Men Are Turning Their Beards Into Unicorns And It’s The Best

By Psquared - May 22, 2019

Magic isn’t real. That’s one of the sad facts of life we’re forced to face when we grow up. There’s no Santa Claus, there’s no Tooth Fairy and those dragons on Game of Thrones are just computer generated images… although that last one is actually a bit of a relief. It’s time to stop holding out hopes that an owl will show up to your house with an invitation to Hogwarts and start studying so you can get good enough grades to be accepted to a real college, where the true magic trick is to graduate somehow without being crushed by debt. Siiiiigh.

But just because magic magic isn’t real, that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to make magic of our own that makes life more whimsical, fantastical and funKristen Leanne is a cruelty-free makeup artist and blogger who decided to transform her husband Ryan into a magical manicorn with colorful mascara on his facial hair. And other guys are joining in on the fun.

Unicorn Beard


Here’s the final product. She turned that scruff into straight up magic with just a little dye.

She even got his eyebrows. Remember when Starbucks made that unicorn drink that looked like this but it actually tasted really gross?

This is so much better, because you get all the magic of unicorns with none of the calories or sugar rush. Plus, it’s only a temporary dye, so this will wash right out when he’s done feeling magical… which may take a while.

For Keeps


This wasn’t an isolated incident, however. When this got on the internet, men everywhere thought, “Hey, why isn’t my beard more bold and beautiful?”

So unicorn beards began getting shared by many more magical males. This guy wasn’t playing around.

That rainbow facial hair of his was created using permanent dye, so he’s committed to that look. And frankly… we’re quite jealous. Get you a lifestyle where sporting a rainbow beard is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

Glitter Beard


Some men don’t like hair dye. There’s nothing wrong with that. Different unicorn strokes for different unicorn folks.

But if you still want your beard to feel all magical and capture the essence of a one-horned mythical horse, what can you do?

Well, what do we know about unicorns? They are colorful and ride rainbows, of course. Duh, everyone knows that. But they also sneeze glitter… hey, glitter! That’s the ticket! Thus, the unicorn beard also incorporated glitter beards.

Rainbow Glitter


Are you having a hard time deciding whether you want your unicorn beard to show off rainbows or glitter?

First of all, if you are, take a moment to be grateful. That’s not a first world problem. That’s a zero world problem, because you live in a personal utopia we can all only dream about.

Secondly, if you can’t decide between rainbows and glitter… why do you need to choose at all? Just rock some rainbow glitter. May we all be this happy one day.

Love At All Lengths


We’ve seen some mighty bushy beards used as bases to show off the glittery unicorn look.

But what if yours isn’t that long because you haven’t had the time to grow it out, or worse… what if you can’t grow it that long (gasp!)?

No need to worry. Because as we all know, glitter clings to anything it touches. So you can make yourself a fabulous glitter beard no matter the length of your facial hair. Unicorn beards for everyone!

Other Alternatives


Okay, so we’ve established that some fellas might not enjoy using hair dye to get their unicorn look.

Glitter is another great option, and also in line with the unicorn aesthetic. Unfortunately, many guys might not want to get glitter in their beard.

Mainly because that’s also committing to get glitter on your shirt, pants, car, pet iguana, birth certificate and everything else you come in contact with. But fear not! If you don’t want hair dye or glitter, there’s a third unicorn option.

Flower Beards


Don’t unicorns just fill your heart, mind and soul with flowery thoughts? Then why not fill your beard with them as well?

Basically, anything pure, lovely and wonderful represents unicorns, so if you want to be a manicorn, stick that stuff in your face scraggles.

This dude is all about that life. Look how he’s practically blending into his surroundings. Unicorns are a (fictional) part of nature, so being all outdoorsy like this is totally on brand.

Every Last Bit


Some guys might not enjoy this movement. Toxic masculinity runs rampant in our culture, and the idea of frolicking with a unicorn beard might make them confused and angry.

After all, beards are supposed to be the ultimate representation of manliness, so why would you want to fill it with rainbow colors, glitter or flowers?

Uh… because it’s fun. If you’re letting your fear of what others think about you hold you back from living your best life, you’re not a bro… you’re afraid. Be a unicorn and live to the fullest.



Also, you can incorporate traditional masculine traits in with the unicorn beard look.

Why not rock the look with a fedora, a pipe, suspenders and a tie? This guy looks magically dapper af. Don’t you want that?

He looks like a private eye in Narnia. This is the film noir we all need in our lives right now. Even magical lands have mysteries to solve, and this is just the gumshoe to do it… especially since his shoes here would literally be made out of bubblegum.

Unicorn Hair


But enough talk about guys and beards and toxic masculinity. Men aren’t the only ones who love unicorns.

Women can also get in on the fun of having unicorn body hair. Since they also usually have more hair than men, that means more options.

What’s the most identifiable aspect of unicorns? Why, their horns, of course! So why not style your hair to resemble that? It takes a ton of hairspray to pull off, but it’s totally worth it.

The Next Step


You don’t have to style all of your hair up into one gigantic spike. You can, and that’s great… but here’s another option.

Try spiking up a tinier horn. It takes less time, and is probably way less of a strain on your neck.

And if you’re observant, you probably noticed that her hair is colored. Because having more hair also means more options with hair dye. And if you want to see some colorful unicorn hair, just you wait…

Color Explosion


Yeah, if unicorns were real, then this is definitely what their manes would look like.

Unicorn hair is a trend for those who love to rock out with some magical locks. As you can see, it’s quite an intricate look.

But you know what? Unicorns aren’t simple creatures, so if you want to feel like one, it’s going to take some work. And again, we’re super duper jelly that she’s able to walk around with this hair. We need less strict jobs.

Rainbow For Days

Actually, this might be what a unicorn’s mane would look like. That’s a rainbow brought to life and place on top of your noggin.

When deciding what colors to choose for your unicorn hair, it’s helpful to remember that unicorns come in different varieties.

So you can sport this hair for a while, then switch up the colors. The most important thing isn’t how it looks, it’s how it makes you feel. Do you feel like a prancing fictional character? Then mission accomplished!



There’s something very renaissance-y about unicorns. They seem like they’d show up in tales of knights of yore.

So to capture that specific feel, you can style your hair like a princess. A unicorn princess.

Look, life is short, so you have to enjoy it the best you can. Some people do that by traveling to other countries, while others do it by traveling to a magical place in their heart and expressing it via their head. Whatever your thing is, you do you.

Short Hair Don't Care


Unicorn hair isn’t reserved exclusively for those of you with incredibly long, free-flowing hair.

You can sport unicorn hair at any length. Remember how the glitter beards could be rocked by anyone? These are the same concept.

Whoa… idea: What if you rock unicorn hair with a glitter beard? Then throw some flowers in just to complete the set. Maybe it’s dangerous to go full unicorn, but we won’t know for sure unless someone tries.

Bubble Gum Head


Remember earlier when we mentioned the private eye in unicorn land would have literal gumshoes?

In this land, you can also have bubblegum hair. In this image, she’s using unicorn emojis to show off the vibe she was going for, and she totally nailed it.

That’s the beautiful thing about unicorns: they’re not real. So anything you make up about them is equally valid. They have bubblegum hair? Sure. Their blood is chocolate syrup? Why not?



The hair and the beard is just the start. Why not accentuate your unicorn visage with some unicorn makeup?

Obviously it has to be colorful, but what else does it need? Uh… sparkles. So many sparkles. Draw them on and hit the town.

She’s not closing her eyes to show off the makeup. She just feels so yummy and satisfied with herself that she’s in a constant state of euphoria. Dang it, why won’t our lives let us be unicorns like this?

Unicorn Armpit Hair


We’ve lamented a few times now that our jobs won’t let us show up groomed like a unicorn. Do we have any options to feel the magic?

Pro tip: not all of your hair is visible. A recent trend it to grow out your armpit hair and dye it in different colors.

Yup, this image is real, and it’s spectacular. She has rainbow armpit hair. So even if you’re a mortician or an accountant or some other “real” job where you need to look presentable, you can still have a magical secret right under your arm.

Hidden Magic


Here’s another option if you want to have some secret unicorn magic on you at all times.

One trend some women are doing is having surprise rainbow hair. As you can see, it’s visible when the hair is lifted.

But when it’s lowered, they look like they haven’t done anything to unicorn-ify themselves. After seeing this, we’re suspicious in the best way. Walking around the street, you never know who’s a secret unicorn. As optimists, we like to assume it’s everyone.

Unicorn Yourself Up


When we said that dudes turning their beards into unicorns was the best, we meant it. It’s literally solid gold magic.

This looks like something straight out of a fairy tale. So while we learned that magic isn’t real, we can still find ways to make life more magic-like.

Who needs Hogwarts when you’ve got a box of hair dye, flowers, glitter and your imagination? You can concoct a spell of your own to bring your own personal magic to your life, and to everyone who sees you in all your unicorn magnificence.