People Who Wear Ripped Jeans Are Getting The Weirdest Sunburns This Summer

By Psquared - July 26, 2019

Ah, the summer. It’s the greatest time of the year. We’ve loved it ever since we were kids and knew that it meant we were free from school for three full months. But as adults, summer may be even better. We get to have beach parties, bonfires, cookouts and all other manner of summer fun. And let’s not leave out the summer style. The freezing winter kept us completely covered for a good portion of the year. It also kept us trapped indoors, so even if we wore something cute, no one saw it.

But like we were free from school when we were younger, we’re no free of all those layers! We can wear shorts, skirts, sundresses and any other manner of revealing outfit we so choose. Summer, baby! Whoo! Of course, summer isn’t perfect. And even though “suns out guns out” may be a way of life for many, as you’ll see, when you wear revealing clothing this season, terrible things can happen to you…

Ripped Jeans


When it comes to pants, denim jeans are a timeless look that never, ever go out of style.

However, you can try and make them look cooler and more modern by wearing a pair that are absolutely ripped to shreds.

What is it about buying purposely damaged clothing articles that make us feel and look so cool? Well, we don’t know about that figuratively, but literally it makes us cooler because those holes allow extra air to get onto our exposed legs.



And looking and feeling cool is especially important in the summer when the temperatures are at their highest.

You want to look your best when spending all day on the beach, and you don’t want to go sweating through your denim.

However, while the temperature can be a hassle, the true danger is the sunshine itself, as many people in ripped jeans are learning the hard way. You see, they lure you into a false sense of security, and you wind up looking like…



Yup. Many people are posting pictures of what happens when you wear ripped jeans all day at the beach.

We all know the importance of sunscreen (thanks to the Baz Luhrmann song devoted to the class of 1999).

However, it’s easy to think that you don’t need to put it on your legs. After all, you’re wearing pants! Surely, that should protect you, right? Well, it does… where it covers. Here’s a collection of some of the wildest sunburns you’ll ever see.



And when we say wild, it’s because these particular burns make you look like a tiger.

Man, that can not feel grrrrrrrreat. Well, at least you don’t have to use as much aloe vera on it as you would other sunburns.

Do you think if they’re thrifty they’ll try to put it on one line at a time over the striped burns to save on it, or they’ll just slather it on all at once? Stripes aren’t the only type of ripped jeans, either…

Knees And Toes


Yeah, some jeans have giant, gaping holes over the knees, meaning that’s exactly the type of burn you’re going to get.

This one is particularly bad because they either rolled the legs up or got a pair that didn’t come all the way down.

This means that their knees and toes match each other while the rest of their legs remain pale. We’ve seen sectional sofas before, but never sectional legs. And this is when the burn is a few days old and turning tan.

Fresh Agony


Ouch. This one looks like it’s practically oozing with how fresh it still is. Please don’t touch it.

And besides the pain, the embarrassment may be even worse. That last photo at least had some symmetry with its bizarre burns.

This poor person only has a burn across one knee. While it’s less painful than having it across two, it’s gonna make the tan they eventually get super duper uneven. We’d almost suggest burning the other one just to make them match.

A Few Here And There


This one doesn’t look that bad. Luckily, they got some jeans that were more minimal when it came to adding the rips.

However, now that the physically painful period is over, they will have to answer a ton of awkward questions.

Any time they wear shorts, folks are gonna ask what happened. It’s enough to make them want to wear jeans to avoid it, but that’s how they got into this position in the first place. There’s no way to win.



That thing looks more tender than the most considerate lover on the planet. Let this be a lesson learned.

Ripped pants at the club at night? Excellent idea and where those types of garments belong. Ripped jeans at the beach? Recipe for agony.

We know ripped jeans cost an absolute fortune and to get your money’s worth you want to wear them as often as possible, but if you’re going to be out in the sun for a while, just where khakis or something.

Double Trouble


Oh, or just wear a bathing suit and cover every exposed area in sunscreen. Otherwise, your legs may wind up looking like this.

It seems strange to put sunscreen through holes in your pants and you might be afraid it’ll ruin your jeans.

But it’s better that your jeans get ruined than your knees. This is going to be painful for the next several days, and it’ll take months before the skin tones match again, if they ever truly match at all.

No Skin Tone Is Safe


You think that only those with fare complexions are the ones who should be worried about this?

This Latina woman posted this image, warning that even her darker skin tone wasn’t exempt from looking like some kind of tiger and zebra hybrid.

While this design looks like it’d be cool on a shirt, on your bare leg skin? Not so much. Everyone should wear sunscreen, because those UV rays are happy to burn anybody they come in contact with.

Time Heals?


They say that time heals all wounds, which is true. However, it doesn’t blend all wounds, which is quite unfortunate.

And you know the worst thing about these types of burns? They hurt, so you don’t want to wear pants while they’re healing up.

This means you have to walk around in shorts with your blunder on display to the world. Hopefully it’ll act as a PSA for everyone else who may not know this is a thing. Let others learn from your mistakes!



Dang, this looks like a carton of Neapolitan ice cream where someone already ate all the chocolate.

When you’re burned like this, you could of course just keep wearing the pants that did this to you, as the exposed area won’t come in contact with any fabric.

Of course, if you do, you risk just making the burn that much worse and prolonging the healing process. Your pride isn’t more important than your health. Let the thing heal up all the way.

One Week Later


By the way, if you thought we were exaggerating when we talked about how long it would take to heal… hear you go.

This is a knee burn one week after it was inflicted. There’s obvious improvement… but it’s very slow and steady.

Farmer’s tans on your arm can be embarrassing, but they’re common enough. But on your legs? That’s a farmer that has no idea what they’re doing. Never buy milk from a farmer that looks like this.

Trying To Even It Out


So what can you do to fix this mess? Well, you don’t want to get sunburned, because it’s bad for you.

So you have to try and wear a lower grade sunscreen on the areas that weren’t burned and a higher SPF on the stripes that are still healing.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Maybe you could just make up a story about those being scars from some sort of lion attack. It’s dumb, but not as dumb as the real reason they’re there.



Ultimately, the main takeaway from all of this is to always wear sunscreen in any exposed area.

If skin can be seen, it can be burned. Slap some on the part in your hair, behind your ears and even on the tops of your feet when wearing sandals.

Yes, it may make you look like you just got back from a trip to Manhattan after the Ghostbusters blew up the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but it beats the striped, uneven alternative.