Perfect Examples Of Perfect Timing

By Psquared - March 04, 2019

Our lives are just a collection of moments. Some of those moments are epic and will change the course of our lives and maybe even history itself. But those are few and far between. The vast majority of the moments in our lives are pretty boring. Every second can’t be breathtaking, because that would be utterly exhausting. Also, if every moment was so spectacular than none of them would seem that way. The extraordinary would become totally ordinary.

That’s why we should all be grateful for those moments in time that seem utterly perfect. Collected here are a series of those perfect moments in time. In order to capture them on film, you have to be extremely lucky or extremely skilled to a superhuman degree, because if any of these photos were snapped a millisecond sooner or later, they wouldn’t seem that special at all. So enjoy these examples of perfect timing and have a yourself a great couple moments in time.

You Wanna Hit This?


Of course this isn’t a photo of a giant stone Buddha coming to life and capturing an airplane.

At least… that’s hopefully what we’re not seeing. If that’s the case, then we’re all doomed and flight prices will become even more unreasonable.

No, this is an example of perfect timing and forced perspective. That’s what we have to keep reminding ourselves so we don’t become nervous wrecks while waiting to take off, hoping a giant statue won’t puff, puff and pass us all.

We Get It. You Vape.


Statues are only made for some of the greatest and most memorable people in human history.

So it’s a bit confusing as to why one was made for the guy that invented the first ancient version of the vape pen.

We get it, bro. It tastes like cotton candy or whatever. Can you please not do that inside? Sure, it’s not technically against the rules, but have a little common courtesy, would you please? Hopefully a swarm of pigeons will give this statue the business.

One Hot Hare


You know how sometimes clouds can start looking like certain shapes (and not vape clouds. Stop it!)?

Well, fire can do the same thing. Just look at this perfectly timed image of an inferno looking like a cute little bunny.

Well, maybe not so cute or little. In fact, if a giant rabbit made out of fire started hopping towards you, “cute” wouldn’t be the first adjective to come to your mind. “Terrifying” or “fatal” would likely be higher on your mental thesaurus.

Reflecting On A Poor Decision


Some images are so perfectly timed that they almost leave you in awe and don’t make you question them…

Almost. While this is a breathtaking sight, there are a lot of queries that must be answered, namely for the insurance claim.

How did this vehicle find itself in this situation? How is it falling so perfectly vertically downwards? And who is the eagle-eyed photographer that got the exact moment when the car could see itself one last time before it all went wrong?

That Extra 'O' Is For 'OCD'


This image is gorgeous and perfect for many reasons. First of all, it just looks downright lovely.

Second of all, it’s creative and took a level of patience and skill to capture at just the exact right moment.

But most of all… how satisfying is this? Even if you never had OCD, this satisfies that itch, doesn’t it? The Olympics logo should absolutely be a triangle of circles. You’re making one shape out of other shapes, and that’s always awesome.



“You’re making one shape out of other shapes, and that’s always awesome.” – This article literally seconds ago.

That statement isn’t just hyperbole, it’s 100 percent the truth, and here is undisputable proof that backs up that claim.

This is a flamingo… made out of hundreds of flamingos. And we were all impressed as kids when we saw birds make a “V” shape while flying. These flamingos saw that and were like, “Hold our beer.” Also, apparently flamingos drink beer. Learning all sorts of new things today.

Le Construction


“What in the heck do you think you’re doing? That’s a national monument known the world over!”

“Ay, calm down, buddy. We’re just making a slight adjustment to the tower. We want to make sure that it’s straight and whatnot.

It’s just basic upkeep. You don’t want it to wind up looking like the Leaning Tower or something, do ya? Sure, folks think it’s cute, but that thing’s a disaster waiting to happen. It’s basically the world’s longest Jenga game. You’ll thank us for this.”

Watch Out, It's Contagious


How unfortunate for this poor soldier. They work so hard for so long to be a beacon of self-discipline.

Then in a single instant of weakness, a photographer captures it for the world to see and ridicule on internet sites such as this one.

Even worse, yawns are contagious. You just know each and every soldier in formation wound up yawning after this, and now there’s definitive proof as to who is the patient zero that started this sleepy chain reaction.

He Eats Your Whimsy


We love dogs because they’re so pure and innocent. They’re like never-ending wells of happiness and love.

Accept when they see bubbles, that is. Who knew that dogs had such a fiery hatred of these whimsical soapy spheres?

At least this moment in time was captured. We can appreciate the last instant this bubble had on Earth before it was snuffed out by this pouncing pooch. Don’t worry, he’s still a good boy. Just don’t blow any suds around him.

Say, "Ahhhhhh!"


Welp, when you set up a giant poster of a man with his mouth wide open at ground level, what did you expect?

This dog couldn’t have known how hilarious this action was. It was purely a hysterical coincidence. The perfect timing here involves the photographer.

They had a limited window to whip out their camera and take their shot, and they nailed it. Either that or they knew something like this would eventually happen and waited for hours at the ready. Either way… well done.



“Hello, hi! Sorry, I don’t want to take up too much of your time. I know you’re busy.

Before you go into the grocery store, would you mind signing a petition? We want to change the American flag.”

“To what?”

“We love the stars and stripes, but we want this image to be the new official flag of the United States. Here, take a look. What do you say?”

“Dear me… can I sign up everyone I know? They’ll for sure be down for this.”

Pre-fix Your Mess


Here’s a friendly, free word of advice from all of us here at Sarcasm Society.

Be careful when standing next to signs with text on them. Especially if you happen to be wearing a helmet with a prefix on it.

You might accidentally change the meaning into something that won’t reflect kindly on you or those you represent. Hopefully this fella didn’t wander off to and linger next to any signs that said things like “insured” or “vaccinated” on them.

What A Heel


In pro wrestling, there are good guys known as “baby faces” and bad guys known as “heels.”

Being a heel can be tough work. You have to constantly think of new ways to make people absolutely despise you.

One classic trope is of the villain sporting a mustache. Sadly, not every man can grow a glorious lip caterpillar. So what do you do? You simply battle baby faces that have mustaches on their body you can use. After all, pro wrestlers have to help each other in the ring to tell a story.

Ain't Nothing To Mess With


This couldn’t have been an accident, right? This has to have been set up deliberately.

Whether this was an act of fate or the machinations of a soccer coach with a sense of humor, this picture is positively magnificent.

Hopefully these girls know how wonderful this is. Maybe as they grow up they’ll always hang out together and form a posse. They’ll rule the hallways of their school with an iron fist, and no one anywhere will mess with them.

Living And Learning


There’s a certain amount of pride we all take in our collection of books. It shows how intelligent we are.

Nothing screams, “I’m smart!” more than showing off how much we read, so it’s important to show them off in a carefully curated manner.

This right here? Well, they say you should never judge a book by it’s cover, but what about judging three books by their titles? When combined, these all tell a story of love, loss and a disturbing internet browsing history.