McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys From The Past That Will Make You Nostalgic For Your Mc-Childhood

By Psquared - June 26, 2019

Remember being a child? Of course you do. Heck, we all still feel like we’re kids, trying to figure things out and hoping that everyone around us doesn’t figure out that we still have no idea what we’re doing. But being a kid was such a great time. We didn’t have any bills to pay, taxes to worry about or research on what type of health, car, rental and life insurance we needed in order to feel confident enough to live without worry but also still have enough left over to pay said bills and taxes.

Also, one of the greatest parts of being younger were all the toys. Sure, toys today have much more detail and points of articulation (whatever those are), but the playthings from our youth allowed us to use our imaginations in a way the young of today don’t get to. Plus, wasn’t it swell having a much quicker metabolism and being able to eat fast food with less guilt and worry? And of course, when you combined toys and fast food, magic happened…

Happy Meals


There was nothing better than when your parents treated you to a Happy Meal when you were young.

Remember the feeling of excitement that rose in your little chest when you saw this box smiling back at you?

And it wasn’t just the food that was getting you excited. It was the toy that was inside. Who knew what you were going to get? Let’s take a stroll down a gloriously nostalgic memory lane and relive some of the best Happy Meal toys from when we were growing up…

Power Rangers (1995)


These action figures debuted during the same time of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie.

Remember how into Power Rangers we all were back then? Well, some folks are still super into it, and now that they’re grown up and have disposable income, they can afford to buy these.

These toys go for around $10 a pop on eBay, although a complete set of all six characters and their respective matching vehicles may cost you a heck of a lot more. Reliving memories can be expensive.

Space Jam (1996)


Let’s not mince words here: McDonald’s is a giant corporation whose sole purpose is to make as much money as possible.

So a great strategy they used to (and still do) use was/is teaming up with giant movies that are out and marketing for them with the toys.

Capitalism at its finest, but we loved a lot of the movies, so we didn’t care, especially when it got us these sweet Space Jam figures. Today, you can find this entire collection of connectable characters on eBay for $34.95.

The Little Mermaid (1997)


Every little girl in America remembers The Little Mermaid. Oh, who are we kidding? Every person who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s remembers this classic.

This timeless Disney film was inspired by the Danish fairy tale, and these toys were inspired by that film.

The best part of these golden Happy Meal toys? They floated in water! That meant that you could take them into the bathtub with you and sing “Under The Sea” to your heart’s content.

Disney Masterpiece Collection (1996)


Disney had a long history of working with McDonald’s in promoting their movies. These toys were the ultimate culmination of that.

This star-packed Happy Meal set of toys featured characters from Disney films such as Toy StoryBambiLion King and The Adventures of Winnie The Pooh.

But in 2006, Disney ended its partnership with McDonald’s when it became the first mass media company to establish nutrition criteria for its advertisers. After years of work, McDonald’s met these criteria and the two teamed back up  in time for the release of Incredibles 2.

Ty Teenie Babies (1997)


Beanie Babies hit the shelves in 1993 and quickly became a pop culture phenomenon. McDonald’s wasn’t far behind with the creation of their Ty Teenie Babies Happy Meal toys.

Chocolate the moose, Chip the cat, Goldie the goldfish and Speedy the turtle were some of the furry friends kids found in their red box.

The teenie beanie babies became so popular that McDonald’s sold more than 100 million in 1997 alone. Fights actually broke out at several locations over these, resulting in injury, police calls and criminal charges.

Tiny Toons Flip Cars (1992)


Dang, doesn’t this picture just take you back? When was the last time you thought about these things?

For a limited time, the Tasmanian Devil, Elmyra Duff, Plucky Duck and a bunch of the other Tiny Toons could be found in Happy Meals.

The toys included the characters and their cars, but each character was switched out every week, so if you wanted one Tiny Toon over the other, you had to keep going back to the store. Diabolical, McDonald’s.

Happy Birthday Happy Meal (1994)


Back in the day, McDonald’s was a super cool place to have a birthday party for yourself or one of your friends.

But McDonald’s decided they wanted to throw a birthday party for themselves, and made their own toys for the occasion.

For the 15th anniversary of the Mickey D’s Happy Meal, the fast food joint launched a medley of its most popular toys. All 11 of the Happy Meal toys formed a birthday train! Now that’s a birthday party we could all get behind.

101 Dalmatians Set (1996)


We’re happy McDonald’s got their act together and re-partnered with Disney, because when these two worked together, magic happened.

Like when Mickey D’s created 101 Dalmatian toys, complete with a red carrying case to celebrate this classic film in theaters.

If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to catch these like a more kindhearted Cruella De Vil, you can get a set of your own pups, and it’ll only cost you $149.00 on Amazon. Just don’t go making any coats out of them, now.

Halloween Happy Meals (1995)


McDonald’s wasn’t just great for birthday parties, but it was also Halloween central in the fall.

You just had to get these four figurines that were transformed from regular kids to mummies, ghosts and pumpkins with a clip-on costume attachment.

The Happy Meal toys also came with mini cassette tapes, which played a different spooky song. Why can’t we celebrate Halloween in such style with such amazing gadgets these days? Better start saving and looking for these on the web, we guess.

Sky Dancers (1996)


Princess Pegasus, Rosemary, Flutterfly and Swan Shimmer were every ’90s girl’s best friends, weren’t they?

And you got to bring these flying princess toys home when you went to McDonald’s and got Happy Meals in 1996.

These were so popular and inspired such a frenzy that it lead to the creation of a television spin-off the same year with five renamed characters attending the fictitious High Hope Dance Academy. We had so much awesome as kids it seems it’s hard to remember all of it.


Tamagotchi Toys (1998)


Okay, but we all definitely remember having one of these. Do you often wonder where the Tamagotchi you raised is and what it’s up to these days?

Ah, the joys of parenthood. Why did we ever even get rid of them? You know you wish you still had one today.

While you actually couldn’t feed and bathe your McDonald’s pet, these key chains are relics of the Japanese, egg-shaped digital toy. They were a smaller, more limited version, but they were cute all the same. As a parent, we had to say that.

Batman (1993)


From the Joker to Two-Face to Bruce Wayne himself, these Happy Meal toys came shortly after the 1992 Batman Returns movie hit theaters and coincided with the release of Batman: The Animated Series.

Man, 1992 was probably the best time ever to be a Batman fan.

You had a great movie in theaters and possibly the best superhero animated show ever on TV, and to top it all off, you could go to McDonald’s and get these toys with your meal. Holy awesome, Batman!

Camp McDonaldland (1990)


Here’s something that only true ’90s kids will remember because it came out for a limited time at the very beginning of the ’90s.

Cutlery, a collapsible cup, a first aid kit and even a food bowl were the camping essentials that came with this kit.

These Happy Meal toys were outside of the box from the fast food joint’s usual collection, but these items were actually usable. These made outdoorsmen out of many kids, which is good, so they could exercise and work off the fries they just ate.

McDonald’s Fundamentals (1992)


McDonald’s is known for being unhealthy, so back in the early ’90s they worked to create a more positive image for themselves.

They collaborated with the American Dietetic Association to create characters that represented a variety of foods to promote good health and education of nutrition.

There was Ruby the Apple, Milly the Low-Fat Milk (in the days before we all knew about almond, coconut and oat milk), Slugger the Steak and Otis the Sandwich. Each character was part of a fundamental food group, which has changed drastically since then.

Michael Jordan Fitness Fun (1992)


McDonald’s didn’t just promote health through food, but also through fitness. And who better to team with to get kids to want to move than Michael Jordan?

He was at the pinnacle of his NBA career in the ’90s. The basketball phenom lead the Chicago Bulls to a championship win against the Portland Trail Blazers in 1992.

That same year, MJ was named MVP for the second time in a row and lent his name and likeness to these toys. Each fitness set came with a mini basketball, football, soccer ball, jump rope and toy stopwatch.

Mini Furbies (1999)


Furbies were released in 1998 with blockbuster holiday sales amounting to more than 40 million Furbies sold in its first three years of production.

Of course you know that meant McDonald’s had to get in on this action.

In 1999, they produced eight different moving toy Furbies in 10 different colors. From hot pink Furbies with red ears to turquoise ones with green mohawks, you could find a one that matched your personality and bring one of these weird little owl cats home with you.

Barbie and Hot Wheels (1997)


We weren’t as woke back when we were kids, and so we didn’t realize the messages about traditional gender roles that were being placed on us with these.

These toys featured Barbies for the girls, and Hot Wheels for the boys.

However, many of us bucked the trend and asked our parents to tell the cashier we wanted the other toy. Who says a girl can’t enjoy a race car? Toys are fun after all, and these were all super awesome.

Nickelodeon Game Gadgets (1992)


If you were a ’90s kid, nothing defined your childhood more than the orange splat of the Nickelodeon logo.

And of course, McDonald’s teamed with them as well for some toys. That’s right, they worked with both Nick and Disney… they were such uniters.

This five-piece set included the Nickelodeon blimp, a mini “loud-mouth” microphone, applause paws, a mini-game and a gotcha gusher slime squirter. It’s every live Nick show all in one meal? Where can we get one today? We’re still ’90s kids at heart, darn it.

Nature’s Watch (1991)


This cute nature set included a double shovel-rake, a hose cup, a mini greenhouse and a little bird feeder.

It’s actually kind of cool to look back on a lot of these McDonald’s toys as adults and see what they offered.

As unhealthy as they were and still are, they offered many toys to get kids informed and outside playing. And today, you can even get apple slices and juice with your Happy Meals instead of fries and soda, so progress is being made there as well. Just so long as the toys stay awesome, we’re on board!