Photos That Will Make You Wish We Were Still In The 2000s

By Psquared - March 22, 2019

The 2000s don’t seem like they were that long ago. Then you realize that the Y2K hysteria is nearly two decades old and you realize that time might actually be an illusion, because there’s no way it should be able to move that fast. But even though the 2000s are now long gone, times haven’t changed that much since then, have they? The ’70s, ’80s and ’90s were all weird times, but we’re basically the same as we were during the 2000s… right?

It might feel that way, but that’s your emotions telling you that. Logic says otherwise. We’ve assembled a bevy of images from the 2000s and they. are. glorious. It was such a simpler, more innocent time. These photos will make you wish we could return to the beginning of the millennium. The style, the technology and the celebrities. What a weird and wonderful time it was. Let’s see….

Nelly, Ja Rule And This Mac


Remember Nelly? Remember Ja Rule? They were some of the coolest rappers around in the 2000s.

What’s the best way to show off how cool they are? Well, most rappers like to flaunt their possessions. So that’s what they’re doing here.

Haters will say it’s fake, but they can totally afford this Mac. Dope, isn’t it? It’s the cutting edge of tech. It can dial up to the internet in no time flat, and they’ll be chatting on AIM before you know it.

On Brand


Speaking of cool musicians from the early 2000s, we’d be remiss if we didn’t bring up Sisqo.

You know Sisqo is cool because he has a ‘q’ in his name that isn’t followed by a ‘u.’ Grammar is for nerds.

He was famous for his mega hit “The Thong Song.” Here we see him showing a Sisqo brand thong. Celebrity endorsements were so much less nefarious back then. No hidden agendas on Instagram at all. You knew what you were getting.



We don’t want to start rumors here. That’s why what we’re about to say is an absolute fact.

Beyonce is a vampire. She clearly doesn’t age. She looks identical here in this pic from well over a decade ago as she does today.

Well, maybe not 100 percent identical. We don’t think she’d be caught wearing that denim dress these days. It’s a shame, really. You only have to wash jeans every few weeks. Imagine getting to re-wear dresses that often!

Squad Goals


These days Beyonce spends a lot of time with her husband Jay Z. But she kept different company back in the 2000s.

Remember Destiny’s Child? This was such a mega group. Their songs were catchy af and super duper empowering.

Sadly, Beyonce went solo. Although, her solo career is amazing as well. Ugh, why can’t she still sing with Destiny’s Child and do her own solo stuff as well? If anyone could do it, it’d be Beyonce. After all… she has vampire powers.

Denim For Days


There’s so much nostalgia in this pic. Remember when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears were together?

They were such a power couple. It was devastating to learn that they broke up. If they couldn’t make it, what hope was there for the rest of us?

Then again, maybe there’s plenty of hope for the rest of us. After all, we never decided to dress like this, so our decision-making abilities might be great. Remember: You never, ever go full denim.

Reese Witherspoon And Ryan Phillippe


Here’s another young, hot power couple of the 2000s. Whatever happened to Ryan Phillippe? He seems to have vanished.

It’s like as soon as the calendar read 2010 he disintegrated to dust like the heroes at the end of Avengers: Infinity War.

That might be for the best. After all, curly, bleached hair like that is best left in the previous decade. Justin Timberlake used to have a similar do, but he luckily shaved his head just in the nick of time.

Tom Green And Drew Barrymore


This was another turn of the century power couple, although it was mostly just powerfully confusing.

Drew Barrymore was a megastar ever since she was a child. She’s been in timeless films such as Scream and even freaking E.T.

Meanwhile, Tom Green… sang songs about his behind and did things to dead moose. It looks like love might actually be blind. This relationship didn’t last, but it certainly did give hope to all of us weirdos out there that we can play way out of our league.

Leather Blazers


Matthew McConaughey is known these days as an incredibly dedicated and talented actor. He’s won a ton of awards.

He has the respect of his peers. But that’s these days. Back in the day, he was the “all right, all right, all right” guy and nothing more.

He was a pretty face with a funny drawl. But he was undeniably lovable, so he luckily stuck around long enough to show what he could do. But his fashion, though… a leather blazer? Only he could pull that off.

Paris Hilton


You know how we all have a habit of looking back in time with rose-tinted glasses?

At the time, everyone on Earth seemingly despised Paris Hilton. She was famous for doing nothing! Why were we obsessed with her?

If only we knew how good we had it with her. There was only one of her! Today, we have an entire hoard of Kardashians, and they’re all worth billions and influence countless people over the globe. We were so lucky back then.

The Osbournes


Speaking of the Kardashians, back in the 2000s there was only one dysfunctional celebrity family reality show we cared about.

Remember The Osbournes? Who knew the prince of darkness and heavy metal was such an adorable, loving patriarch?

And man, did his fam ever love to swear. It made you wish you could swear like that in front of your parents. But you never did. Because if you tried, instead of a bat, you’d be taking a bite out of a bar of soap.

'Malcolm In The Middle'


There was so much amazing TV back then, wasn’t there? Who could ever forget Malcolm In The Middle?

What a perfect representation of that time period captured on film. Heck, even the kids’ hair represents it pretty well all on its own.

Look at Reese’s hair? What the heck is going on there? Frosted, spiked tips were all the rage back then. It was so easy to be cool. All you needed was some hair dye and some hair gel and you were the height of fashion.

'Dude, Where's My Car?'


The movies back then were also in a category all their own. Whether that category is good or bad depends who you talk to.

Dude, Where’s My Car? was the Bill & Ted of its generation. The movie was a train wreck, but a hilarious and delightful train wreck.

This was the peak of Ashton Kutcher’s career. He was the young, hip, IT guy in Hollywood (not the murderous clown). He also dominated TV with Punk’d. We were so much easier to please back then.

Hilary Swank And Her Cell Phone


Here’s a picture of Hilary Swank right after she won an Oscar. How is she gonna celebrate?

Well, she needs to call some folks and tell them the good news. Better use her… whoa, is that a cell phone?

Yup, kiddos. This is what cell phones used to look like back then. We never had to worry about becoming obsessed with them and wasting all our free time staring at them. The pixelated game ‘Snake’ just wasn’t really that engaging.

Verne Troyer And His Beeper


Remember the Austin Powers films? One of the standout characters in them was Mini Me.

Here is the actor who portrayed him, Verne Troyer. What was the best way to contact him? By paging him on his beeper.

This pic is so 2000s it almost physically hurts. The only way this could be any more retro is if he was standing in front of a Blockbusters and drinking a can of Surge. Or were those more ’90s? Who cares, let’s have them all. Man, the past was so awesome.



It’s crazy to think that P!nk has been around as long as she has, yet here we are.

Back when she first crashed onto the scene she looked pretty… different. But that’s what made her so cool!

She was like the anti-pop star pop star. She has short hair in a crazy bright spiky style. She stood out and represented the type of attitude that sprung up in this time period. And that attitude was… well, we’re still not quite sure.

Nick Carter: Middle Parter


We can’t talk about the 2000s without talking about the music, and the music was dominated by boy bands.

Here we have heartthrob of all heartthrobs, The Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter and his hair. Yes, they deserve separate billing.

For boys, the middle part was the go-to look. They say beauty is all about symmetry, so you’d think this look would make you more beautiful. But you know what?… It totally did! It’s time this look comes back. Don’t try and stop us!

Goth Angelina Jolie


We’ve seen a number of artists who are respected and revered today but had a different feel 15-plus years ago.

Angelina Jolie has always been hailed as an immensely talented actress. But her initial look was… this.

You know what, maybe it’s strange, but you gotta admit it’s pretty cool. She feels so much more bland these days. Give us “vial of blood around the neck” Morticia Addams-looking Angie any day of the week, please and thank you.

Sk8er Boi


Boy (or should we say, “Boi”), does this picture bring back a lot of memories.

Avril Lavigne was the ultimate pop skater punk diva of her time. She may have also been the only one, but she nailed that role.

She’s like a walking Hot Topic. The skinny tie, the wrist bands and the long, sagging shorts. Say what you want, she wasn’t a cookie cutter, blonde pop star. It was cool to have a different type of star in that genre.



Oh boy, here we are. You had to have seen this coming. How could you not?

Myspace was Facebook before Facebook was Facebook. You could load your page with music videos and sparkly, gaudy effects to your heart’s desire.

And yeah, it made your computer crash, but you know what? Foreign governments never tried to use Myspace to sway an American election to sew discord in its populace, so that’s one up over Facebook that Myspace can claim. We still got you in the top eight of our hearts, Tom.

Bye, Bye, Bye


This trip down memory lane was fun, wasn’t it? The 2000s are long gone, but not forgotten.

We’ll leave you with maybe the best single picture to encapsulate that time period. Here we have absolute peak *NSYNC.

Who wasn’t crushing on these boys, picking their favorite, memorizing all the lyrics and dance moves to each of the songs? Justin Timberlake may have become a mega celebrity all on his own, but he’ll always be curly haired, frosted tip Justin from *NSYNC to us.