strava to create amusing pieces of “running art.”


Frida Kahlo Run


As you can see, he can’t just go on a run and he can’t just wing it. This concept requires him to plan his route carefully. 

He plans ahead and then runs the route that he has mapped out for himself throughout the streets of San Francisco.

Running these routes often requires very long distances, like this “Frida Kahlo” design that covered 29 miles and took nearly 6 hours to complete. 

No Room For Mistakes


Making just one wrong turn would ruin the entire design. That’s a lot of pressure, isn’t it? What if he had to run to the bathroom? 

“You can’t see the lines drawn until after you finish your run,” Lenny told SFGATE.

“So it’s such a joyful feeling when you put in all of that work and you finally finish and get to see what you envisioned at the end.”

The Rolling Stones Run


We would love to see the bloopers from a run where he did make a wrong turn, wouldn’t you? 

“San Francisco is my canvas. I use the streets as a framework for what I want to do, find shapes, and make it work. Kind of like how little kids look up at the clouds.”

This Rolling Stones run really is a work of art, isn’t it? We are sure Mick Jagger would be proud!

Here Little Piggy


And if you have ever been to San Francisco then you know that those hills are no joke. They are beyond killer!

Most runners in San Fran would do anything in their power to run any route that avoids those hills.

Not Lenny, though. He is going right through them. That is a beast right there. He will do anything to make a masterpiece. In this case his masterpiece is a picture of a giant pig. Hell, that looks like a piece of art to us!

Lots Of Good Luck


And we hope that he considers himself lucky that he has such a gift!

He has a gift, and clearly a lot of time on his hands. We can imagine that each route has to be drawn out and mapped before he goes on the actual run.

Do we think that he brings a little cheat sheet with him so he knows which streets to run to next? We are guessing that he has to bring some sort of map.

Ooooh Sexy Lady!


It would be too hard to memorize these elaborate routes! Look at this amazing run!

This one is so detailed, he even zig zagged to make the outline of her hair. He ran her nose, her boobs, her hand and her legs. He even ran through The Golden State Park.

We wonder how many miles he ran to make her. If Frida Kahlo was 29, this is definitely a close second. He may have even covered more ground this time around.


A Bird On A Wire


And this may be his easiest one yet, but it is still perfectly done.

It looks like he ran halfway through San Fran, then made the little birdie, and then continued on to cover the rest of the route.

We wonder what he looks like for the pedestrians that are passing him by. He must look like a crazy person with his cheat sheet out, running in circles. We would pay good money to see him run and guess what he was drawing.

A Rose Is A Rose


Now that would be a really fun game to play. Spectators would watch him run and then they would have to guess what he is making.

Do you think you could figure it out? If we would have seen him spiraling and spinning around for the top of this rose, we never would have guessed correctly.

We would have said tornado or corkscrew or even an earthworm, but never would be have guessed this lovely detailed rose.

Taco Inspired


And if you are too busy to eat tacos because you are running all over San Fran, you may as well make one with your legs.

If you look closely at this design, you will see that he had to run loops for this one.

Then he added in some squigglies, aka ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar and sour cream. We think that he should have skipped the run and went straight to the taco truck instead. Clearly he had tacos on the mind.

First Pump


This fist comes with a thumb nail and everything. We guess he thought that he did the entire hand, he should really finish it.

And where do we think that he started for this one? We are going with top middle because of where everything else connects.

For this one though, he could have started anywhere because it all connected in the end. For this one he ran almost the entire city of San Fran. That is very impressive.

Here Kitty Kitty


Even dog lovers will be impressed with this insanely detailed kitty cat run. Clearly this cat is too cool for school.

We also love how the tail goes all the way up the coast. We wonder how long the little whiskers run is and if he got motivated to sprint those.

That’s a fun idea! Sprinting the whiskers. Just keep that in mind next time you spend a bunch of time mapping out a cat route that you can run.

Cheers To You!


You know what this guy deserves after this very intense and very long run? A nice cold beer. Yum!

Right? Doesn’t that sounds great? Who wouldn’t want a nice cold beer after a run like this?

And how long do we think this run was? 20 miles? Maybe 25? Hey, after a long run like this maybe he deserves a few beers. Why not? You only live once and this guy is living it for sure.

You Gotta Have Heart


It is clear from seeing all these pictures of his very long and very intricate runs, that this guy loves to run.

And he doesn’t just love to run. He LOVVVVVVVVVVES to run. Anyone who puts this much time into their running routes must hold a special place in their heart for running.

And he has so much heart for his hobby that he put his love for running on the map! Literally. That is a near perfect heart, right there.

Puzzle Piece


Putting together the elements for a perfect run is like putting pieces of a puzzle together.

First you need to wear something that you can really move in. The most important thing you put on your body for a run is your shoes. Your shoes can make or break a run so make sure they fit right and feel great.

Then you need the perfect playlist. We recommend you look to Spotify for playlists that will help you get through a tough run. When in doubt, look to Rihanna for guidance.

Chop, Chop!


Now this chopstick running route is seriously impressive. It also makes us want sushi, like now.

Do you think that is what inspired this run? Do you think that Maughan just really wanted sushi and thought, “Hmmmm before I go for sushi, let me run real quick” and then this is what came out of this run?

That would be amazing and this guy is amazing so we really wouldn’t put it past him! Chop, chop everybody!

I'm Like A Bird


Maughan was flying like a bird when he ran this run. He ran through The Marina District, North Beach, Haight Ashbury, Golden Gate Park and more! 

It’s amazing that he can do all of that is just a few hours. What were you doing in those hours? 

Drinking coffee in your pajamas? Sitting at brunch with friends? Sitting on the couch like a couch potato? Whatever you were doing in those hours, you definitely weren’t doing something as epic as this runner.



Look, maybe it’s us or maybe it is this particular running route but we don’t really know what this is. Sorry ’bout it!

Is it a piece of cheese with a price tag? Is it a tent next to a cute little lake? We are at a loss.

But whether we know what this is or not, we still can’t get over that he ran in this shape. And then he had to somehow get home too, so we may not even be seeing the entire route!


This looks like one of his easier run but if you look closely, this one is actually not as easy as it looks.

Look street by street and you will see that he had to zig zag from street to street making the round shape of the “@.”

For this one, he also ran along the water at the top of the map, and dodging tourists must have been difficult as well. We hope he waved to some sea lions while he was at it!

Starship Enterprise


Okay, this Starship Enterprise run was clearly out of this world! This one must have taken a lot of planning to make this shape out of the streets of San Francisco.

Look, you may have to squint one eye, stand on one leg and hop up and down to see that that is what he was drawing, but that is exactly what it is.

Well, this runner wants to go where no man has gone before, and it looks like he’s done that!

Rosie The Riveter


Here the runner pays homage to Rosie the Riveter, the star of a campaign aimed at recruiting female workers for defense industries during World War II.

And not only does he run to outline the shape of her strong, flexed arm, but he also ran the route to show her other hand over her arm! Amazing!

He leaves no detail out and he clearly takes his runs very seriously. Now, if only he could have done her entire body and face. Next run!

Run Run


Well, it’s clear from these pictures here that there are two types of runners out there in this world.

There are runners who go out for a cute little run to blow of some steam and then there are runners like Maughan who are on a mission to run the most epic run in the entire world.

We can’t help but admire him for his talent and for his passion. We wished we loved something half as much as he loves to run!


So Many More Runs


And these are just some of the runs that he has accomplished. There are so many more that he has finished over the years.

From honoring Batman to running in the shape of a guitar, from paying homage to Jerry Garcia, this guy has done it all.

So here is a little homework for you. Go ahead and run in a simple square. See how that goes and then we can add on from there. Good luck out there!