People Who Should Have Looked In The Background Before Snapping Their Pics

By Sarcasm Society - January 03, 2019

Photos are wonderful. They capture a moment in our lives that we can look back on and remember fondly instead of having to rely on our memory, which can be faulty from time to time. Now, cameras are in every cell phone, so we all have them and can capture a moment at any time. But before you snap that shot, take a moment to see what’s going on in every part of the frame. The camera catches everything, even the stuff you may not notice right away. Here’s proof you really need to check your surroundings before you take a photo.

These Pictures Didn't Go As Planned...


Isn’t this an adorable family photo with Grandma and…Grandpa! Oh my! Well, he does seem to have a lot of grandkids, so he must have a lot of swimmers in there. My first instinct is to rush this old man to the hospital, but then I saw the smile on his face, and now all I want to do is shake his hand and congratulate him.

I’m about to ruin the fun and the humor of this photo, so read on at your own discretion…that’s actually just a knee. Made you look, though! It’s always important to look twice, lest you assume the worst unfairly

All the Bong Reasons


Remember that smile, Kevin. It will be long gone once you read Belle’s comment. And if it’s not gone by then, it definitely will be when Belle’s “boy” comes after you for taking this photo with his “cutie.”

Couple mirror selfies are almost never a good idea, but they are especially not a good idea when the girl already has a guy. Or vice versa. This is an important reminder to be more observant when photography is involved. #themoreyouknow

Great Relief


“At least it’s not Uncle Ted relieving himself in the family photo this time. That was NOT a merry Christmas that year.” There seems to always be one in every family. One kid always has to piss all over everybody else’s good time.

They are the reason we can’t have nice things. The main difference in this photo is that the “one kid” is cute and furry and is probably a very good boy. So he’s forgiven more easily. But just barely.



Is there anything more romantic than a marriage proposal under a full moon? I don’t think so. Thank goodness for Photoshop, eh? While this might not be an ideal Christmas card photo (unless your family has a really great and dark sense of humor), these photos provide many good laughs.

For one moment, the stars aligned perfectly to create photos as beautiful and hilarious as this. Think of this as a good omen. It has to be, right?

Gender Bender


Ah, this couple is such a tease. We want to know! We want to know! We care so much about which gender their baby is…Kidding, nobody really cares at all, people. But if we did, I’d bet it would be pretty easy to find out…

This is so bad that it can only be described as perfect. Yes, that’s right…sometimes things are so bad that they’re perfect. Circle of life, people. Circle of life.

And if you’re wondering exactly what that looks like, just keep scrolling through these photos…

Big Air


What a beautiful moment. It’s a shame it had to be ruined by that married couple. Can we Photoshop them out? This guy’s parkour skills don’t need to be tainted by your sappy vows of love and a lifetime commitment.

Besides, not to be cynical, but the divorce rate is nearly 50 percent. We have little confidence in your relationship sticking the landing. But Chad, here? This dude rolls with the impact every time. Now move, losers!

The Look of Love


My face anytime I see a couple kissing in public. It’s not that I don’t love love, it’s just that I’ve never known it and consider it very foreign. So naturally, I find it terrifying.

You can probably tell by the commentary on that last post. I don’t mean to demean marriage or affection or love. If you have it, good for you. But I understand running flips and dives more, so I tend to gravitate towards that.

Also, I am so very, very alone.

Surfs Down


If he crashes that hard when the water is that calm, he has no hope going up against the slightest motion in the ocean. He probably should stay away from water sports. This family should thank him, though.

They were just hoping for a normal, boring photo that would be looked at once in the future then forgotten. But this? This is gonna get framed and stared at for generations to come. I hope they thanked him once he regained consciousness. It’s the decent thing to do.

Getting Choked Up


Don’t be alarmed. The mom in the background is just showing her son her impression of WWE’s Undertaker. They say “don’t try this at home,” but that is just a scam to scare off the wimps. Momma is gonna show you that Wrestlemania lives in your heart year-round, and greatness takes practice.

Now who wants a shot at the champ? Seize the brass ring, Billy. Momma didn’t raise you to be a quitter. Just kidding. This is definitely child abuse. Right? Right?

Moon, Part 2


Ocean tides are determined by the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon. Based on that moon, I think we are looking at a low tide. I’m beginning to wonder if the people who posted these pics are the most oblivious people on Earth…

And the opposite of Sherlock Holmes and Batman in terms of finding clues, or if they are generous and sharing their embarrassment for our collective enjoyment.

I hope it’s the latter, but I am pretty sure it’s the former.


Remember the days before cell phones? Of course you don’t. You’re not an old fogey. Anyway, you used to have to snap a photo on a disposable camera, drop it off at the drug store, and then wait days if not weeks to see the results.

So when you get something like this, you hang your head in shame, but don’t want to wait so long to try again, so you show it off hoping no one will notice. No such luck, we’re afraid. It’s too hard to see anything else in this picture.



If Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs taught me anything, it’s to never trust a mirror. Or old ladies with apples. And if this photo taught me anything, it is that men are pigs. Actually Snow White might have taught me that as well.

Let’s take this as a learning experience. Don’t be so hasty to click the button when taking a photo. Slow your roll. No rush — you’ve got plenty of time for that selfie. Take a moment to look around, especially at reflective surfaces in the frame of the shot. Odds are, something is lurking you don’t want creeping in.

Rear View


Not what he meant when asked the door to be cracked open a little bit. Just a wee bit off the mark there, huh? This is definitely not what she wanted when she asked her mom to take a photo of her for her 3rd grade “About Me” project.

She was hoping the kids would learn that she is artistic, inquisitive and loves going on adventures. Not that her dad needs to invest in a belt and learn that breeze he’s feeling on his backside should be cause for alarm.

Swing Life Away


“What are you going as for Halloween?”

“A very expensive hospital bill.”

Remember how I expressed my love and adoration of parkour earlier on? It’s because it is not a gift some are born with. It is a skill that has to be honed through years of hard work and many broken bones. While you were having a happy Halloween, he was practicing. And now, decades later, it pays off with them being able to run in a cool way. So… totalworth it!

Downward Dog


So… It looks like she totally picked the wrong time to do beach yoga. This guy probably looked at this photo and instantly made it his profile pic. Then his girlfriend broke up with him. But hey, if she couldn’t appreciate how perfectly hilarious this was, then she wasn’t the one to begin with.

You need to find someone who loves you for who you are, not who you might be able to be changed into. That’s what love is… accepting your faults. ALL. THE. FAULTS.

Rock Out


You know, not all these photo bombs are committed by people. Sometimes, the best (or worst depending on how you look at it) events are naturally occurring. It’s not always even sentient life. Take a look at this photo for example.

Notice anything that might be a little dirty and familiar? Even Mother Nature sometimes wakes up rock hard in the morning. Sometimes the old lady just truly does not give AF.

Boom! I’ll just leave that here.