Motorcycle Helmets That Look Like Shaved Human Heads Are Just Creepy AF

By lgentile - July 29, 2019

Don’t you miss Sky Mall magazine? Remember Sky Mall? Sky Mall was the best part of traveling! You would be on a plane browsing through the world’s weirdest yet most genius inventions, kicking yourself for not thinking of it first. You know that feeling when you are looking at some strange invention and now you know that you need that thing and you never even knew that that is exactly what you were missing in your life? 

HOW COULD WE LIVE WITHOUT THAT BACK SCRATCHER THAT IS ALSO A REMOTE FOR THE TV????? A hidden camera alarm clock? A bowl on ice with a lid set that was made to keep your crudité cold? It’s these weird inventions that you have lived your whole life without and then suddenly you catch wind of it and you have to have it immediately. Like a motorcycle helmet that looks like a shaved human head. Once you see this thing, you’ll never want to ride without one. 

This Amazing Invention


Even if you don’t ride a motorcycle, you will want to rock one of these helmets on your next bike ride. We promise you that. 

Dubai-based artist Jyo John Mulloor thought that his practical invention that would help him when participating in one of his favorite hobbies. 

It takes a special kind of brain to be craving a motorcycle helmet that looks like a real human head.

His Passion For Riding


According to Jyo John Mulloor, he has been passionate about riding motorcycles his entire life. 

Because he is passionate about riding, he knows that so many riders have issues with their motorcycle helmets. 

They often don’t fit correctly. They can be bulky and ugly and can cause major headaches. Imagine going 80 miles an hour on a motorcycle on a major highway and having a headache. No thank you.

Here's A Hint


In fact, many motorcyclists will say that an uncomfortable helmet is the worst part of riding.

More than old people who drive? What about people who cut them off because they are in their blindspot? Surely that must suck real bad. 

Still they hate their helmets more. It is tight and restrictive and super uncomfortable. But thanks to Mulloor, not anymore. 

What A Beaut!


Look at that noggin’! Ain’t that a beaut. You can’t tell where the head stops and the helmet begins.

Super weird right? But also, way cool. But also a major distraction on the road. But still cool. But can definitely make heads turn.

Can you imagine being on the interstate and seeing someone in that helmet wiz way? You would definitely do a double take, wouldn’t you? HEY! Keep your eyes on the road, will ya?


Do You Give Up?


Look, if you have to wear a helmet on the road, this is the one to wear, right?

You may not like the feeling of wearing a helmet, but at least you’ll look super cool in this one.

Are you still complaining about wearing a helmet? Get over it because you won’t like the feeling of being dead even more then the feeling of wearing one. Morbid, but oh so true. 

Helmet Free But With A Helmet


Yeah, people. Severe head trauma is definitely not a good look so please make sure you always wear a helmet. 

This has been a public service announcement and now the rest is in your hands. Or on your head, but we digress. 

Jyo John Mulloor is also one of those people who wishes that he could ride free of helmets but any way you slice it, he knows that he has to sport one despite how uncomfortable they are. 


A Bandanna Isn't Going To Cut It


So uncomfortable in fact, he considers them to be the “most uncomfortable gear you could ever wear.”

He would much rather wear a bandanna to a thick, clunky piece of metal if offered the same protection.

But a bandanna isn’t going to do much if you are driving 50 miles per hour on a highway and you get hit by a car.

Would You Look At That?


So, knowing that he had to wear a helmet, he designed this super weird and totally funky head helmet. 

And it doesn’t just look cool, he set out to create a helmet that was so comfortable, the rider would forget that they were even wearing one. 

And while he was brainstorming and creating, he had the idea to make customizable helmets that would fit like a glove. 

Beautiful Noggin

And not only would they fit their rider perfectly, but they would be made in the image of the wearers head. 

So, to all of you riders our there with weird looking heads, you do not have to worry about a thing.

They will make your head look beautiful in no time. You’ll love your head helmet so much, you will want to wear it everywhere you go, on and off the bike.

A Real Head Helmet


This helmet will look so much like your head, people aren’t even sure if you are wearing a helmet. 

At first, he only made one of these super weird helmets for himself, but when people saw him wear this helmet, they knew that they needed one of their own. 

Through word-of-mouth, his idea was carried all the way around the world. His idea spread so far and so fast that manufacturers have already expressed interest in creating a line of them.

One Scary Ride


Who knows? Maybe one day, you’ll have the opportunity to get your own helmet that fits your head in every way possible.

Or maybe you will get this special helmet so you can freak out other riders on the road? 

And while you may think that this life like invention is super weird, we have a list of a few “human-looking” inventions that even weirder.

Going Barefoot


We saw helmets that look like real human heads, but what about shoes that look like real feet?

While Mulloor perfected the human head hemet, he is interested in also inventing footwear that basically grows onto your feet.

He explains on his website, “I always wanted a shoe that would make me feel I am barely wearing one. Thus the idea for Barefoot came to existence.” If he could really do that, his would give the word “barefoot” a whole new meaning.

Super Hairy LEGgings


Like these hair leg stockings. At first glance, these look like just that, very hairy legs. Does anyone have a razor? 

But you’ll get a closer look and see that these are just stockings. We aren’t sure why anyone would even need these? 

Maybe to ward off any perverts? Hey, it’s possible. Why don’t you sport them and let us know if they work! 


Sexy Dad Bod


And here is everyone’s favorite accessory: The Dad Bod fanny pack. It doesn’t get sexier than that! 

Do you want to know what the best thing about this invention is? Not only does it turn any bod into a dad bod, but you can fit at least two beers in that thing. 

And what creates the best dad bod in real life? Beer. So keep chugging! 

What's Your Million Dollar Idea?


So if you were to come up with an invention that would get people talking, what would it be?

A back scratcher that is the size of an actual hand? Hmmm. it’s been done before. A shirt that makes you look like you have the perfect body? Too late. 

Well, whatever you think of, make sure you patent it and start producing it. And let’s bring back Sky Mall in magazine form, please? Life isn’t the same without it.